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Issue 21

Planet Mindful magazine brings you eight issues a year of wonderful, friendly advice on how to slow things down, strengthen your relationships and treasure your mental health and wellbeing. Each issue is divided into three sections: Mind & Body, Relationships and Living. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve crafted as we bring you the ideas and trends that are longer-lasting and more powerful as tools in keeping you happy.

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“Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.”OPRAH WINFREY The theme of this issue is very much about self development – growing and learning through difficulty and striving to create a future in which we can reach our full potential. Be that living with intention (p20), seeking out our true passion and purpose (p28), or working with our inner voices and addressing that often negative (and noisy!) inner chatter (p40). If you’re new to mindfulness, it doesn’t need to be something that you have to schedule in. Simply by changing our mindset, we can welcome a world of wellbeing into our lives whilst we go about our daily activities. Whether it’s stretching whilst the kettle boils or repeating positive affirmations…

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our experts

CATHY FERGUSON A chartered psychologist with a true passion for helping people achieve their best, Cathy delves into the subject of inner voices this issue on p40. RUARI FAIRBAIRNS The founder of One Year No Beer explains how giving up alcohol, even just for 30 days, can benefit our health and wellbeing on p48. EMILIE WOODGER-SMITH When she’s not blogging at, Emilie can be found writing our regular column. This month: how to declutter the eco way! Turn to p65 now. MELL OLIVER The Dorset-based illustrator shares her story on p34 – discover how she overcame chronic illness to set up her own business and begin to thrive again. LAUREN LOVATT The author of Mind Food shares her tips and recipes on p88 to help us nourish our bodies as well as support our mental health. VEE KATIVHU YouTuber, Oxford…

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the happy place

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.”JOSHUA BECKER MAKE IT HAPPEN! If you feel stuck in a rut with work, relationships or even just your motivation levels, a vision board is a great way to kick-start new beginnings. Start with a large A3 piece of card or paper, and gather any photos, magazines or books you‘re happy to cut up. What does your ideal life look like? Start to piece it together – pictures of your dream home office, you when you’re most happy and confident, an advert for a job you'd love to do… anything that captures your imagination. Display it somewhere visible, or keep it next to your bed to look at regularly. As you visualise the life you want,…

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12 ways to boost endorphins

1 Four-legged friends “Cuddling your pet works wonders. There is nothing I love more than snuggling up with my dog. It’s why pets are used in hospices to make people feel happy. Dogs are known as grief whisperers.“ Lisa Butcher, energy healer and therapist, 2 Raise your heart rate “Endorphins are your body’s way of reacting to stress and pain. They’re also released during exercise – the best example of this would be the idea of a ‘runner’s high’. As a result, exercise has many far-reaching positive effects not solely associated with improvements in strength, posture and overall health and fitness. Reducing stress, improving self-esteem, boosting your mood and energy levels, and improving sleep are all added benefits of exercise and the endorphins it releases. Given the top priority for most of us is feeling…

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the power of intentional living

I remember sitting at my kitchen table in December 2020, just days before the new year. My daughter – then five years old – was looking at the calendar and said: “Mummy we have two days left of our lives, and then we start again.” I’ve always enjoyed that idea of starting a new version of life, and a second chance to live more intentionally. Of course, we don’t need the new year to make these changes but there does seem to be an energy of possibility at the beginning of the year, when those around us are in a similar frame of mind, too. One way to manifest our dream life is by adopting a mindset of intentionality. Intentional living is the art of understanding our own values and making…