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Poolside Showcase

Poolside Showcase

No. 31

Poolside Showcase features the latest and most innovative pool products, displaying spectacular and cleverly designed pools and spas in Australia. The magazine inspires the design and integration of outdoor areas which ensures harmony and balance is created between the house and its exterior. In this particular issue, John Storch of A Total Concept Landscape Architect and Swimming Pool Designers, gives his insight into how this is done.

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from the editor

Hooray for swimming season! To celebrate summer, we’ve curated a bumper issue featuring the hottest pool trends, new products and helpful advice. You’ll also see a selection of the best pools from all over the country so you can take inspiration from ideas you like and designs that might work for your space. There is so much more to a swimming pool than what meets the eye and for those who have never owned a pool, there is a lot to learn! Sanitation, filtration, cleaning… the list goes on. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to pool products (attached to this magazine) so you can get your head around what’s involved in owning a pool and what products will best suit your needs. Knowing how much you love to be inspired by state-of-the-art…

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showcase news

TERRA FIRMA AQUATIC ACCESS COVERS TO STAY AT ST. KILDA SEA BATHS The St. Kilda Sea Baths may be getting refurbished yet again, but the Terra Firma Aquatic access covers installed there are still going strong after nearly eight years. The Terra Firma access covers continue to look fantastic in this harsh, commercial, saltwater environment. Like most commercial pools, the Sea Baths’ access covers needed to be securely lockable to protect pumping equipment and to ensure a safe environment for the public. Manholes located in the access ramp to the Sea Baths had been a special challenge for public safety — problem solved with Terra Firma’s foot-friendly, ultra-non-slip surface. The Sea Baths’ covers were colour-matched to surrounding tiles for extra appeal. Rust and chemical–resistant, Terra Firma Aquatic covers integrate seamlessly into surrounding tiles…

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invention by stay-at-home mum set to revolutionise the pool industry

Pool product manufacturer Waterco has released a world-first swimming pool broom engineered specifically for smooth-surface pools. Designed by stay-at-home mum Connie Gerace and licensed and manufactured exclusively by Waterco, the granted patent Aqua Fingers Multi-purpose Microfibre Broom makes maintenance quicker and easier. Connie Gerace from Abbotsbury in western Sydney, NSW, returned home from a four-day vacation to find her fibreglass pool was lined with algae on the walls and floor. “I tried sweeping it off with my pool broom, but it proved unsuccessful,” she recalls. That night, Connie tied a microfibre cloth to a broom and used it to wipe away the algae on the surface of her pool. “I could see it working and, even though I had no idea where to start, I believed in my idea.” After developing a prototype…

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a flexible outdoor sofa

New to Cosh Living is the modular Senja sofa by Tribu, designed by Studio Segers. The highly flexible design invites you to combine one-, two- or three-seater modules with either high or low arms to create your ideal seating configuration — and to integrate teak or glazed lava stone tables, keeping everything you need within easy reach. Senja is available with teak or powder-coated aluminium legs and either regular or deep-seated cushions. Cosh Living’s premium-quality outdoor furniture and accessory collections are every bit as design conscious and luxurious as its designer indoor collections. To see more visit coshliving.com.au…

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pool cleaning accessories to simplify maintenance

Pool product manufacturer Waterco has redesigned traditional pool cleaning accessories — commonly known as a pool handover kit — to improve hydraulic efficiency and simplify pool maintenance. The new range of PRO Pool Care Tools are engineered for service professionals and available to pool owners who are looking for quality equipment built to last. Designed for different pool shapes, sizes and styles, Waterco’s new-look PRO Algae Brush, Brush Vacuum Head, Flexible Vacuum Head, Pool Broom and Leaf Rake feature durable hardware and flexible toggles that dislodge particles from hard-to-reach areas. The new kit also includes the revolutionary Aqua Fingers. “Taking our design inspiration from the hydraulic efficiency of sharks and yachts, Waterco’s new PRO Cleaning accessories move efficiently in water, minimising resistance and improving ease of use,” says group marketing director Bryan Goh.…

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compact pools

Although a spacious backyard used to be a prerequisite for a pool, that’s no longer the case, with pool companies, architects, landscape designers and clients eagerly embracing the concept of plunge pools. Furthermore, because of its small surface area requiring fewer materials, a plunge pool provides a great opportunity for homeowners to splurge and get creative with better-quality products. Here are some of our favourite attention-grabbing plunge pools. “What I really love about this project is the challenge to get the design right,” says John Storch of A Total Concept. “Everything must be perfect. Large spaces are forgiving on poor design, but small-space design must be 100 per cent correct.” The space available would only allow for a 2m x 4.5m plunge pool. The client wanted to be able to exercise…