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Woolworths TASTE July / August 2021

Woolworths TASTE is a multi-award-winning magazine, with an annual frequency of 11 issues, which is produced by New Media Publishing as a flagship brand for South African retailer, Woolworths. Innovative in design and content, it presents more than 50 delicious recipes in each issue in an exquisitely photographed yet accessible way, showcasing the variety of top-quality food products offered by Woolworths alongside the abundant creativity within the South African food industry. Woolworths TASTE consistently offers credible, easy-to-use dining-in solutions and creative entertaining ideas, and also shares new developments in the culinary world, keeping readers informed about food trends and personalities. For more visit taste.co.za

South Africa
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the better butter

Kerrygold, a brand that has been synonymous with top-quality food products since its inception in 1962, is a true Irish beauty if ever there was one. Its undisputed flagship product – Kerrygold butter – is an international bestseller thanks to its rich golden colour, unique creamy flavour and velvety mouthfeel. Taste the difference for yourself and find out why it’s the premium butter brand the world over. kerrygold.com CHARGRILLED STEAK WITH FLAVOURED BUTTER Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 10 minutes For the flavoured butter: Kerrygold butter 250 g, slightly softenedItalian parsley 4 T roughly choppedgarlic 2 cloves, finely gratedlemon 1, zestedsmoked chilli flakes, to tasteground cumin 1 Trib-eye steak 1 kgbay leaves 4 sprigssea salt, to taste 1 To make the flavoured butter, combine all the ingredients except the ground cumin. Use a wooden spoon…

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comfort me with carbs

THERE IS NO COMFORT FOOD like Italian food. If food has genres, which of course it does, the Italians must take the credit for this one. And it’s not just the food either, it’s the way the food is prepared: with generosity, skill, respect for tradition, and very often with lots of carbs and cheese. One of the first proper recipes I learned to cook was osso buco Milanese, from the blue River Café cookbook. That page still bears the smears of my early years as a budding food nerd. I was fresh out of university and followed the recipe like academic instructions, finely chopping onions, celery and carrot – not knowing then that I was making soffrito. I didn’t cut corners. I chopped garlic and parsley and zested lemons for…

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have your say

WINNING LETTER Christmas with my family has always been a festive affair. The whole family would congregate at my grandparents’ place for a week of affection, celebration, good food and crowded sleeping conditions. The Christmas table would be filled with an incredible array of dishes, but the ever-present highlight was the slow-cooked lamb that my grandmother is famous for. We would all wait expectantly for the heavy cast-iron pot to appear and would dish up, putting way too much on our plates. This would happen on Christmas Day and continue for days as we enjoyed the leftovers. These week-long festivities came to an end a few years ago when my grandfather passed away and my grandmother sold the house. However, when I saw Sam Woulidge’s luilammetjie in the April 2021 issue…

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on the menu: eid al-adha

Saadiyah Hendricks cooked her first dish – mince curry – when she was 10 years old. She started her blog Sadie’s Bubble of Yum a decade ago as a space to explore her love of cooking. And while she’s still working full-time, and raising two girls, she’s become something of an Instagram icon – especially in the baking world. This month, she is our guest contributor on taste.co.za. Ahead of Eid al-Adha, we asked Sadie to share eight of her favourite showstoppers for the occasion. We got her mom’s recipe for the perfect mutton biryani, special-occasion lobster tails with a creamy, garlicky, buttery sauce you’re going to want to eat with a spoon, and a magnificent cardamom pavlova with whipped rose cream for dessert. Get yourself to taste.co.za for these recipes…

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Corned beef: This juicy, tender soutvleis requires just a handful of ingredients. Make it in advance and serve with freshly baked bread and plenty of butter! Grilled lobster tails: The sauce from this recipe is equally delicious with mixed seafood or prawns. Mutton biryani: “This is a recipe my mother, Shoneez Marks, has mastered and I’m always in awe of how effortlessly she puts it together.” Masala steak pies: Serve these buttery, spicy pies for Eid breakfast and you’ll start on a high note. Aloo fry: This simple, aromatic, fried potato dish is a family favourite for Saadiyah. Serve it with dhal, or as a side to a roast. Kheer: “This dessert is my childhood in every bite.” This creamy, cardamom-infused semolina pudding is Saadiyah’s mother’s speciality every Eid. PHOTOGRAPHS TOBY MURPHY RECIPES SAADIYAH HENDRICKSPRODUCTION KHANYA…

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dinner plans

ROAST KARA SWEET POTATOES WITH HONEY, TAHINI AND GARLICKY PUMPKIN PURÉE “This was inspired by a dish made by Jess Shepherd of Good to Gather. She served butternut wedges on roast butternut purée.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 35 minutes Woolworths Kara sweet potatoes 4–6, washedpumpkin 600 g, dicedgarlic 2 clovesolive oil 3 Tsea salt and freshly ground blackpepper, to tastebutter 2 Thoney 2 Ttahini 100 glemon juice ¼ cup 1 Preheat the oven to 180°C. Place the sweet potatoes, pumpkin and garlic on a baking tray, drizzle with the olive oil and season. Roast for 20 minutes. 2 Remove the pumpkin and garlic from the tray when tender. Mash with the butter, check the seasoning and set aside. 3 Roast the sweet potatoes until crispy. Combine the honey, tahini and lemon juice, then…