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Pro Photo V74 issue 6

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ProPhoto magazine is the professional photographer's trusted resource in a world of rapidly changing digital imaging and multi-media technologies. Every issue features stunning portfolios, equipment evaluations, exhibition details, photographer profiles, advanced techniques and product guides.

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brave new world

A LOT HAS HAPPENED IN THE CAMERA world since our last issue which was published just after Nikon unveiled its all new Z mount mirrorless camera system. While that magazine was actually on the presses, Canon followed up with its RF mount system and then, just a couple of weeks later at Photokina, Panasonic joined the full-35mm mirrorless club as part of an alliance with Leica and Sigma, based on the former’s existing L mount. Panasonic’s new Lumix S series cameras won’t be here until mid-2019, but already Nikon’s Z 7 and Canon’s EOS R are shaking things up. The Z 7, in particular, is proving to be a big hit and rightly so – it’s a very well-conceived and well-executed camera which demonstrates some clear benefits over the comparable D-SLR…

2 min.
photokina 2018 makes history

The last of the biennial format Photokinas was historic in a number of ways, particularly as it moves from its traditional autumn date to late spring (in the northern hemisphere). Given the slow diminishing of the show’s size over the last decade (this year down to five halls and four days), there has to be a bit of a question mark over whether everybody will be prepared to turn up again in just eight months’ time for the planned 2019 event. Regardless, Photokina 2018 was definitely more about quality than quantity, and will be remembered as another turning point in the history of photography. The die was already cast a few weeks before the show opened, as both Nikon and Canon launched their full-35mm mirrorless camera systems in quick succession, but…

3 min.
l mount alliance boosts ff mirrorless ranks

Undoubtedly the biggest news at Photokina 2018 was the formation of a new strategic partnership between three major brands to develop and promote a full-35mm mirrorless camera system. The “L Mount Alliance” comprises Leica, Panasonic and Sigma – a pretty powerful trio – and it consolidates what is going to be a very significant component of the higher-end camera business over the coming years. Given how much leaking went on ahead of both Nikon and Canon’s pre-show mirrorless announcements, the L Mount Alliance was a very well-kept secret, with only scant details of Panasonic’s possible plans appearing ahead of the official announcement. The alliance continues Leica’s close relationship with Panasonic (which has existed since 2001), but now involves Sigma in a joint program based on Leica’s L mount, which was introduced…

2 min.
leica announces new cameras from instant to medium format

While the L Mount Alliance was the headline news from Leica at Photokina, it continued a busy year with a number of new product announcements, including a silver version of its CL ‘APS-C’ mirrorless camera (and already a member of the L mount family) and a black version of the Sofort instant camera which is based on Fujifilm’s Instax Mini format. However, the most interest was created by the S3, the latest version of Leica’s medium format D-SLR. It has a restyled bodyshell (which, incidentally, is starting to look a lot like the old R8/ R9 35mm SLRs), but the big news is on the inside where there’s an all-new and exclusive 64 megapixels version of the 30.0x45.0 mm CMOS sensor (up from 37.5 MP in the previous Type 007 model).…

2 min.
zeiss gives clues to the camera of the future

While much of the excitement at Photokina 2018 was generated by the full-35mm format mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, Zeiss unveiled its very first digital camera which also provides some clues to future design trends. The Zeiss ZX1 is also a full-35mm format camera, but it’s neither mirrorless nor reflex. Instead, it has a fixed Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f2.0 wide-angle prime which, of course, is very precisely matched optically to the sensor. (OK, so technically it is still a mirror-less camera, but you know what we mean.) There are some other unusual things about the ZX1… for starters, it has a massive 512 GB of internal memory which is enough for around 6800 RAW files (in the Adobe DNG format) or over 50,000 best-quality JPEGs. The big internal memory means that there’s…

3 min.
fujifilm expands gfx system… with rf and 100 mp models

Fujifilm once again drew applause at its Photokina press conference, something that doesn’t happen all that often with a venue full of cynical journalists. In fact, it happened four times as the company announced key additions to its GFX digital medium format system. With much of the interest at this year’s Photokina falling on the full-35mm mirrorless camera announcements, Fujifilm decided to go one better and christened its GFX system as “Super Full Frame”. Of course, the term “full frame” is technically incorrect anyway, as any format sensor is essentially full-frame (which is why we prefer to say full-35mm), and Fujifilm is making a valid point, but it’s also just made its GFX system more attractive for anybody considering the move to a bigger sensor. Key to this is the arrival…