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May 2019

Plane & Pilot is the ultimate resource for active pilots who desire an information-rich magazine with timely and entertaining content. Get Plane & Pilot digital magazine subscription today for pilot reports on the newest LSA, certified piston-engine and light-turbine aircraft, expert tips on flying techniques, product reviews of the latest gear and seasoned aviator stories from the sky.

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boeing 747

First public showing: September 30, 1968First flight: February 9, 1969, 50 years agoFirst commercial service: January 22, 1970Launch customer: Pan AmMajor innovation: First use of high-bypass turbofan engineNumber of 747 models produced: 6Number of 747s built to date: More than 1,548 by end of 2018Wingspan of 747: 224.7 feet747 wing sweep: 37.5 degreesTop speed: Mach .855 (Mach .90 for the 747-8)Top speed, typical airliners of the ’70s: Mach .78Typical number of passengers 747-100: 276Number of decks: TwoPassengers, 747-8: 467Max takeoff weight, 747-8: 987,000 poundsSlowest commercial 747: Mach 0.0—converted 747-200, JumboStay Hotel, Stockholm, SwedenNumber of rooms: 27Cost per night of the cockpit suite: 1,850 Swedish Krona ($200 USD)Worst aviation disaster: Tenerife, two 747s collided on the groundFatalities: 583Most passengers carried: El Al 747, 1,086 on takeoff, 1,088 on landing (two babies…

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25 years of gps approaches

We treat satellite-based approaches like they’ve always been around, but there was a time when you had to ditch the magenta line when it was time to get ready to land.The early days of GPS and IFR were really odd. As a new IFR pilot, I flew under instrument flight rules like most GPS-enabled instrument pilots of the day, by cheating at it.I didn’t technically cheat, I guess. En route I’d dutifully tune the VORs that defined the clearance route and watch the needles do their dance as the signal ebbed in and out…not that we knew which part was in and which was out, though we hoped the part that seemed most stable was the correct course line and the deviations were just that, errors, and not the real…

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high-wing versus low-wing

THE MYSTERYIs the high-wing or low-wing configuration better?BACKGROUNDDiscounting biplanes, canards, mid-wing models and other unusual configurations, there are two basic wing designs, high-wing and low wing. You probably have your own preference, though some pilots, us included, are agnostic on the question. This doesn’t mean that there’s not a right answer to the question. Even companies that you think of as being evangelically committed to one setup have gone back and forth between the two. Clyde Cessna’s first airplane, Silverwing, was a low wing, and all of Cessna’s turbofan aircraft are low wingers, too. Piper, which went big into low wings with the introduction of the Cherokee in 1960, became famous their first 30 years with high-wing taildraggers. There are good reasons for both configurations.STRUCTUREThis one’s easy. The design of…

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cross check

ACROSS1 Large Florida aircraft sales and service provider5 Major centers of airline flight patterns7 O to a pilot8 Rotating about the front to back axis10 Roswell arrival11 At OSH they’re red or yellow or green…12 Airline that was ADS-B pioneer13 Prefix for plane or built15 Every pilot’s favorite color?16 A plane that’s holding does this.20 Suffix for joint when describing an airport21 Component a new fuel might damage23 Half24 It controls climbs and descents in a helicopter29 Mid continent state abbr.30 This org. started in Hales Corners32 First part of hawk or lane or wagon, etc…33 Discontinued low-wing Cessna34 ConcentrateDOWN1 Airscrews2 What a nacelle acts as, for the engine3 What NACA inlets experience4 Issue a new flight plan5 Place where helicopters hover awaiting further clearance at airports6 What a strobe…

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news of note

VIRGIN GALACTIC FLIES FIRST PASSENGERVirgin Galactic’s Spaceship VSS Unity set a new speed and altitude record during its second flight into space, which carried a passenger onboard for the first time. During the flight, in which VSS Unity carried NASA research payloads, the spacecraft reached an apogee of nearly 300,000 feet.BRS PARACHUTE NOW AVAILABLE FOR RV-10Van’s RV-10 fliers can now place orders to purchase a BRS parachute for their homebuilt, BRS Aerospace recently announced. The systems can be installed directly by the aircraft builder and will require between 48 and 78 hours of installation, depending upon aircraft systems.INNOVATIVE PROJECTS COMPETE FOR 2018 COLLIER TROPHYThe National Aeronautic Association recently unveiled the 11 technological marvels that will vie for the 2018 Collier Trophy, the winner of which is slated to be announced…

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accident briefs

RYAN NAVIONJasper, Alabama/Injuries: NoneBefore takeoff for the practice formation flight of four airplanes, the lead pilot briefed all the pilots on instructions for the formation changes. The flight began as a finger-four, heavy-left formation with a separation between the airplanes of about 80 ft. As the airplanes neared their destination, the lead pilot called for the flight to maneuver to “parade,” and the airplanes closed the separation between them to about 40 ft. The lead pilot then called for the flight to change to an echelon-right formation. The two pilots in the trail airplanes left of the lead airplane began their maneuver to the right to position themselves behind the airplane that was already in position on the right side of the lead airplane. During this maneuver, the pilot in…