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Practical Fishkeeping

Practical Fishkeeping

Spring 2019

Practical Fishkeeping (PFK) is the world's no1 fishkeeping magazine. Whether you keep your fish in tanks or ponds, you'll find the latest top advice, features, inspiration and equipment news here... written by pre-eminent experts in their respective fields. Buy an issue of PFK and you will find: - The latest aquarium equipment reviewed - Our independent recommendations! - Tips on how to look after and keep your fish - Expert guides tropical marine, cold and tropical freshwater - Expert advice on aquascaping PFK is published 13 times a year.

United Kingdom
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1 min.

TIMES ARE changing, dear reader! As you read this, the PFK team is in the middle of a seismic shift. After this issue, we will no longer be a part of Bauer Media, but instead we’ll be the freshest acquisition of Warners Group Publications. What does that mean for you? In the immediate short term, very little. Our operations remain the same, and the PFK format will stay unaltered. In the longer term, it spells exciting times, and I hope you’ll be as thrilled about developments as I am. Warners is keen to explore fresh ideas, and I assure you I’ll be pitching hard for a National Aquatics Expo in years to come. For now, send any enquiries/letters and so on to the usual email addresses. They’ll be changing over the next couple…

1 min.
the experts

STEVE BAKER Steve’s had a busy month, visiting a reader with an amazing loach-based set-up, visiting a new store in Norwich, and writing all about Neolamprologus. INGRID ALLAN Ingrid has been tackling the tricky situation of moving home with a tank, as well as exploring livestock options for the unheated aquarium. RICHARD ASPINALL Marine expert and former aquarium magazine editor Richard writes on setting up a Red Sea marine biotope, based on his travels there. OLEG LABUTOV Oleg co-founded the Biotope Aquarium Design Contest and is a high flyer in the biotope world. He shares with us the best 10 habitat tanks of 2018. ABHISEK MALLICK Shrimp breeder and Indian fish enthusiast Abhisek shares the details of his recent exploration of the fishes and habitats of West Bengal. BOB MEHEN Bob has been keeping his finger on the pulse with the…

2 min.
mini marvel

I HAVE A natural magnetism towards predatory fish. I’m also very concerned about being fair to the fish (or other animals) I keep, imagining what it would be like to be in their situation and wanting to give them sufficient space for interest and exercise, but I’m restricted on tank size in my two-bedroom flat. However, with patience and trips out to specialist shops, I do manage to find some cracking mini monsters to keep in my more modestly sized tanks. On one such trip I called in to Wharf Aquatics, and stumbled across some ideal fish for my 120cm oddball community tank. One of them I’d never seen or even heard of before, which adds hugely to the attraction for me. The label read ‘Leaf catfish, max size 5 inches’…

1 min.
uk charity to conduct biodiversity survey

A RESEARCH TEAM from the Freshwater Life Project, a registered UK charity, is gearing up to head deep into the rainforest in Brunei, on the island of Borneo, to conduct a biodiversity survey of a previously unresearched river system. The team, headed by the charity’s founder Jinesh Shah, aims to identify critically endangered wildlife dependent on the river, as well as develop a solid case for indefinite protection of the habitat, and establish a research centre. While Borneo is known to suffer from extreme instances of habitat loss due to deforestation for unsustainable palm oil plantations, Brunei, which occupies just 1% of the island, remains largely unexplored. It’s thought that Brunei’s rainforests may be some of the last safe havens for the endangered wildlife of Borneo, some species of which live nowhere…

1 min.
aquatic drugs stash

Police officers searching a property in Orford, Cheshire, for possible drug dealing soon found the culprits’ watery hiding place – their fish tank. Three men were arrested and a large quantity of class A drugs retrieved from the tank after officers spotted one of the residents trying to hide them among the fishy inhabitants. FILTER THIEF SPARED JAIL A man who tried to steal an external filter worth £292 from a shop has been spared jail. Dean Hodson, from Bury, Lancashire, took the pricey filter from Dave’s Aquarium in Bolton in November. He was given a 20-week suspended sentence, ordered to receive treatment for drug addiction and pay £400 in compensation and costs. CALL FOR ZEBRA PLEC OWNERS! A team of scientists from Canada and Brazil is working on a paper to explore the…

1 min.
how to age a lungfish

The endangered Australian lungfish, Neoceratodus forsteri, is generally believed to be one of the longest-lived freshwater fish, with ages in excess of 100 years often cited. Well-documented captive specimens aside, however, it has been impossible to back up this assertation with facts. Typically the age of a fish is read by looking at the otolith, a small bone in the fish’s ear that carries growth rings similar to those on trees. To examine this, though, you generally need to kill the fish (not a great idea with endangered species…). Plus, in the case of this particular fish, a Lungfish’s otolith is not like that of other species. A team from the Australian National University in Canberra has now managed to crack the problem by reading carbon 14 levels in the fish’s scales. An…