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Woolworths TASTE October 2020

Woolworths TASTE is a multi-award-winning magazine, with an annual frequency of 11 issues, which is produced by New Media Publishing as a flagship brand for South African retailer, Woolworths. Innovative in design and content, it presents more than 50 delicious recipes in each issue in an exquisitely photographed yet accessible way, showcasing the variety of top-quality food products offered by Woolworths alongside the abundant creativity within the South African food industry. Woolworths TASTE consistently offers credible, easy-to-use dining-in solutions and creative entertaining ideas, and also shares new developments in the culinary world, keeping readers informed about food trends and personalities. For more visit taste.co.za

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South Africa
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local flavour

It there’s one thing we know about asparagus it’s that there’s never a better time to enjoy it than when it’s in season – and that time is now. Woolies’ asparagus is grown in the sandy soils of the Free State and hand-picked to ensure it’s tender and juicy. Choose between thick or thin spears, or even the tips, and start cooking. This tender veg lends itself to a variety of cooking techniques. You could eat it raw, blanch it, steam it, grill it, roast it or even bake it – all perfectly delicious. And as for serving, asparagus loves savoury foods such as cheese, eggs or bacon – not to mention a bright green herby dressing. If you’d like to see more, we’ve made a video to celebrate, catch…

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a bird in the hand

WHERE WOULD WE BE WITHOUT CHICKENS? It would be a double blow, of course. I don’t know about you, but, right up there with the incredible egg (smirk), chicken is hands-down my favourite ingredient when a) I don’t feel like cooking; b) I feel like cooking; c) I want to cook something new; d) I want to make something flopproof; e) I want something comforting; f) I need to feed the masses; g) I want leftovers… I could go on. Chicken is one of those fallback ingredients that, no matter how convinced you are that you’re bored with it, if you see a new recipe for a crispy, juicy, spicy, crumbed, stuffed, curried, fried or roasted bird, it’s impossible not to think “I must try that.” A chicken is the perfect canvas…

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what you said

WINNING LETTER “Mommy what are you making today?” That’s an everyday question from my four-year-old son. I enjoy challenging myself with new dishes. I made the chocolate-and-ginger bread in a bundt pan and topped it with the syrup from your speculaas tipsy cake (TASTE August 2020, p76)! It took two recipes to make my cake and the results were amazing! One thing I have learned is that even if you don’t have an exact ingredient from the recipe, you can easily replace it with a similar one. I did not have crystallised ginger and I replaced it with ground ginger and it was super-duper delicious, as my sons said after taking their first bite of the cake. I am always grateful to TASTE for amazing recipes, and always look forward to the…

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from facebook:

“What fun! Tried the tiramisu with home-made lady fingers recipe from the August TASTE magazine, page 59. Loved the rustic way of putting it together, the melted dark chocolate added such lovely flavour and the caramelised almonds a wonderful crunch! A winner #Icookedwwtaste” – Michele Beukes “Made the new issue’s fish taco recipe! Delicious. Woolies was out of enchilada spice so I googled a mix and made my own. I added some toasted sesame seeds just because they are pretty. I made 181 portions today! Thanks TASTE! You inspire me in my kitchen!” – Yolanda le Roux…

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ADVENTUROUS AVOS Avo toast may be your go-to breakfast or lunch, but avo’s wonderful texture also makes for silky pasta sauces, creamy chocolate pâté, and even icing for cakes. Stay tuned for our list of unexpected ways to eat avos. FOOD FIGHT: THE CHOCOLATE EDITION We like to do our bit to contribute to science. So, on Instagram, we asked our followers to make some difficult choices. Here are the results: Pick your pudding: Mousse 42% Fondant 58% Best bars: White 26% Dark 74% Sweet snack Chocolate cake 48% Chocolate brownie 52% Flavour pairing: Chocolate and berries 68% Chocolate and orange 32% CHICKEN, BUT MAKE IT EXCITING Bored with your repertoire of midweek chicken recipes? We’re on a mission to inspire you to try something new this month. From the ultimate roast chicken and our best-ever fried chicken, to casseroles, curries and kebabs, you’re sure to find…

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incredible the egg

“ I’ve seen this done on Instagram and have been looking forward to mastering it ” STRAWBERRY CEREAL SOFT SERVE Makes 2 litres A LITTLE EFFORT GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes, plus overnight soaking time Cooking: 10 minutes Woolworths strawberry-flavoured puffed rice cereal 350 gmilk 6 cupsfree-range egg yolks 8sugar 150 gsalt ½ tcoconut cream 1 x 400 ml canWoolworths long-life whipping cream 1 cup 1 Combine the strawberry puffs and milk and soak overnight. 2 Strain the strawberry puffs through a fine sieve until you get 4 cups of strawberry milk, pressing down on the strawberry puffs with a spoon to remove all the liquid. 3 In a cold saucepan, whisk together the egg yolks, sugar and salt until a smooth paste is formed. Add the strawberry milk, coconut cream and whipping cream…