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For more than twenty years, Poets & Writers Magazine has been a trusted companion to writers who take their vocation seriously. Within its pages, our readers find provocative essays on the literary life, practical guidance for getting published and pursuing writing careers, in-depth profiles of poets, fiction writers, and writers of creative nonfiction, and conversation among fellow professionals.

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Our Conferences & Residencies database features more than three hundred writers retreats, residencies, conferences, and festivals, and includes photos, fees, application deadlines, and everything else you need to know in order to plan your next writing adventure. Post information about when and where you will be reading next, or find other readings being held in cities across the country, in our Literary Events Calendar. Plan and promote your next tour using our new Reading Tour Manager. Do you want to give more readings? Research bookstores, cafés, libraries, and literary-arts centers that host readings in our Reading Venues database. You’ll find information about how to schedule your own reading, plus admission fees, audience size, parking and transit information, and more. Listen to Ampersand: The Poets & Writers Podcast, now available for download on iTunes…

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editor’s note

ONE OF THE BEST THINGS TO COME OUT OF THE TRAVEL I’VE been doing lately—to the cities on the Poets & Writers Live tour as well as to other writers conferences and festivals I’ve attended in the past few years—is the unfiltered feedback I’ve received from readers of this magazine. Hearing opinions directly from the writers for whom we put these pages together is invaluable. While our author profiles, interviews, news reports, craft essays, and advice columns elicit many illuminating responses, readers report that one of the most popular sections of the magazine—if not the most popular—can be found near the back: the listings of contest deadlines (page 101) and prizewinners (121) as well as information about upcoming conferences and residencies (133). That’s good to hear, considering how much time…

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Poets & Writers Magazine welcomes feedback from its readers. Please post a comment on select articles at www.pw.org/magazine, e-mail editor@pw.org, or write to Editor, Poets & Writers Magazine, 90 Broad Street, Suite 2100, New York, NY 10004. Letters accepted for publication may be edited for clarity and length. BRAND NEW YOU As an outdoor writer in a niche market, I feel I must market all the time. Frank Bures’s article “Brand You: Questioning Self-Promotion” (January/February 2016) resonated with me. I blog, use social media, speak to almost any group who wants me as long as it’s a group about the outdoors, and talk to local reporters about our parks and forests. I don’t feel as though I’m plugging my books as much as my subject matter. National parks and forests, hiking,…

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a book sanctuary in the rockies

A novel by Wallace Stegner. A hefty textbook titled Fundamental Principles of Soil Science. A book by naturalist Barry Lopez, next to a field guide, next to a book about raising chickens. These are just a few of the thirty-two thousand books about nature and the West that Jeff Lee and Ann Martin— both book lovers and booksellers at Denver’s renowned Tattered Cover Book Store—have amassed over the course of thirty-five years. And the couple have even greater plans for this rich collection of books: a trio of “land libraries” called the Headwaters to Plains Learning Network, a project that they say “tells the story of the land from the headwaters of the South Platte River, west of Denver, all the way to Denver itself.” The first of these three libraries,…

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ANDREW MCFADYEN-KETCHUM is a freelance writer, editor, and writing coach. He is a lecturer at the University of Colorado in Boulder and the founder of the Colorado Writers’ Workshop. He is the author of a poetry collection, Ghost Gear (University of Arkansas Press, 2014). His website is andrewmk.com. RACHAEL HANEL is the author of We’ll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down: Memoir of a Gravedigger’s Daughter (University of Minnesota Press, 2013). MORGAN JERKINS is a writer and the web editorial assistant at Catapult. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, BuzzFeed, the Atlantic, and Fusion, among many others. JONATHAN VATNER is a fiction writer in Brooklyn, New York. He is the staff writer for Hue, the magazine of the Fashion Institute of Technology.…

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the idea of happiness

SCREAMS ricochet off the brick facades and neon signs of Copenhagen’s City Hall Square. The capital of Denmark manages a wonderful balance of parks and orderly streets, Gothic Revival and modern architecture, canals and bridges, but nothing conveys the ethos of this northern city more than the prominent placement of the one-hundred-seventy-year-old Tivoli Gardens, the quaint amusement park that fills the block between Copenhagen’s City Hall and the central train station. Rising from the neon-spinning, faux-tent-topped pavilions is the Star Flyer, a two-hundred-sixty-foot spire piercing the gray Nordic night. I glance up and watch twenty harnessed, belted, and winter-coated Danes screaming as the ride spins them around on long tethered chairs, the arms of the contraption turning at forty-three miles per hour, hurtling the passengers sideways through the air two…