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 / Photography
Popular Photography

Popular Photography December 2015

Popular Photography brings you step-by-step secrets of the pros for taking their most amazing shots. You’ll discover the best equipment at the best prices, get comprehensive comparative reports on cameras, lenses, film, digital equipment, printers, scanners, software, accessories and so much more. Get Popular Photography digital magazine subscription today.

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2 min.
and the award goes to…

The Lucie Foundation, which produces the International Photography Awards and the Lucie Awards gala for photographers, publishers, and curators, hosted its 1st Annual Lucie Technical Awards, which gave prizes in 14 categories from Best Camera Bag to Best Full-Frame Camera. I was one of dozens of people (most of them photographers) on the advisory board and was tapped to present three of them: Best Software (Adobe Photoshop Lightoom 6), Best Instant Film & Camera (Lomography Lomo’Instant White Edition Camera), and Best Darkroom (Labyrinth Photographic Printing, London). It’s fascinating to me that an organization best known for promoting the art of photography decided this year to begin recognizing the technological innovation behind the craft. But it’s not altogether surprising. Although viewers rarely think about the tools used to create and show images,…

1 min.
holiday errand

Every year Diane and husband Jordan Hollender, a conceptual and commerical New York City-based photography team, put their heads together to produce a holiday card. “We sit down for some serious brainstorming and don’t get up until we arrive at something that makes both of us laugh,” explains Jordan. The concept shown here is what got them laughing in 2011. To realize it, they found a toy car and enlisted the help of New Jersey friends who donated the talent—their young son. All of them piled into a real car and headed off to a nearby tree farm, where they explained the concept to the farmer, producing a laugh. “I’ve discovered that making someone laugh often gives us the license to ask for a favor,” says Jordan, “and about 90…

3 min.
gift picks

Friendly Flier HEXO+ Too busy having fun to pilot a drone? This smart six-rotor model takes off and lands autonomously and can even follow you around. Controllable using a smartphone or tablet via iOS and Android apps, it lets you attach a GoPro 4K camera to the removable gimbal and fly up to 40 mph. $1,349, street; hexoplus.com Better View CANON POWERSHOT G5 X This advanced compact has the same 1-inch 20MP CMOS sensor and 24–100mm (full-frame equivalent) zoom range as Canon’s PowerShot G7 X, but unlike that camera, on which you must frame your shot in the LCD, the G5 X incorporates a 2.36MP OLED electronic viewfinder. Also new is a hot shoe, allowing for creative lighting control off-camera. $800, street; usa.canon.com Portable Power DYNALITE BAJA B6 600 For location shooters, this batterypowered strobe packs a 600-wattsecond…

2 min.
luxe & large

HOT ON the heels of its updated medium-format S Typ 007, Leica has announced an entirely new interchangeable-lens system with a mirrorless camera body, the SL ($7,450, street, body only), and a line of lenses to go with it. The SL houses a 24MP full-frame CMOS sensor and an electronic viewfinder. The German company is only the second manufacturer (after Sony) to make a full-frame mirrorless camera. Seemingly a response to high– resolution and high–sensitivity ILCs, the SL boasts an ISO range of 50 to 50,000. It’s not exactly compact—it takes design cues from DSLRs but retains the minimal yet sturdy features of Leica’s M series. Although the camera is blocky, its deep right-hand grip and button configuration seem optimized for active use on long shoots. Machined out of two pieces…

2 min.
get strappy

SURE, YOU can use the strap that came with your camera—but why not make a style statement and get a strap that operates in a way that better suits your shooting style? Here are a few recent releases we like. 1 DSPCH Heavy Camera Sling Strap $46 Made of woven poly fibers, this rugged strap comes in solid colors and camouflage. Use the Heavy size for DSLRs; the thinner Standard size is meant for smaller models. HOT: It comes with a pair of Flat Cord 3/4-inch Connectors you leave in the camera’s lugs while snapping off the strap for tripod use. NOT: No padding, scratchy fabric, plastic hardware. dsptch.com 2 Cotton Carrier Wanderer Side Holster $49 This holster slides onto the belt of your pants or fits into other Cotton Carrier accessories. It’s a…

2 min.
in a blur

WHEN DeShaun Craddock began experimenting with his camera while shooting urban scenes in New York City, he stumbled upon a unique take on street photography. While many people create abstractions by focusing on minute details such as splotchy pavement or painted walls, he turned to a technique more often used by landscape photographers: intentional camera movement, steadily panning over a scene while the shutter is open. From this newfound shooting style, the Abstract.NYC series was born in 2012. Craddock uses no filters and shoots handheld to achieve his desired effects. He says, “I was fascinated with the way that it is a contradiction to a typical photograph,” erasing the documentation that is normally at the heart of the medium itself. Craddock titles his photos simply by the neighborhood in which they were…