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Vanity Fair UK April 2021

Vanity Fair opens the door to Hollywood. With a unique mix of grit and glamour, we track the latest scandals, the greatest achievements and the newest stars. Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst. A provocative mix of culture, politics and high finance that generates more monthly media coverage than any other glossy magazine.With an outstanding combination of iconic photography, groundbreaking stories, in-depth reportage, and social commentary, Vanity Fair is the biography of our age, one month at a time.

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mystics and clowns

ON JANUARY 6, the Trump dream that’s proven more contagious than the mutant B.1.1.7. finally fully crossed over IRL, into the material plane. It was the delusion he rode in on in 2016 and the hallucination in which he himself walks, no longer a con man, now a believer. Last summer, when he averted his eyes from an interviewer as he murmured of “dark shadows,” it was clear the shadows of his hateful self-obsession had come home to haunt. But what happened in Washington—and at armed protests in at least a dozen state capitals around the country—was no haunting. For the last four years (and then some), Trump herded a too-compliant press into pens at his rallies and used them like props for his rage, turning his mobs to scream at…

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naomi campbell

What is your current state of mind? I am trying to stay positive. I guess the word would not be “flowing” with life but “adapting”—adapt and not really think about it. Just go with it. What is your favorite journey? One of my favorite journeys is when I travel to Kenya, or elsewhere in Africa, go into the bush, do a safari, and live in a camp. I feel just like a speck—minute and fitting in with nature. Which living people do you most admire? Nurses and Stacey Abrams. What is your idea of perfect happiness? These days, it’s good health and peace. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I’m not going to change anything about myself. I am happy and blessed with what God…

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island hopping

Evan Mock may be one of the world’s most sought-after male models, landing campaigns with Calvin Klein and shows for Louis Vuitton, but the Oahu-born skater and surfer was still navigating sports endorsements when he stumbled into a very 21st-century industry meet-cute: At a North Shore kickback in 2019, contemporary artist Tom Sachs clocked Mock’s pink hair and asked him to say hi to his friend in a skate video. The friend turned out to be Frank Ocean, and the video went viral. Now the 23-year-old has traveled with Travis Scott on tour, and not only does he have his own clothing brand, Sorry in Advance, he worked with Justin Bieber on a line too. Later this year, Mock makes his acting debut in the Gossip Girl reboot on HBO…

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lattice rejoice


5 min
the velvet hammer

THE FIRST TIME I talk to Ziwe, she’s ready to take on late night but not entirely sure how. “Hopefully we have explosions, confetti cannons, and dancers,” she says. Weeks later, she calls back to say a plan has emerged: The set of her forthcoming Showtime series, Ziwe, will be a pink wonderland, “like Barbie’s Dreamhouse.” Ziwe will dress more like a doll than a typical variety show host, an aesthetic send-up of the suits, ties, and skylines that have dominated the genre for decades. When it premieres May 9, Ziwe will be less Late Show and more The Eric Andre Show, a variety series that wants to lob a firecracker at the system. “You know how they say in theater, never bring a dog or baby onstage because you…

21 min
the case of the purloined books

“Impossible,” SAID DAVID WARD. The London Metropolitan Police constable looked up. Some 50 feet above him, he saw that someone had carved a gaping hole through a skylight. Standing in the Frontier Forwarding warehouse in Feltham, West London, he could hear the howl of jets from neighboring Heathrow Airport as they roared overhead. At Ward’s feet lay three open trunks, heavy-duty steel cases. They were empty. A few books lay strewn about. Those trunks had previously been full of books. Not just any books. The missing ones, 240 in all, included early versions of some of the most significant printed works of European history. Gone was Albert Einstein’s own 1621 copy of astronomer Johannes Kepler’s The Cosmic Mystery, in which he lays out his theory of planetary motion. Also missing was an…