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Women's Health UK October 2020

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Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

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welcome to women’s health

What does age mean to you? Perhaps it’s simply a number that marks the passing of time and your true measure of age is your mindset, which renders the date on your birth certificate irrelevant. Or maybe your age does define you, be that by dictating the way you overcome life’s hurdles or by the weight of expectation that comes with being of a certain vintage. I’m somewhere between the two. At 42, I finally feel like a grown-up. With two children, a mortgage, a big job and a boring estate car, my rather hedonistic late twenties and early thirties are long gone. I’m less impulsive, more sure of who I am and what I stand for, and I embrace the maturity and sense of calm that feeling settled and content…

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try hot yoga for heart health

Hot yoga is much like Marmite. Enthusiasts swear downward dogging in Bahamas-level heat helps them get bendy and stress-free pronto, while the room-temp brigade insist balancing trikonasana is challenging enough without – literally – throwing in the towel. But it may be worth swapping the Lululemon 7/8s for tiny, stretchy shorts after all. A study presented at an American Heart Association summit last year found that the practice could help lower blood pressure to healthy levels. Researchers asked a group of participants with hypertension, not on medication, to take part in three hour-long sessions a week at 40.5°C for three months, while a control group did zilch. After 12 weeks, those who stretched in heat had reduced their risk of heart attack and stroke. Scientists think it’s the combo of…

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news you can use

DIGESTIVE TR-ACTION A review has confirmed that consuming probiotics may help ease depression*. Researchers suggest it could be because they impede production of inflammatory cytokine chemicals in the gut, or because of their effect on tryptophan – a compound linked with serotonin. That gut-brain axis, though. STRATEG-EASY New starters, listen up. A recent study* found that those who are successful when facing a challenge are people with a ‘strategic mindset’. Researchers claim it’s all down to asking simple questions such as, ‘Is there a better way of doing this?’ or, ‘How else can I do it?’ BODY PUMP Keeping active while pregnant? Hear this: a recent study found that moderate exercise – just a daily walk will do – in pregnancy increases levels of a compound called 3SL in breast milk*. Researchers believe it’ll reduce…

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q can you get rid of calluses?

They’re up there with sweaty armpits and Lycra camel toe in the ranks of unwanted gym buddies – but calluses due to exercise are irritatingly common. On your hands, the hard skin build-up is most likely a consequence of lifting a 20kg kettlebell or gripping bike handles too tightly. On your feet, they may be flagging repeated pressure on a particular area, caused by gait issues. ‘This friction may also be caused by inappropriate footwear or simply having bony feet,’ says podiatrist Margaret Dabbs (margaretdabbs.co.uk). Complications – such as extreme pain – are rare, but they won’t fade away without intervention. Removing the pressure that’s causing them is key, so hit up a podiatrist, who can provide bespoke orthotics or insoles. The DIY approach for hands and feet? ‘Use a…

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can you manage menopause symptoms with food?

THE EXPERT Laura Tilt, registered dietitian; lauratilt.com Say what you want about the 2010s, it was during this decade that the menopause, happily, stopped being a hushed-tones-only topic. And if you’re going through the perimenopause – the change before The Change that tends to kick in from your early forties – or the menopause itself now or any time soon, knowing what to expect is essential intel. You’ll know that the menopause is a natural and inevitable part of ageing. It’s a transitory process that begins when symptoms (typically changes in period regularity) appear, and is reached when your menstrual cycle has been absent for 12 months. Perhaps you’ll also know that falling oestrogen levels cause ovulation to halt, signalling the end of your reproductive years. Declining oestrogen levels are also thought…

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lat pulldown

You live for leg day, power through arm circuits and work your core till the cows come home. But how often do you give your lats a bit of love? Lats – that’s latissimus dorsi, gym nerds – are flat, fan-shaped muscles that taper from your shoulders to your waist. The largest muscles in the upper body, they support movement in your arms, as well as your spine, meaning they actually form part of your core. But they’re often passed over in favour of training muscles with more aesthetic appeal: think glutes, abs or arms. How to target these underappreciated muscles? With the lat pulldown – which, as a bonus, also works your trapezius muscles (in your mid-upper back) and biceps. Win. There are lots of ways to use the lat pulldown…