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Plant-Based Spotlight

Plant-Based Spotlight

May - June 2021
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The Plant-Based Spotlight is the official magazine of the Plant-Based Network, a lifestyle and entertainment media network that promotes plant-based living. Enjoy plant-based / vegan recipes, interviews with influencers and celebrities, and articles on plant-based living and entertainment including cooking, travel, nutrition, fitness, family, education, music, shopping and more!

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what’s new?

Oh, Snap! GET THE APP download for FREE on any device The Plant-Based Network (PBNet) has launched a brand new version of its streaming TV app, PBNet TV, which features a redesigned interface providing a more “Netflix-type” navigation experience and faster loading of TV shows and movies. In addition, there will be special concerts, summits and conferences available as pay-per-view events. The new PBNet TV app is currently available on popular streaming platforms including Roku TV, Amazon Fire and Apple TV, as well as iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android devices. congratulations—to our Smoothie Bowl Contest Winners! We were super impressed with all the gorgeous, delicious and creative entries! Look for them in our upcoming blogs and Recipe Club. Our team had a tough job taste testing the winners, but our judges made their decisions based on photography,…

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what does family really mean?

For Robyn, her editorial role combines two passions that support the Plant-Based Network: her professional expertise in visual design and personal commitment to plant-based nutrition. For more than three decades, Robyn has transformed complex challenges into creative solutions for a spectrum of industries. Today, she actively lives and advocates the plant-based lifestyle, striving to inspire others to achieve optimal wellness. For over a year people have been confined to their homes and have spent more time with their families. From small, close-knit couples, to large extended clans, the family can provide strength and support when the world around us feels uncertain. It doesn't matter what style of household structure we live in, or if we have a traditional or unconventional family—it’s the ties we share that bind us together. Mutual respect, love…

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here’s what you said…

What is the BIGGEST CHALLENGE you face with your family because of eating plant-based (or because of transitioning to plant-based eating)? Why do you think certain age groups are resistant to try plant-based eating? "It is not age-related. That is a stereotype with no value in understanding people’s resistance or motivation to change" "for teens, it’s more difficult to socialize with peers, and it makes them feel different from their friends" " adults are too busy and stressed to consider changing such a huge part of their world" What is the BEST TIP you have for introducing family members to plant-based eating? What family member age group do you think are MOST RESISTANT to trying plant-based eating? babies-toddlers-children tweens-teens men not age-related…

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courtney grant: going vegan has been life changing!

I moved to California and started hitting the ground running with work. While a brand ambassador for a food company, I was leading a team of people who sampled delicious fruits at a local farmers market. I had never seen baby kiwis before and tried two. The next thing I knew, my throat started to itch and my tongue was swelling up! I was nervous and worried to say the least. I had this also happen to me with red apples back in Florida. I stopped eating the apple and waited for the symptoms to subside. Over the years, these reactions started happening with many different fruits, apples, kiwis, peaches, plums, and most berries. I figured this is what happens when you move to a new state. Many people advised…

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the vegucated family table

When author and filmmaker Marisa Miller Wolfson produced the documentary amzn.to/3xnNVJX Vegucated back in 2011, she had to shop exclusively at health food stores in order to find vegan products. And the selection was marginal—at best. Fast forward to today, and her local supermarket has an entire wall of vegan eats: “… several kinds of seitan, flavored tofus, various burgers, vegan cheeses, Miyoko’s butter, etc. and they had a whole case full of vegan ice cream,” Wolfson says. But despite the progress that’s been made in bringing veganism into the mainstream, it can still be a challenge for one particular group: parents. For them, it can be difficult to know how to navigate the plantbased waters, particularly when it comes to the nutritional needs of small children. It was this challenge that led Wolfson,…

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stir-fry it up!

CHOP. SEASON. FRY. FLIP. SERVE. cooking tips Cooking can seem like a chore when you’re busy or trying to manage a full house, but stir-fry recipes can be an easy fix to get in a healthy meal without all the fuss. They are colorful, nutritious, and tasty dishes that are sure to make the whole family happy. The great part about stir-fry dishes is that there are so many variations and flavors you can try, so you’ll never be bored! A stir-fry is a wonderful way to get in all of your daily veggies, use up any excess from the garden or even just add some variety to your meals. And with summer around the corner, you can use your stove top to avoid heating the house with oven usage. Incorporating stir-fry dishes into your weekly routine can…