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February 2022

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happy new you

Around this time of year, the voice in my head isn’t my friend: it criticises my not-so-flat stomach and turns it into a monstrous beach ball that, well, really shouldn’t be seen in a swimsuit. And this self-critic drones on and on… In moments of reason, I realise that old truism that we talk to ourselves more harshly than we would anyone we cared about. And I’m sure I’m not alone. So, if you’re starting the new year feeling ridiculously judgy, you’ve come to the right place. This issue is all about helping you become your happiest and healthiest self in 2022. Start practising the simple lifestyle tweaks in ‘What are your health goals?’ (page 52) today and they’ll make a big difference to your physical and mental health. ‘Eat better…

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over to you

LAWN OF ATTRACTION I’d just finished a 15-hour shift when I fell into bed with the Dec/Jan issue of Prevention.The ‘11 Rules for Love’ story really struck a chord. Couples therapist Esther Perel nailed it when she talked about ‘love being an action, not a feeling’. I know so many couples who’ve broken up because they’re not ‘in love’ anymore. Do you have to be in love to love a person? After 27 years, sometimes I wonder how my husband and I are still together. Well, now I know. For when I arrived home at midnight after my very long day, he was asleep and I could smell freshly cut grass. He’d mowed the lawn, which I said I’d do on the weekend as he was busy. Bless him. Sandi Waters-Lewis, SA HACKS…

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write in for your chance to win…

A BOOST LAB POWER PACK Tell us what you think about this issue of Prevention and every letter published in our next issue will win this great prize! Boost Lab’s bestselling Dull + Dry Skin Ultimate Bundle of three potent serums locks in moisture and strengthens the skin’s natural defences. The Hydro Boost Serum deeply hydrates and plumps, the Vitamin C Brightening Serum evens skin tone and clears dark spots, while the Retinol Night Renewal Serum de-wrinkles and firms. worth over $89! Send your feedback to Or, write to Comps at Prevention magazine, Locked bag 5555, St Leonards, 1590. For full terms and conditions, go to the website. FAVOURITE FACEBOOK POST You were interested in finding out how to use up your under-ripe avocados. TOP TWEET One of your favourite tweets was our top 5 Pilates exercises…

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Watch case Soon your smartwatch might be able to do more than tally your steps and monitor your heart rate – it’ll also keep an eye out for viruses. In an international study, researchers upgraded the wearable devices with infection and sickness severity data and gave them to participants inoculated with swine flu and the common cold. The watches were able to tell the difference between infection and non-infection with up to 92 per cent accuracy and could distinguish between mild and moderate infection 24 hours before symptoms developed with 90 per cent accuracy for swine flu and 89 per cent accuracy for colds. While you wait for this upgrade to hit your wrist, take a look at the flash features already keeping a close eye on your health… TAKE AN ECG…

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pressure test

Here’s why it’s worth taking a closer look at your last blood pressure reading. New research from the Australian National University has found that people with elevated blood pressure that still falls within the normal range could be at risk of faster brain ageing. The study also found that having optimal blood pressure can preserve your grey matter, keeping it at least six months younger than your chronological age. So, what are the numbers to know? A normal reading is defined as below 120/80, while the healthiest score is about 110/70. To nudge your blood pressure lower and keep your brain healthy as you age, it’s important to exercise regularly, limit your alcohol, sugar and salt intake and embrace potassium-rich foods, such as bananas, leafy greens and dairy. Cheap shot Australian researchers…

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one-minute health moves to make right now

FEELING LIGHT-HEADED? DRINK MILK Feeling shaky, light-headed or a bit anxious could be the result of a dip in blood sugar, which can happen when you can’t grab regular meals. A quick fix: Chug ¾ to 1 cup of skim milk. Lactose is a fast-acting carb, so it jumps quickly from your stomach to your intestines to be converted to blood sugar. The fat in reduced-fat or whole milk slows down the effect of the blood sugar increase and energy boost. If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, opt for dried fruit and nuts instead. STORE EYE DROPS IN THE FRIDGE Got stinging, scratchy or irritated eyes? Sounds like dry eye. To amplify the relief you get from over-the-counter eye drops, pop them in the fridge. Cold changes their viscosity, making them…