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Plane & Pilot September 2018

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post-war aviation

Number of U.S. civilian pilots, 1939: 33,706Year WWII ended: 1945Number of U.S. military personnel at war’s end: 12 millionNumber stationed abroad: 7.6 millionNumber in the Army Air Forces: 2.4 millionNumber in AAF by mid-1947: 306, 000Date of G.I. Bill signing: June 22, 1944Number of G.I.s who took advantage of it: More than 5 millionOne big G.I. Bill benefit: Flight trainingNumber of pilots demobilized after WWII: Approximately 2 millionAirliners in U.S. during the war: 360Number of them requisitioned by the military: 200Post-WWII airline pilot opportunities: FewReasons: Unions, a glut of pilots and too-few positionsRule that resulted: Mandatory age 60 retirementMost popular airliner pre- and immediately post-WWII: Douglas DC-3Number of airplanes built in U.S. in 1939: 921Number in 1944: 96,318Number of civil planes built in U.S. 1947-1950: Almost 30,000Year Aeronca Champ and…

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urban air taxis and other fantasies

(PORTRAIT: LARA TOMLIN)The term “disruptive technology” gets thrown around so much that it’s started to lose all meaning. With other cases of overuse, it’s often the unintentional misuse of a popular term, like “app” versus “software” or the aviation term “integrated,” which means one machine, instead of “federated,” which means numerous separate machines working closely together.In contrast, the misusers of the term “disruptive technology” almost always know exactly what it means. It’s a new technology, like ride-sharing apps, that changes the underlying paradigm of a thing, in this case, the taxi industry. An example of the term “disruptive technology” misused would be, say, calling a new kind of aircraft empennage a disruptive technology. It’s not. Airplanes still have tails, so this new (mythical) tail would simply be an improvement or…

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the dangers of technologically advanced aircraft

THE MYSTERYHigh-tech avionics were supposed to make flying safer. But did they? Did they really?THE BACKSTORYAircraft outfitted with advanced computer screen avionics systems have been with us for more than 15 years now. The revolution got started with the adoption by Cirrus Aircraft of Avidyne Entegra flat-panel displays and followed shortly thereafter by Cessna offering Garmin G1000 avionics suites in every one of its planes with a propeller (plus the Mustang). Since, there are few airplane makers that don’t offer a flat-panel, GPS panel as standard equipment. And over that time, a lot of us have been flying with these advanced systems that offer a number of capabilities that exist in a universe never even hinted at by the development of analog gauges. And recently affordable retrofittable flat panel or…

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cross check

ACROSS1 Flight reviews are mandatory every ___ (2 words)5 Wing ___ (distance from tip to tip)9 Gave flying tips10 Solo11 ____ A700 microjet13 It can make you swoon, 2 words16 Take the bird ___18 Tach readings20 Another word for low-level maneuvering23 Pilot, Windy and FAR/AIM, for example ___24 The 102-Day Horse ____26 The “p” in m.p.h.28 You have to be this to fly an approach, abbr.29 Daher or Grumman _______31 Follows Avi32 What hot planes lack, abbr.34 What would -6 be without this35 Duck or Cougar36 Olive Ann and Walter ________DOWN1 ___ P2002 Sierra Mk22 Florida city where John Travolta has a home with 2 runways and 5 private planes3 Say it just once for “E”4 Baron or left wing tip6 The P in IPC7 20 degrees or so8 A.…

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news of note

REDBIRD OFFERS SIM TRADE-IN, TRADE-UP PROGRAMOwners of outdated flight simulators can now turn in their old training devices and upgrade to the latest technology through Redbird’s new Trade-In, Trade-Up program. The program provides credit for both older Redbird sims as well as competitor sims that can be used toward the purchase of a newer Redbird model.NEW FAA REGULATIONS EASE TRAINING COSTSIn June, the FAA published a final rule that will ease the time and financial burden of certain training and currency requirements. Key changes include a provision extending the currency for sim-only flight experience for Part 61 pilots from two to six months, as well as a new rule allowing sport pilots to apply their sport training to other ratings.GPS ACCURACY IMPROVES WITH GEO 5 SYSTEMThe Geosynchronous Earth Orbiting 5…

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cessna 182d

The noninstrument-rated private pilot was returning to his home airport along a mountainous route that he had traveled multiple times in the accident airplane. After landing for fuel at an intermediate airport, he called his wife and reported that the landing was challenging due to strong winds. He subsequently departed on the final leg of the flight, and shortly after departure, he sent her in-flight photographs which revealed limited visibility, dust storms, and lenticular cloud formations in the general direction of his intended route.The flight progressed on a relatively constant track for the next 2 hours, during which time the airplane encountered significant headwinds, which reduced its ground speed to about half of its typical cruise speed. As the airplane approached the high terrain of the Sierra Nevada mountain range,…