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The world's best-selling digital photography magazine, Photography Week is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to improve their photography. Every issue we bring you inspirational images, creative ideas, must-try photo projects and in-depth video reviews, plus no-nonsense practical advice on how to get the best from your camera, so you can capture and edit images you can be proud of. Designed specifically for mobile devices, each issue features reader galleries, how-to articles and step-by-step videos that will help you become a better photographer. It's your one-stop shop for all things photographic.

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Welcome to the world’s No.1 weekly digital photography magazine. If you’re already a reader, thanks for your continued support and involvement; if you’re new to Photography Week, you’ve come to the right place! In addition to expert advice, brilliant tips and step-by-step tutorials, every issue features interactive galleries of the best new photos, how-to videos on essential shooting and editing techniques, and in-depth reviews of the latest camera kit. But that’s not the whole story. Photography Week is more than a magazine – it’s a community of like-minded people who are passionate about photography. To get involved, just follow any of the links below and share your shots and comments – your photo might even appear on our cover! JOIN THE PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK COMMUNITY AND START SHARING! FACEBOOK http://bit.ly/39py9lg TWITTER http://bit.ly/2vGadLP FLICKR http://bit.ly/2VIgsJO We’re more than just a magazine…

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nikon confirms the z9 is coming this year

Nikon has announced its next flagship camera, the Nikon Z9, a mirrorless camera featuring the Z mount, a full-frame stacked CMOS sensor, and 8K video capability, which will be available this year. The Z9 was revealed in a short development announcement, so full specifications weren’t revealed, although its 8K functionality will put it in the same technical wheelhouse as the Canon EOS R5 and Sony A1. The official image reveals that it has the ‘pro DSLR’ form factor of the Nikon D6, with a built-in vertical grip (and, presumably, an extra-large battery with increased capacity). This suggests the Z9 will take over from the D6, making the latter the last Nikon DSLR of its kind. The announcement had almost no details on the camera’s specs and capabilities, aside from two things. First, it…

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the insta360 go 2 is a tiny action/vlogging camera

Insta360, best known, as the name suggests, for its 360-degree cameras, has unveiled a new mini action/vlogging camera, the Insta360 Go 2. With most action cameras you face fussing around with mounts and clamps and sticky pads, but while the Insta360 Go can offer these mounting options too, it has its own vlogging grip, and a magnetic back, enabling you to snap it onto a clip for your cap or clothing, or against a magnetic pad worn on a neck loop under your clothing. The new Go 2 weighs 27g, which is a little more than the original 20g Go model, but still tiny. It can be attached and used in a variety of ways, and comes with a pivot stand for placing it on a desk or table or sticking to…

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light up your studio portraits

APPRENTICE NEIL HADRILL Neil has been a keen amateur photographer since 1998. His first DSLR was a Canon EOS 300D, followed by a 40D, and he now shoots with a 5D Mk II. As he’s semi-retired, Neil has more time to spend taking photos, and he’s looking for expert advice to help him improve his studio portrait shots. PRO RORY LEWIS Rory Lewis is a celebrity portrait photographer, and has shot some of the world’s most famous people. Originally from Liverpool, he’s based in London and often works in the US. To see his impressive portfolio and for details of his workshops, visit his website: http://bit.ly/3bu343m…

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technique assessment

MANUAL MODE “Although Neil usually sticks with Av mode so that he can control his aperture, for studio setups using lights you need to be able to set both the aperture and shutter speed,” says Rory, “So we moved his Mode dial to M for Manual, to give him complete control over his exposures.” METERING MODES Most DSLRs have four metering modes: Centre-weighted average – metering is weighted at the centre then averaged for the whole scene; Partial – helpful if the background is brighter than your subject; Spot – meters a specific 2% (or thereabouts) spot at the centre of your frame; and the mode Rory suggested to Neil, Evaluative – an ‘intelligent’ general-purpose mode that takes the active AF point into consideration and is ideal for portraits and evenly lit subjects.…

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the pro’s killer kit

1 Light meter Rory still uses a light meter to accurately determine his exposure. With his lights set to around 1/2 or 1/4 power – depending on whether he’s shooting a full-length or head-and-shoulders portrait – he triggers them while holding his Sekonic L-308S light meter in front of the model. “It makes me wonder why everybody doesn’t still use them,” says Rory. 2 Pose on a stool! Rory swears by his Calumet Posing Stool. “A stool keeps your subject in the right place for your lighting, and you can adjust the height so they’re level with the camera (or so you’re shooting down to avoid double chins). As they’re on casters, they can be moved easily and they swivel, which helps people get into photogenic poses, rather than standing awkwardly.” 3 Studio lighting Rory…