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Every month, Tatler Philippines takes you behind the scenes and reveals the fascinating lives and stories of influential people in business, cultural, social and sporting life of the Philippines. The ultimate arbiter of high society, taste and glamour, Philippine Tatler provides exclusive coverage of the best local and international events. The magazine provides our highly affluent and cosmopolitan readers with essential information on the finer things such as arts and culture, business, travel, trends, and food or wine.

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around asia

Interiors guru Joyce Wang graces the cover and tells about bringing Louis Vuitton’s latest showcase of Objets Nomades to life. Elsewhere, nine trailblazing young professionals share their success stories as they spend an afternoon at the AIA carnival. Decades after she found her calling, the passion lives on in veteran songstress Syafinaz Selamat. Also, meet three of the scientists who won 2018 L’Oreal-Unesco for Women in Science Awards: Chai Lay Ching, Lam Sze Mun and Norhayati Abdullah. Singer M80, tech entrepreneur Sophie Lu, writer and photographer Gong Linxuan and artist Zhou Hehe star on a cover that celebrates talented young achievers from different industries. They tell of the challenges they have faced. On the cover is Michelle Yong, scion of Woh Hup and director of Aurum. She tells why she went against the…

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philippine tatler

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role of a lifetime

“A mother is everything. Starting with the creation of life and passing through the different stages of development: the protection, the feeding, the love, and the teachings that we call civilisation. It is through the mother’s hands that a child becomes a man or a woman.” This quote by fashion designer Carolina Herrera best describes this month’s cover story. Korina Sanchez-Roxas is an award-winning TV and radio journalist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and wife to former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas. When she told me years ago that she and Mar were planning to have a baby, I wondered what would possess her to be a first-time mum at 50-something when she already seemed to have everything in the world . Perhaps the answer is in the quote—motherhood is the aspect that makes a…

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mum’s the word

With the national elections fast approaching, candidates are everywhere, rigorously campaigning for a favourable majority vote with their platforms. Standing beside them are their equally busy spouses who, in full support, vouch for their loved one wherever and whenever possible. Case in point: top journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas, who has dropped her current news jobs to avoid bias and to support her husband, senatorial bet Mar Roxas. Decked in a classic little black dress and sunglasses, a stylish Korina walked into the studio and greeted our team. She looked more fit than ever, with a toned body thanks to her Belo family, and radiant—probably brought about by the upcoming arrival of her twin babies to the home she shares with Mar. She came prepared and ready with her own ideas, reasonably excited to…

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ERIC MICHAEL ROY This LA-based fashion photographer serves us another fashionably cool editorial for the gents in “Wonderwall” (p 108) Current state of mind? Driven by passion, fueled by creativity. Next travel destination? I can’t wait to visit the Philippines! I know I keep saying it, but it’s going to come true soon! Song that’s currently playing on your phone? George Michael’s “A New Corner.” It is so good. Sometimes, when I work, I just throw on some George and sing along. What’s your guilty pleasure? It never changes—a nice glass of scotch. Netflix fixation? I’m gonna cheat and pick my Amazon Video fixation instead: Patriot. After watching two seasons, I can say that it is so clever—beautifully shot and a lot of fun. CYRUS PANGANIBAN This photographer’s first pictorial for the Philippine Tatler is no less than the cover story itself, “And…

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safeguarding the polls

Best known as the CEO behind leading tech infrastructure firm MDI which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, and hailed as Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2015 Philippine Tatler Ball, Myla Villanueva is certainly no stranger to challenges. She now faces what may be her biggest challenge as chair of the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). Villanueva has been involved with the PPCRV since 2009 when she reached out to then-chairperson Henrietta de Villa, regarding the country’s first automated elections. Villanueva said of this encounter, “I expressed that it had changed the dynamics of poll-watching, and that some poll watchers may project conclusions of cheating onto machines touched or manipulated albeit even regularly.” We wish her all the best as she leads the council in its mandate to conduct voter…