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PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine August 2019

Introducing the all-new PhotoPlus: The Canon Magazine, the biggest and best Canon DSLR photography magazine. We're now bigger and better than ever, with 148 pages packed with more Canon EOS DSLR techniques, test and tips than ever. You'll find new Canon pro photographer interviews, more in-depth Canon DSLR and kit tests, a comprehensive Canon DSLR and lens buyers' guide, Canon School technical advice, photo stories and more

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EAGLE EYE ACTION PHOTOS Our Apprentice gets pro tutition to find out how to capture top shots of birds of prey this issue Page 8 Editor If there’s one wildlife subject that will push your Canon kit and camera skills to the limits, it’s fast-flying birds of prey. Our Apprentice this issue was struggling with his focusing techniques when trying to photograph birds, so we arranged for him to spend a day with Canon pro photographer, Guy Edwardes, at the International Bird of Prey Centre, to help improve his techniques, his Canon DSLR and lenses setup. See page 8. Inside this issue, we have an absolute myriad of content to help you improve your technique and become a better Canon photographer… In our main techniques guide we go in-depth into every type of lens…

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• We’re the only photo magazine in the newsagent that’s 100% DEDICATED TO CANON EOS DSLR OWNERS so we’re 100% relevant to your needs. • WE’RE 100% INDEPENDENT which means we’re free to publish what we feel is best for EVERY CANON DSLR PHOTOGRAPHER from beginners to enthusiasts to professionals. • We’re CANON ENTHUSIASTS and, with our contributors, we can offer years of EXPERT PHOTOGRAPHY EXPERIENCE. We’re always excited to pass on what we’ve learned. • We’re more than just a print mag; YOU CAN BUY PHOTOPL US FOR ANY DIGITAL DEVICE WORLDWIDE via Apple iTunes, Google Play, Zinio, Magzter, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, PocketMags or PressReader. • Our Video Disc has THE VERY BEST DSLR TECHNIQUE & PHOTOSHOP VIDEO GUIDES, which can also be viewed via our digital editions. • We’re proud to use…

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Peter Travers Editor • 5D Mark IV peter.travers@futurenet.com “The big benefit of EOS cameras is the ability to switch lenses to suit what you’re shooting, and this issue we’ll help you get the best out of all your lenses.” Dan Mold Technique editor • EOS 7D Mk II dan.mold@futurenet.com “As well as photographing birds of prey with Guy Edwardes and our Apprentice, I also had fun taking shots of matchsticks the moment they burst into flames!” Ben Andrews Lab manager • 5D Mark III ben.andrews@futurenet.com “I was amazed by Canon’s new RF 85mm f/1.2L’s performance, but also as it dwarfs an EOSR and makes this body/lens combo quite a spectacle!” James Paterson Technique writer • 5D Mark IV james.paterson@futurenet.com “I used a (fairly) simple lighting setup with some flashguns, continuous lighting and funky coloured gels to take portraits with extra creative blur.” Martin Parfitt Art editor •…

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Guy Edwardes Hawk-eyed professional Guy photographs raptors as he takes our keen Apprentice under his wing. Matty Graham Matty turned a nasty redundancy into a positive as he became a pro video and stills photographer. David Noton David travels to the stunning Bonifacio, Corsica, to capture a moment of pure serendipity and beauty. Marcus Hawkins Marcus teaches how you how to slow down and shoot delightful slow-mo exposures with filters and more key tips. Dave Rogers Keith Wilson tackles rugby and sports pro photographer Dave and talks about a career spanning over 20 years. Brian Worley Is there anything about Canon gear that Brian doesn’t know? Find out in the latest batch of techy Q&As. Our contributors Ben Andrews, Phil Barker, Drew Buckley, Guy Edwardes, Marcus Hawkins, Gareth Jones, David Noton, James Paterson, Dave Rogers, Matthew Richards, Brian Worley…

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CANON PRO NA ME: GUY EDWARDES CAMERA: CANON 5D MARK IV GUY has been a pro landscape, nature and travel photographer for 25 years. His images are marketed by agencies like Getty and Nature PL and has been published in books, mags and newspapers all over the world. He also has the task of managing a picture library of 250,000! Guy runs wildlife photography workshops during the year, so is more than qualified to put Ian’s focusing fears to bed. More info at www.guyedwardes.com APPRENTICE NA ME: IAN HAMILTON CA MERA: CANON 5D MARK III IAN has had an interest in photography for 40 years and has used Canon kit for the past ten. The AI Servo mode has bemused him to this date and is something that he confesses he’s ‘put off’ learning. So Ian reached…

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HOT SHOT #1 Lens Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Exposure 1/250 sec, f/10, ISO 800 IAN’S COMMENT With Guy’s advice I zoomed all the way in on my lens to 400mm to get some tight portrait shots of the wonderful Pharaoh Eagle-Owl and the Yellow-Billed Kite. The bird handler placed them on a perch so I got down low with the bird for better eye contact. I also framed up in such a way that the background behind was much darker, meaning it would be dark and free from distractions. I focused on their fantastic eyes as they’re undoubtedly the main focal point. GET THE BIRD’S ATTENTION You’ll often get much more striking pictures if the bird is looking directly down the barrel of the lens than looking away as it creates stronger eye…