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Women's Health UK November 2020

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Women’s Health is the first UK magazine to bring you health, beauty, fitness, fashion, weight loss, food & sex, all wrapped up in one super-glossy lifestyle title

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welcome to women’s health

Cast your mind back to January of this year. The term ‘social distancing’ wasn’t yet part of our vernacular and ‘lockdown’ was a word you might have heard in a Hollywood blockbuster starring Chris Hemsworth. At the start of 2020, there was a sense of optimism. After the chaos of Brexit, the general election had brought with it certainty that, regardless of your political persuasions, was welcome. The housing market returned, the economy strengthened; it was going to be a good year. Or so we thought. But some 5,000 miles away in China, a deadly virus was wreaking havoc. Fast approaching our shores, it was set to infiltrate every aspect of our lives in the most devastating way. It was early March when the reality of Covid hit home for me.…

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look to horoscopes to boost your creativity

• Some of you might consider crediting the stars for your stylish bathroom redesign a bit wellness woo-woo, but you could do worse than to give astrology a chance. Even if there’s zero scientific evidence that the cosmos can predict whether you’ll meet your perfect match this month, research suggests that checking your horoscope can have a quantifiably positive impact on your mind – and it’s particularly great news for anyone attempting to embrace their artistic side. According to a study in the journal Personality And Individual Differences, if your sign tells you great things are on the horizon, your resulting lifted mood is likely to boost your creativity. Previous studies have linked a positive mood with creative problem solving and flexible thinking. This doesn’t just work its magic on…

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news you can use

Soulmaybes Embarking on some distanced dating? New research by University of California, Davis, suggests it’s best to avoid being guided by your ‘type’. Study participants rated a list of their acquaintances as more attractive not only when they fitted their own three ‘ideals’ (such as inquisitive, funny, attractive), but also if they fitted those of a stranger’s they were given, instead. The upshot? Everyone wants someone with good qualities, but the true compatibility cues can only really be picked up IRL. GUT FEELING In a recent study*, participants who were more aware of feeling full had higher appreciation for their bodies. Scientists believe that greater gut sensitivity increases awareness of the positive functions your body performs – suggesting that tuning into internal sensations can help you build a better body image. Now, that’s…

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the to-do list

EAT | PUY LENTILS Merchant Gourmet reported a 42.3% year-on-year rise in sales of its Puy lentils over lockdown – and for good reason. Protein-packed and peppery, they’re great with roasted root veg. READ | FAILOSOPHY by Elizabeth Day (£10, Harper Collins) A companion to the author’s podcast, How To Fail, this guide takes you through everything she’s learned from her own and her guests’ failures. READ | DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR by Emma Dabiri (£9.99, Penguin) This Black History Month, dive into Emma Dabiri’s thorough introduction to the history of Black hair and the politics that surround it to this day.…

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how much coffee can i drink per day?

• ‘But first, coffee.’ More of a world view than a meme? The question of whether glugging as many takeaway Americanos as your bank balance allows – or using your Nespresso machine hourly – is as good for your health as it is for an instant energy spike remains as unclear as the sludge at the bottom of your cafetière. Multiple studies have shown that drinking coffee can hike your blood pressure, and research from 2016 found that having more than five daily cups of the unfiltered stuff may raise cholesterol by up to 8%. But research has also shown that women who knock back two or three cups a day have lower total body and abdominal fat. What about migraines? A 2019 study found that having one or two…

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my period pain is getting worse with age – what gives?

• Much like J-Lo and a fine single malt, menstrual cramps are one of the few things in life that’s said to get better with age. So if yours are getting worse, there’s a reason for it, says consultant gynaecologist Tania Adib. Begin by looking at any recent changes to your medication or lifestyle. Stress and weight gain can both exacerbate period pain, as can perimenopause – when the hormones that regulate your cycle start to fluctuate, a precursor to the menopause – and coming off the pill. ‘If you’ve been on an oral contraceptive for a while, you’ve not only been suppressing your periods, but also, potentially, conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids,’ says Adib. If you do have one of these, your periods could be a lot more…