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Women's Health UK July 2020

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Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

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welcome to women’s health

I don’t think it’s too dramatic a statement to say life as we knew it has changed forever. These past few months have seen overwhelming heartache for far too many, but also a Blitz-esque ‘we’re all in this together’ unity that has brought compassion to the forefront of society, with people displaying a kindness that you could argue was sadly largely missing pre-Covid-19 and pre-lockdown. As I’m writing this, we’re still being told to stay indoors whenever possible and only venture out for essential reasons and exercise, and to work, if your job can’t be done at home. Lockdown life is not easy in the Sanderson home. I’m trying to work full-time and homeschool two young children with different learning capacities. Some days are better than others. I’ve worked my whole…

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ditch last year’s sunscreen

• While you likely don’t need to buy another white broderie anglaise sundress this year(sorry), you may well need to replenish your SPF supply. Yep–even if there’s a good tenner’s worth left in the bottle. ‘Out-of-date sun cream can be much less effective, so you have a higher chance of burning and exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays,’ explains dermatologist Dr Simon Zokaie. As well as accelerating the skin’s ageing process, getting burnt even once increases your risk of developing skin cancer, so check the date and chuck it if it’s passed. No expiry date? You’ll likely see ‘6m’ or ‘12m’ on the label–this tells you how many months it’ll last after opening. ‘Allowing sunscreen to overheat or exposing it to moisture can break down its components and reduce…

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step to it

Want the latest health intel? We’ve combed the science journals so you don’t have to STRESSED-LAID PLANS Turns out devising the weekly shop is a task best served chilled, not while in the grip of trolley rage. A recent study* found that the way stress impairs memory makes in-the-moment planning harder. When participants had to virtually navigate a familiar town, those feeling stressed stuck to routes they knew, while others took novel shortcuts. THIRD OPINION Don’t like what you see in the mirror? Look again from a different perspective. Spanish scientists* created virtual avatars based on participants’ real and ideal body measurements. In both cases, people rated their avatars as more attractive when viewing them from a third-person perspective. Get creative with a selfie stick. DOUBLE TICK Struggling to find the right words to send to…

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the to-do list

READ | GOOD FOOD FOR BAD DAYS by Jack Monroe(£7.99, Bluebird) From food writer and anti-poverty activist Jack Monroe, this book of ‘depressipes’(her word) is made with mental health in mind. Find simple and nutritious meals that make filling your plate a little less overwhelming. FUNDRAISE | DIABETES WEEK 8-14 June 2020 Nearly five million people in the UK live with a form of diabetes–that’s one in 15. Head to diabetes.org.uk to get clued up and help raise funds for research that could change lives. BUY | SEACHIPS £1 for 20g, musclefood.com Here to one-up prawn cocktail, Seachips are protein-packed baked crisps made from(often discarded) salmon skin. A portion of the profits goes to charities helping to keep the sea clean–now that’s sustainable snacking.…

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will i get different results from forward and reverse lunges?

• Yep–there’s a reason your PT might insist on you doing both variations(aside from making sure your mind hasn’t drifted off elsewhere). ‘Essentially, both directions target the same muscles–the quads and glutes–but a reverse lunge tends to hit the glutes and upper hamstrings a bit more, while taking some of the pressure off the knees,’ confirms PT Sam Wood. Aside from the knee pressure reprieve, you might find reverse lunges easier because the stationary leg is driving the movement, meaning you have a more stable foundation. On the flip side, a forward lunge can offer more of a challenge to your stabilising muscles, as it requires you to shift your weight on to the leg that’s stepping out. So, are the results the same? Pretty much, yes. The extra challenge…

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strap into summer

• They used to be the Marmite of summer footwear–you either loved ’em or hated ’em–but as more and more people have cottoned on to the comfort and 90s-inspired cool of Teva sandals, they’ve become a fashion-meets-function fave. New for SS20, this retro colour combo takes dad sandal chic(it’s a thing) to the next level. Fancy getting your stroll on? Take note: Teva’s original design was a Grand-Canyon-inspired walking sandal back in 1984, and the Teva of today has the same durable straps and comfy foam footbed that means they’ll stay put if you’re clocking up miles on foot. Plus, the rubber outsole gives you extra durability and traction, making them perfect for future hiking trips. If the most walking you’re likely to do is hitting Sainsbury’s on a Saturday afternoon,…