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The world's best-selling digital photography magazine, Photography Week is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to improve their photography. Every issue we bring you inspirational images, creative ideas, must-try photo projects and in-depth video reviews, plus no-nonsense practical advice on how to get the best from your camera, so you can capture and edit images you can be proud of. Designed specifically for mobile devices, each issue features reader galleries, how-to articles and step-by-step videos that will help you become a better photographer. It's your one-stop shop for all things photographic.

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Welcome to the world’s No.1 weekly digital photography magazine. If you’re already a reader, thanks for your continued support and involvement; if you’re new to Photography Week, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to expert advice, brilliant tips and step-by-step tutorials, every issue features interactive galleries of the best new photos, how-to videos on essential shooting and editing techniques, and in-depth reviews of the latest camera kit. But that’s not the whole story. Photography Week is more than a magazine – it’s a community of like-minded people who are passionate about photography. To get involved, just follow any of the links below and share your shots and comments – your photo might even appear on our cover! JOIN THE PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK COMMUNITY AND START SHARING! FACEBOOK http://bit.ly/39py9lg TWITTER http://bit.ly/2vGadLP FLICKR http://bit.ly/2VIgsJO We’re more than just a magazine…

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benro announces three new supadupa monopods

Benro has announced a new range of SupaDupa monopods designed for photographers shooting sports, wildlife, and other subjects that require a combination of stability and freedom of movement. The three new SupaDupa models are the entry-level SupaDupa MSD36C, the mid-range MSD46C and the flagship SupaDupa PRO MSDPL46C. The smallest of the three new Benro monopods, the SupaDupa MSD36C, collapses down to a height of 42cm but can extend to a full height of 164cm. It weighs just 0.5kg, and has a maximum payload of 40kg. It includes metal spiked foot for soft or uneven terrain, and a detachable rubber foot for other surfaces. The SupaDupa MSD36C is priced at £110 / $120. The mid-range SupaDupa MSC46C offers more height, extending to 1.83m, and folds down to a length of 45.5cm. It weighs 0.59kg…

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london in lockdown

Lockdowns and other Covid restrictions have made life difficult for photographers in lots of ways, but there are some upsides too. For this stock shoot with pro travel photographer Kav Dadfar we were able to capture the familiar sights of London’s riverbanks without the usual throng of tourists and traffic, while observing social distancing and other Covid guidelines at all times. London in lockdown is an eerily glorious place for photography. It might sound like a paradox to say that London comes alive when you take out its pace and noise, but the peace helps to highlight elements, views and even buildings you might never have noticed before – which is ideal, as Kav says the success to stock photography is to keep showing new things. Kav is not only an accomplished…

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Photography Week has teamed up with GuruShots, ‘the world’s greatest photography game’, to showcase the winning images from a series of photo challenges. These are the winning and commended images from the Unique Portraits challenge WOLFGANG JANSEN, GERMANY https://bit.ly/3d2zG5G PAOLO MUREDDU, ITALY https://bit.ly/2Z8h2kG MOGYOROSI STEFAN, ROMANIA https://bit.ly/2Ngg2YS ROMAIN LIEURY, FRANCE Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3aRWoKZ RON RICHARDSON, UNITED KINGDOM Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3d3pj1w STEFAN SURUGIU, ROMANIA Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3a5Zls5 PETAR DIMITROV, BULGARIA Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3jBNeX3 KONRAD K, POLAND Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3rHRMOd HEIDI, CANADA Honourable mention https://bit.ly/2Ncemj8 HANNU ISO-OJA, FINLAND Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3d3abRp CHRISTY ANDERSON BERNSTEIN, UNITED STATES Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3d8haZH CLAUDIA MORI, BRAZIL Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3qeOt0S NIKOLAY TATARCHUK, ISRAEL Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3p67z81 MICHEL WILLEMS, BELGIUM Honourable mention https://bit.ly/3aYpY1i Honourable mentions STEVE DE JONGH, BELGIUM https://bit.ly/2Z44Ot1 JULIE THOMAS, AUSTRALIA https://bit.ly/3rIWqeO RYAN KING, UNITED STATES https://bit.ly/3aVAV3D GABRIEL FOX, BRAZIL https://bit.ly/3qb2353 SEBY PALUMBO, ITALY https://bit.ly/2Z7BqSM ELENA KRUIJT, ROMANIA https://bit.ly/3729eoX GIL SHMUELI, ISRAEL https://bit.ly/3rJ35Wt JAVAD ASSAAD. TURKEY https://bit.ly/3d2CSOs MICHELLE KENNEDY, AUSTRALIA https://bit.ly/2MVSkkL GuruShots is a platform for people who love taking photos. GuruShots believes that taking photos is an amazing way to express one’s self, and wanting it to be fun and meaningful they…

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these images reveal nature’s beauty, and sound a warning

A photo of a polar bear on an ice floe in the Arctic Ocean is among the standout images from the Royal Photographic Society (RPS)’s Science Photographer of the Year 2020 awards. Like many of the featured images, the polar bear photograph – On Thin Ice by Sue Flood – highlights the issue of climate change. The latest Science Photographer of the Year competition saw the RPS introduce a new Climate Change category, which Flood won with another of her images, showing a North Pole maker surrounded by water from melting sea ice. In total, four winners of the competition, along with 75 selected images, were showcased in an online exhibition as part of the digital Manchester Science Festival. The festival is now over, but you can click the link to view…

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stacks of time

2 HOURS Time stacking allows you to convey the passage of time in a still image and is the brainchild of Canadian photographer Matt Molloy (you can see his work at www.bit.ly/39vIq0v). It works by blending together multiple photographs of the same scene that have been shot over a certain period of time. While a sturdy tripod is a must to retain the exact same framing for each shot, subtle movement within the landscape is required to convey how the scene changes over time. We captured a cloudy sunset over Normanton Church on the shores of Rutland Water in the East Midlands of England, which provided moving clouds and changing light. A camera or a remote shutter release with an inbuilt intervalometer is a huge help, as it allows you to set up…