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Woolworths TASTE March 2020

Woolworths TASTE is a multi-award-winning magazine, with an annual frequency of 11 issues, which is produced by New Media Publishing as a flagship brand for South African retailer, Woolworths. Innovative in design and content, it presents more than 50 delicious recipes in each issue in an exquisitely photographed yet accessible way, showcasing the variety of top-quality food products offered by Woolworths alongside the abundant creativity within the South African food industry. Woolworths TASTE consistently offers credible, easy-to-use dining-in solutions and creative entertaining ideas, and also shares new developments in the culinary world, keeping readers informed about food trends and personalities. For more visit taste.co.za

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my life’s savings

WHAT IS ALWAYS in your fridge? We often ask this question in interviews with chefs, TV cooks and other food aficionados, but I’m not sure I’d want to answer it myself. It’s not pretty, my fridge. For starters, there are always at least half a dozen plastic containers (the shame). These do not contain the carefully portioned results of a weekend spent cooking big batches of hearty family favourites while wearing a Skinny LaMinx apron and humming “La Vie en Rose”. No. They contain things like the remains of a Woolies’ free-range rotisserie chicken, steamed broccoli for the Cherub, a tub of mystery salsa and, inexplicably, an assortment of half-used lemons. Some shelves are functional – there’s always deli meat for the Salad Dodger (for obvious reasons), soya milk for the wannabe…

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the team says

“Cannellini beans! They’re great for bulking up a veggie curry, and add creaminess to meaty sauces.” – Katharine Pope “Taters! Spuds! Love them roasted, mashed, cut into crispy home-made chips, squashed open with a generous amount of butter and seasoning… Such a versatile ingredient. This year I’m going to try my hand at making my own gnocchi – Abi’s burnt butter and sage pan-fried gnocchi with Parmesan is calling my name.” – Liesl Nicholson “Canned tomatoes. They’re the ultimate pantry superstar and the starting point for so many of my go-to recipes – butter chicken, Bolognese, chilli con carne, shakshuka … If you’ve got a can of tomatoes in the cupboard, you’re halfway to a cooked meal.” – Jeanne Calitz “Red wine vinegar. It’s way better than balsamic in a simple vinaigrette. Keep…

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winning reader

I would like to thank you all for the Christmas 2019 issue. I have bought every issue of TASTE since it first came out and this Christmas made it the best ever. I went no further than page 34. From the prawn cocktail starter to the stuffed sirloin on the bone with the cauliflower and pine-nut salad, the Brussels sprouts, anchovy-and-Parmesan salad (see far right), to duck fat potatoes (not in this issue). Dessert was the cherry tart and Woolworths vanilla ice cream – I forgot to take a photo of the cherry tart (I think it was eaten too quickly)! I have posted photos on the TASTE Recipe Club group on Facebook. DEBBIE WINS A BOTTLE OF WHITLEY NEILL ORIGINAL GIN, SIX BOTTLES OF LAMB & WATT TONIC AND TWO…

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CHEESE DREAMS From next-level toasties to Abigail’s famous mac and cheese, we’ve rounded up our cheesiest recipes ever. Things are about to get oozy! JOIN THE CLUB How beautiful is this cherry tart (right)? It’s made by TASTE reader Samantha van Nispen, who shared her version of Abi’s tart from the December issue. Have you cooked something from your TASTE mag? Share your masterpiece on the TASTE Recipe Club on Facebook. Head to facebook.com/groups/TASTECommunity to join. FREEZE! Mogau Seshoene – a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti – is back on TASTETube making ingenious dishes using her freezer stash. Puff pastry Hertzoggies and steamed dombolo with frozen sweetcorn, anyone? Low effort, high reward! WIN GIN! One lucky TASTE reader will win a hamper from Wixworth Gin worth R3 300, including a picnic basket, blanket, boules set, box set of gin,…

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season to taste

“My secret to crispy crackling is lots of kosher salt” “Season your cooking water until it’s as salty as the sea” – Samin Nosrat “This dish was inspired by one of my favourite chefs, Giles Edwards from La Tête” SZECHUAN WOK BEEF WITH SALTED LIME CUCUMBER “Use chicken or pork fillet instead of beef fillet if you prefer.” Serves 4 EASY Preparation: 20 minutes, plus 1 hour’s marinating time Cooking: 10–15 minutes cucumber 1, cut into piecessalt 1 trice vinegar 1 cuplime juice 4 Tbeef fillet 400 g, cut into 3 cm cubesSzechuan peppercorns 1 T, crushedsunflower oil 2 Toyster sauce ½ cupsesame seeds 2 T, toastedjasmine rice, for serving 1 To make the cucumber, mix it with the salt, vinegar and lime juice. Leave to marinate for 1 hour or even overnight. 2 Mix the…

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the daily grind

BLACK, GREEN AND WHITE PEPPERCORNS The most widely traded spice in the world originally comes from Kerala in south India. Black peppercorns are the cooked, dried unripe fruit of the pepper plant, green peppercorns are the dried, unripe fruit of the same flowering vine, while white pepper comes from the ripe seeds. Always grind whole peppercorns just before serving food (salad or steak, for example). Or add whole to sauces, marinades, soups and stocks at the start of the cooking process to add gentle flavour. PINK PEPPERCORNS These dried berries of the Peruvian pepper and Brazilian pepper trees have a sweet-peppery flavour that works well in pickling liquids, flavoured butters, as a garnish for a gin and tonic, or with dark chocolate. SZECHUAN PEPPERCORNS Produced in China’s Szechaun province, these aren’t as pungent as black…