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Vanity Fair opens the door to Hollywood. With a unique mix of grit and glamour, we track the latest scandals, the greatest achievements and the newest stars. Vanity Fair is a cultural catalyst. A provocative mix of culture, politics and high finance that generates more monthly media coverage than any other glossy magazine.With an outstanding combination of iconic photography, groundbreaking stories, in-depth reportage, and social commentary, Vanity Fair is the biography of our age, one month at a time.

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@vanityfairlondon JEWELLERY Diamond Drop The Geneva-based Jahan jewellery dynasty goes back a whopping eight generations, spanning 170 years. But that doesn’t mean that Nour by Jahan, the label by the youngest member, isn’t thoroughly modern. The new Deep Passion earrings temper large emeraldcut diamond drops with vibrant rose-cut sapphires in various shapes. Set in deep blue titanium at the top and white gold below, they’re a masterclass in combining cut, colour and metal to maximum effect. nourbyjahan.com ART Canal Desire Dare we dream of seeing exhibitions in Venice? If there’s one that’s worth the fantasy, it’s Chinese artist and jeweller Wallace Chan’s first major sculpture exhibition, TITANS: A Dialogue Between Materials, Space and Time at the Fondaco Marcello, Venice (May 14–October 31). Comprising large-scale metal sculptures and an immersive mirrored installation, the exhibition is an ode to…

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Camonghne FELIX “BLUE NOTES” P. 56 Felix spoke to director Barry Jenkins about his new series, The Underground Railroad, and found him to be deeply in touch with the poetics of filmmaking. “He sees Black people, and while episode one may feel suffocatingly painful at times, the story opens up,” Felix says. “He would not let Black trauma be the guiding vehicle of this story. Black victory is.” Andrew McCARTHY “BRAT, UNPACKED” P. 82 McCarthy describes writing his new memoir, Brat, as turning over a rock that he’d been afraid to look under for too long. “Revisiting the past is a funny thing,” says the author and original Brat Packer. “You realize that you’ve mentally written a narrative for your life and in some cases moved reality around to suit your story line.” Ina JANG “HEAVENLY BODIES” P. 22 While photographing a…

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editor’s letter

following genealogical lines to settle an inheritance—tracing old families and creating new ones. He wrote orphan characters precisely to play out those fictional fantasies. Parentless children could embody a kind of magical social mobility that most Englishmen and women didn’t possess at the time. You didn’t know where a foundling came from, to whom he or she might claim relation. Poor Oliver Twist, in his namesake novel (of which the young Queen Victoria was a fan; she recommended it to her prime minister), is adopted by a gentleman; poor Esther Summerson in Bleak House turns out to be the daughter of an aristocrat. The state of the family—its ability to endure, to escape the poorhouse intact, to survive misplaced wills and internecine court battles, and most critically to preserve wealth…

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vanities vanitas vanitatum

After a lifetime of relative seclusion, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, the 24-year-old eldest daughter of Madonna and “fitness guru” Carlos Leon, as Leon calls her dad, is suddenly larger than life. Specifically, she is 20 feet tall on billboards across the country as the new face of Marc Jacobs. She’s also starring in a viral Stella McCartney campaign, and is finally on Instagram. Over FaceTime during a visit home to Los Angeles, complete with unintentional cameos from Mom and a few of her six siblings (“I’m doing an interview, can’t chat”), the trained dancer and self-proclaimed “Latin from Manhattan” is refreshingly candid and intentionally provocative, with her contrarian sense of humor on full display. SHE GOES BY Lola to her friends. AS A “LANKY kid,” she started ballet classes at three years…

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captured by the castle

FROM GOTHIC NOVELS to dystopian Y.A. blockbuster franchises, there is no genre of literature that hasn’t put its own spin on the trope of “withdrawn young girl is sent away to relatives and arrives at intimidating new location that feels, at first, cold and distant.” Perhaps her family’s circumstances are reduced. Perhaps the parents simply have no more attachment left to spare. The place to which she is sent might be a crumbling manor that looms large in the background as the girl either descends further into melancholy and/or finds affection in an unlikely source. Alathea Alys Gwendolen Mary Fitzalan Howard, while from the realm of the real, lived a life that seems conjured straight from the fictions. The castle in The Windsor Diaries: My Childhood With the Princesses Elizabeth and…

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golden touch

LA PRAIRIE HAS always been synonymous with high-performing luxury skincare. Since its inception in 1931, when Dr. Paul Niehans made a breakthrough discovery at Clinique La Prairie as a pioneer in cellular therapy, the house has remained at the forefront of science-led innovations. Its sublime, groundbreaking formulations utilise some of the most precious, sumptuous ingredients on the planet—rich caviar, rare platinum, opulent gold—to reap remarkable, youth-enhancing results. La Prairie has elevated skincare to an art, a natural continuation given that contemporary art is at the very heart of the brand. This is evident in everything from the signature cobalt blue jars of the Skin Caviar Collection—inspired by audacious and visionary female artist, Niki de Saint Phalle—to collaborations with artists, fairs and institutions across the globe, including Art Basel, Frieze and Fondation…