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WITH 2019 QUICKLY approaching, the reality is starting to sink in that I will soon celebrate my 40th year with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. That was put into vivid perspective just a few hours before I sat down to write this column when I had a conversation with one of our new graphic designers. She asked me how long I’ve been doing this, and it quickly dawned on me that I was hired 15 years before she was even born! That’s a little hard for me to swallow, but that’s not the only thing. If I think of PWI and the sport of wrestling today and compare it to 40 years ago, it’s hard for me to believe that … … there is not one name in the masthead of the…

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before the bell

DEATH OF THE TERRITORIES In 2007, Tim Hornbaker released National Wrestling Alliance: The Untold Story Of The Monopoly That Strangled Pro Wrestling, an exhaustively researched book that became the gold standard of wrestling histories. He followed that up in 2015 with the impressive Capitol Revolution: The Rise Of The McMahon Wrestling Empire. Given Hornbaker’s track record and attention to detail, Death Of The Territories: Expansion, Betrayal And The War That Changed Pro Wrestling Forever was one of the most highly anticipated wrestling titles in recent memory. Whereas National Wrestling Alliance examined a half-century of wrestling history, Death Of The Territories drills into the 1980s as Vince McMahon Jr. takes the reins of the World Wrestling Federation and looks to expand to a national stage. It’s a fascinating era in wrestling history, and,…

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talkin’ trash

10. Brie Bella inadvertently concusses Liv Morgan during a match on Raw. In a related story, Ronda Rousey has asked to no longer be called “The Most Dangerous Woman On Earth” so that people will quit asking her what it’s like to be married to Daniel Bryan. 9. Saudi Arabian officials offer WWE $20-million to have The Rock appear as WWE champion at a forthcoming event. An enthusiastic Vince McMahon replied, “For $20-million, I’ll stick a tutu on Dwayne and have him appear as the Tooth Fairy!” 8. Randy Orton digs a screwdriver into the earlobe of Jeff Hardy during one of the more memorable spots of Hell in a Cell. The incident was one of sweet revenge for Orton, who has himself been accused of having a few screws loose over the course of…

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we heard that!

“At this point, money or any kind of quantifiable statistics, titles or whatever, or any kind of validation from anybody is not really important to me. The most important thing … is just being happy with a piece of work. Like an artist makes a watercolor painting or whatever, and they sit back and go, ‘I’m really happy with that.’” —Dean Ambrose, discussing the current state of his career with Edinburg, Texas, newspaper The Monitor “Somewhere there, they wasted a lot of money. And the guys under contract, the guys that busted their butts had to pay the price … that doesn’t make sense. That’s not fair to them. They’re the ones who put their bodies on the line for TNA and took up for TNA on a regular basis. To punish…

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ones to watch: nicholas & dr. carl martin

Sigmund Freud famously opined that “the inclination to aggression constitutes the greatest impediment of civilization.” Perhaps it’s in the spirit of Freud and his contemporaries that Dr. Carl Martin guides the dark and violent impulses of his towering patient Nicholas away from the public arena and into the controlled environment of the squared circle. Standing 6’3” and tipping the scales at 295, Nicholas is a menacing figure who bears the emotional scars of life as an outcast. Once billed as “The Freak Beast,” this mountain of a man has toiled in the crucible of New Jersey’s Monster Factory since 2014, committed to overcoming the obstacles of his past. “I was really weak growing up,” Nicholas recalls. “I was never social. I locked myself in a gym because I was afraid to talk…

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behind the curtain: abyss

For nearly 17 years, Impact Wrestling has showcased many of the industry’s most celebrated entities. But while hundreds have passed through those locker room doors, only one has been a fixture since the very beginning. On TNA’s June 19, 2002, debut, 20 men vied for a shot at the vacant NWA championship. Most of those faces were familiar, but among them was a particularly notable newcomer: a 6’8”, 350-pound powerhouse called “Justice.” Though Justice (soon rechristened “Abyss”) was unsuccessful that night, he wouldn’t be held back for long. A decade-and-a-half later, Abyss’s resume speaks for itself. He’s a former heavyweight, X division, and three-time tag champion, boasting a string of memorable rivalries with a “who’s who” of Impact alumni. In October 2018, he was bestowed the company’s highest honor, when he was…