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Family & Parenting
Practical Parenting Australia

Practical Parenting Australia June 2016

Practical Parenting is the leading parenting magazine in Australia introducing pregnant women to motherhood and offering insightful advice and support on pregnancy, new borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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In this issue

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ask any mum what...

... the most stressful time of day is, and most would agree it’s dinner time! By that point of the evening, everyone is starting to feel tired after a big day, you’re all getting hungry and then there’s the issue of what foods everyone likes to eat – and not eat! It’s not unusual for many parents to be preparing different meals for each member of the family based on age, stage and differing tastes. I’m sure we’d all agree that life would be much easier if we could just make one meal that would suit the whole family. In this issue, our resident dietitian, Kate Di Prima, shows you how to create meals the whole family can enjoy, so you don’t have to feel that you’re running a short-order kitchen…

2 min.
letter of the month

BEDROOM ANTICS Wow, I was so impressed with your sizzling sex issue last month! Not only did you tackle the delicate issue of sex while up the duff (Sex and Pregnancy, May 2016) but you also talked about how to get your mojo back once the baby is here (Let’s Talk About Sex). Full disclosure here: my sex life with my husband has lost its spark since we had our first baby six months ago. For the first few months it was okay, as we both struggled with exhaustion. A cuddle on the couch was all the intimacy we could muster and a high five when bub slept for more than two hours at a time was all the action our bed saw! But then as we got into more of a…

2 min.
what works for me

ONE WOMAN’S TRASH... I carry a basket in the boot of the car filled with ‘toys’ that can be used at the park, beach or playdates. The basket consists of things that are being recycled or that don’t necessarily matter if they get lost or broken, for example, old formula scoops, plastic cups and yoghurt containers. I found this particularly useful when my 3.5-year-old enjoyed playing at the park but I had my hands full with a newborn. My son would play with the toys and I didn’t have to worry about his favourite things getting left behind. You have enough to worry about with what you’re carrying when you have kids! Jodie, via email BIBS ON HAND To avoid running around finding plastic bibs for feeding time, I have decided to keep them…

2 min.
write to us

TRUTH ABOUT THRUSH Thanks for the article on thrush (Leaking in Pregnancy, December 2015). I only wish I had read it a year ago, when I was first pregnant. The only thing is, although your article states thrush is twice as common in pregnancy, it doesn’t state that it can be passed on to your baby during childbirth, which I think is a really important thing to know for any mums-to-be out there. My baby is 14 weeks old now and we have been battling with her oral thrush on and off since birth. It is really frustrating because she doesn’t like anything except a nipple in her mouth, so getting the required amount of antifungal gel or drops into her mouth after each feed is impossible without causing gagging and vomit. We…

3 min.
winter wonders

Spend quality time with your loved ones thanks to the royal family. It’s the QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY public holiday on Monday June 13. Join the ultimate art and craft hero MISTER MAKER live on stage when he tours Australia. For dates visit www.livenation.com.au DISNEY ON ICE is back with a brand new ice show that weaves together different Disney worlds, including The Little Mermaid, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast (pictured). The Magical Ice Festival opens in Perth on June 2, and travels to Adelaide, Wollongong, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney, closing on July 17. For the film buff family, the annual LITTLE BIG SHOTS FESTIVAL kicks off in June, inspiring kids aged two to 15 to reach cinematic heights. The travelling children’s film festival hits all major capital cities so keep an eye…

3 min.
baby budgeting

Being pregnant means the beginning of an exciting and transformative chapter in your life. Between bringing a baby into the world, setting your place up for the new arrival and all the new purchases, parents-to-be can often get overwhelmed by all the financial changes. For many, the financial burden isn’t isolated to the purchase of babywear but the impact of becoming a single-income family. To help put your mind at ease, Jason Yetton, CEO of SocietyOne, offers tips on saving money while you’re on maternity leave: CHAT TO YOUR EMPLOYER Maternity leave policies vary depending on the size of your company and its culture. Before you’re due, check in with your employer’s human resources team to make sure all your questions are answered and you have a solid plan in place. Your family…