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Family & Parenting
Practical Parenting Australia

Practical Parenting Australia July 2016

Practical Parenting is the leading parenting magazine in Australia introducing pregnant women to motherhood and offering insightful advice and support on pregnancy, new borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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In this issue

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hands if ... up you

... sometimes give your child a mobile phone or iPad to play with? I’m going to guess there are a lot of hands up in the air. Now hands up if you sometimes feel guilty about doing it? Again, there are probably many hands swinging around right now. I’m sure most of us have resorted to handing our kids a device to entertain them, or buy us a bit of free time to get jobs done, or just for some peace and quiet. But we hear so much about kids having too much screentime and not enough physical activity that we often feel that by allowing our kids iPad time, we are doing them a great disservice. In this month’s issue, we look into the topic of screentime and just…

2 min.
letter of the month

FED IS BEST Thank you for your articles When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work (March 2016) and Fussy Feeders (May 2016). Breastfeeding is supposed to be one of the most natural things in the world, but it is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. As a first-time mother, I was keen to breastfeed, knowing the benefits to my baby. I had so many questions before I started. Little did I know that now, six months down the track I still have questions and I still worry! I was so thankful to the midwife in my antenatal classes who said, “It’s natural but it doesn’t come naturally”, and that it may take up to six weeks for baby to learn how to feed and me to feed baby. I thought…

2 min.
write to us

EARLY ARRIVALS Thank you for your article When Baby Arrives Early (April 2016). I burst into tears reading it. I have subscribed to your magazine since before my first son was born (he’s four now) but nothing could have prepared me for the birth experience. He was born at 33 weeks after a placental abruption. It was made clear that if I pushed we would both die. I was in labour for three days as they desperately tried to keep him in, pumping me with steroids. He came via emergency caesarean and spent 43 days in special care. Apprehensive to have baby number two, I was told ‘different baby, different experience’. Once again, at 34 weeks I went into spontaneous labour and again had an emergency caesarean. This time, it was the…

2 min.
what works for me

A SOLID START My five-month-old has recently started solids. Being a first-time mum, I am keen to feed him as much nutrition as possible. Over a weekend I puréed until there was nothing left to purée! I steamed a bunch of vegetables and fruits, blitzed them with a stick blender and filled measured amounts into cheap silicone ice cube trays. Once frozen, I popped the cubes into labelled zip-lock bags. Now, when it’s food time, I simply zap the frozen vegetable in the microwave (and often mix flavours together) and within seconds it’s ready. Amy, via email DIY BABYPROOFING To stop my rolling/crawling bub from constantly hitting her head by rolling into square-edged table legs, I have babyproofed my table using items around the house. First I wrap the legs in bubble wrap and…

3 min.
fun for the holidays

THE WINTER FESTIVAL, located in Sydney, Fremantle, Brisbane and Canberra, is a great way to celebrate the cooler months. Make tracks for the open-air ice-skating rink and have fun with exhilarating rides and captivating entertainment. Visit www.winterfestival.com.au THOMAS AND FRIENDS return to Trainworks (90 minutes south of Sydney) for a weekend of family fun this July 16 and 17. Meet the Fat Controller, Thomas and his friends and take a ride on the steam train. You can also visit the Trainworks Rail Museum. Book now, as tickets sell fast! Head to www.trainworks.com.au/day-out-with-thomas In Melbourne, kids can reach great heights on the free ROCK CLIMBING wall in the Docklands. Take the challenge and climb up to 8m high! Go to www.thatsmelbourne.com.au Barangaroo Reserve will host a packed schedule of daily activities for kids and…

2 min.
family planning

Dr Sonya Jessup knows exactly what it’s like to be a woman trying to fall pregnant. While in her 40s, Dr Jessup and her husband Dr David Knight (who are both fertility experts who work at Demeter Fertility in Sydney) managed to conceive using a frozen embryo after three cycles of IVF. The couple said the process was a difficult, emotional rollercoaster but was completely worth it, and gave them both a first-hand experience of what their patients have to go through. Here, Dr Jessup shares her advice to any couples planning to have a family: DEVELOP A FERTILITY MANAGEMENT PLAN Having this in place allows for maximising natural fertility, so you give yourself the best chance of falling pregnant on your own. It’s also a jointly agreed intention to start assisted…