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Plane & Pilot October 2018

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van’s rvs

Person behind RV phenomenon: Richard VanGrunsvenNicknames: “Van,” “Dick”Profession: engineerAeronautical ratings: ATPTotal time: more than 12,000 hoursOrigin of first RV (RV-1): modification of Stits PlayboyRV-2: wooden flying wing glider (never flew)RV-3: single-seat all-metal, low wing sport planeSerial kit production, RV-3: 1971First “factory:” small shop behind founder’s homeLocation: Reedville, Oregon (where VanGrunsven still resides)Current factory: 60,000-sq. ft. facility in Aurora, OregonDistance between the two: 33 milesTime to travel between by car: 36 minutesVan’s commuting method: “whatever RV strikes his fancy”Number of basic designs produced: 9, the RVs 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 14How many available only in a nose gear version: two, the RV-10 four-seater and RV-12 LSAMain option with most RVs: taildragger or tricycle gearMeaning of “A” version: nosegearException: RV-3A—wing modified modelWhy no RV-5?: There is one.…

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change is in the air

Like most other pilots, I love to see innovative new ideas about flying brought to life. For me, dreaming is a big part of the aviation life, and it has been since I was a little kid sketching out ideas for new kinds of airplanes or putting together Guillow’s balsa models all wrong, because it was more fun to see if you could make a canard or biplane or clipped-wing version fly. That was play for my playmates and me.Oshkosh has always been the place for aviation innovation because, well, the Experimental Aircraft Association’s core mission is about nothing other than innovation. The organization’s founder, the late, great Paul Poberezny, designed homebuilt planes that the average Joe (or Jane) could build on a shoestring and have fun flying them.And over…

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on approach, elevator for airspeed, throttle for pitch?

THE BACKSTORYThe controversy, which has been around for at least 70 years, is this: How does one best control airspeed and glideslope on the approach? The approach in question was originally an ILS, though today LPV approaches have a glideslope (technically a “glidepath”) as well. In the seminal aviation how-to book “Stick and Rudder,” written in 1944 by Wolfgang Langewiesche, the author says it’s the counter-intuitive way, pitch for airspeed and power for glideslope. And since then (if not before), this method has had its passionate adherents.THE CONTROVERSYLangewiesche has an almost cult-like following among pilots, and for good reason. “Stick and Rudder” reveals flying in ways that pilots have never thought of before. Many have called the author a genius. We wouldn’t argue with that assertion. Still, Pitch for Airspeed…

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your aviation crossword

ACROSS1 V10 maker, 2 words6 To get these letters, you need to pass FOI8 Light Sport amphib from Brazil, 2 words11 Observe12 New tach reading13 Almost heading to the pole14 INOP15 Tries out18 What you do after a long cross country19 What you tell the tower you are, for takeoff22 Hawaii welcome23 Pilot of the future?25 School org27 If you hear the thunder do this, you are too close29 Maker of Comanches and Apaches30 Regs are different here, supposedly32 Almost heading to the pole, in the other direction33 Magical mach number for Chuck34 A&P equals this for airplanes35 What airlines are supposed to keepDOWN1 Makers of 10,000 completed kits2 Bad when these lights get in your eyes3 School that had 570 graduates hired by the airlines in past year4 Relating…

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news of note

ATTENDANCE AT EAA AIRVENTURE 2018 AT RECORD HIGHEAA marked another successful year of the largest GA event in the nation after thousands descended on Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for the annual gathering. This year’s show boasted more than 10,000 incoming aircraft, 40,000 campers and a total of approximately 601,000 visitors.FOREFLIGHT INTRODUCES PORTABLE ADS-B RECEIVERForeFlight recently made the move into the realm of hardware creation with the unveiling of a new portable ADS-B receiver, known as the Sentry, which uses both 1090ES and UAT (978 MHz) and provides ADS-B traffic, TIS-B weather, NOTAMS and both ground-based and aerial traffic. The unit has a 12-hour battery life and interfaces with the popular ForeFlight app.CESSNA SHOWCASES NEW TURBOPROP MOCK-UPTextron Aviation took the wraps off a Cessna Denali cabin mockup at Oshkosh, giving GA its first…

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infinite flight: full-function flight sim for your phone

The most popular flight simulator in the world is X-Plane, but for those who don’t want to be tethered to their computer, there’s a powerful and rewarding alternative—Infinite Flight, a flight sim you can play on your phone.When Infinite Flight co-founder and chief developer Laura Laban talks about her company’s app, she beams with pride. After you try it, you’ll see why. Laban, a tall, self-possessed woman with blonde hair and an air of elegance you’d more expect to see in the fashion world, is herself a pilot. She owns and flies an American Champion Scout and was showing off photos of herself sitting in a CubCrafters XCub at AirVenture Oshkosh. Laban is clearly as passionate for the real thing as she is for the virtual flying experience.Laban started developing…