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Vanity Fair UK December 2020

Vanity Fair opens the door to Hollywood. With a unique mix of grit and glamour, we track the latest scandals, the greatest achievements and the newest stars. Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst. A provocative mix of culture, politics and high finance that generates more monthly media coverage than any other glossy magazine.With an outstanding combination of iconic photography, groundbreaking stories, in-depth reportage, and social commentary, Vanity Fair is the biography of our age, one month at a time.

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charlotte’s web

Hard-boiled Hollywood mysteries usually start with a woman. This one was was 19, with big eyes, blond hair, and the ability to turn on the charm when she wanted something. And what Charlotte Sophie Kirk wanted more than anything was to be a movie star. It was 2012, and Kirk had just landed in New York City “to network,” as she told a friend. Which is how she’d met the older man at her side. He wanted to help her with her career, so he introduced her to a lawyer named Ray Markovich who had produced a few low-budget movies. One look at Kirk, and Markovich wanted to get her work too. “I needed someone for one scene,” he says. “And she said, ‘Great!’ I tried to help. I just remember…

3 min
editor’s letter

In my first few months at Vanity Fair, I had a series of off-the-record chats with media reporters, almost all of them men, almost all of them white, who came to see me in my office. The conversations were all variations on a theme of “how will you fill the last guy’s shoes?” but one of them stood out especially, because it went like this: The reporter asked a question, I began to respond, he interrupted me. Every time. I did not call him on it, because I was worried about seeming impolite, even though I was sitting in my own office and he was there ostensibly to hear my point of view. I have regretted my silence ever since. When I watched Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s speech this summer addressing the vulgar…

2 min
agnelli’s cars

1950 FERRARI 166 MM BARCHETTA BY TOURING Later sold to a Belgian count and raced, then traded to the country’s Ferrari importer who kept it for 40 years. Sold in 2007 to an English collector in whose hands it won the Coppa d’Oro at Villa d’Este in 2015, with Agnelli’s grandson Lapo Elkann riding shotgun. 1952 BENTLEY R-TYPE CONTINENTAL Given to Pamela Churchill, who sold it back to the dealer in Paris, the car was exported to Australia in 1960 where it remained until 2015 when sold by Kidston SA. Restored in the U.K. in 2015–17 by its new Middle Eastern owner who drives it regularly during the cooler months. 1952 FERRARI 212 INTER BY VIGNALE Kept for only one year before it was exported to the U.S.A., repainted red, offered for £27,500 in 1978 and returned…

1 min
pop icon

A rare 1929 Ford Model A Popcorn Truck (one of only three surviving), complete with soda dispenser and ice-cream maker, will be among 200 collectable trucks and tractors being sold in Davenport, Iowa, by U.S. auction house Mecum between November 19 and 21. The sale will also include a 1913 Cadillac fire engine, a fully operational steam-driven Rumely G tractor and a century-old Wells Fargo stagecoach in original U.S. Mail livery. LARRY HULST/MICHAEL OCHS ARCHIVES/GETTY IMAGES (IGGY POP); H&H CAR AUCTIONS (FERRARI); SHUTTERSTOCK (HAMPTON COURT); MATHIEU HEURTAULT/GOODING & COMPANY (LAMBORGHINI, BUGATTI); PARIS MATCH (GRAHAM HILL); ROLLS PRESS/POPPERFOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES (LE MANS); MECUM AUCTIONS (POPCORN TRUCK)…

12 min
make your marque

Rolls-Royce GHOST “POST OPULENCE” IS how Rolls-Royce describes its new luxury aesthetic in the shadow of coronavirus. The idea of calm, pared-back, natural, sustainable design had begun floating across the Atlantic from California before the pandemic took hold, but the virus has sharpened the pencils of designers. And so post opulence finds its first iteration in the new four-door Ghost. The Ghost is a mere shrimp compared with the megalodon-sized Phantom, but it’s still a massive saloon by normal standards, and has been with us in one shape or another since 2010. Yet now the bodywork is sculpted with a less fussy blade. Shut lines are rubbed off, sides smoothed down, restraint and purity introduced in the place of detail and busy finishes. Inside, it’s a hushed cloister of pale lambswool, a single piece…

7 min
alone, together

EARLY THIS MORNING, my mailman read me a story. Two stories actually. I met my mailman, Shawn, in July. While sitting on my porch, Shawn had walked up and asked if Biggie Smalls was my favorite MC. Before I could answer, Shawn said he noticed the portrait of Biggie in my sunroom. Shawn placed my delivery on the steps and asked why I had so many books delivered. I told Shawn I was a teacher and writer. Shawn told me he’d never taught but that he was a writer too. I sat out on that porch listening to Shawn rap one and a half songs about his “old life” in Kansas City and recite the synopses of two projects he needed to finish. “I’m not sure if they’re screenplays or novels…