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from the desk of…

PEOPLE STILL WONDER if Stu Saks is real, and I suppose I can understand why. Throughout the long history of our publishing company, we’ve sprinkled in a few writers who, candidly, did not exist. If you do an online search, there has been quite a bit of speculation over which of our writers are real and which are not. That’s okay. This is wrestling after all. Speculation has been and always will be a vital part of the fan experience. I’ve already come clean about Matt Brock, Liz Hunter, and even Dr. Sydney M. Basil. Until Eddie Ellner agrees to do our podcast, I refuse to send people to yogasoup.com to advertise his yoga studio or show people the front page of the New York Daily News that reported on him scattering…

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JON MOXLEY BECAME one of the few performers to understand what it’s like to—literally—become the talk of the wrestling world. “Where will he go?” “What will he do?” He was especially gratified they weren’t talking about Dean Ambrose; they were talking about Jon Moxley. This realization became clear just before he made a surprise appearance at the conclusion of AEW’s Double or Nothing pay-per-view in Las Vegas. “Across the street from the MGM Grand a few years ago, at T-Mobile, I won the WWE title, the title I wanted to win as a kid ever since I saw the Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels Iron Man match,” Moxley related to KXNT 840 radio. “I wanted to be champion. This totally trumps that. Standing on my own two feet, no WWE involvement,…

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hotseat: kofi kingston

KOFI KINGSTON’S 2019 started off as most other recent years—by avoiding near-certain elimination from the Royal Rumble match in spectacular fashion, only to be eliminated minutes later. But what did you expect? It’s not as if Kofi could ever actually challenge for a world title at WrestleMania. For all his charisma and athleticism, after 11 years in WWE, fans had come to accept Kingston as little more than a utility player. As one-third of the popular New Day, he was getting plenty of TV time, and had picked up several tag team and secondary singles titles. But the sun had long set on any prospects of Kingston making it to the very top of the sport. But never underestimate “the power of positivity.” After a series of events that Kingston now calls…

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uncaged fury!

BRIAN CAGE’S CHAMPIONSHIP journey was almost over soon after it started. After months of pursuing the Impact heavyweight title, Cage finally received his long-anticipated championship match when he faced Johnny Impact on April 28 at the Rebellion pay-per-view in Toronto. The physical back-and-forth contest took a dangerous turn just three minutes into the match when Impact delivered a Spanish Fly to Cage from off the top of the ramp to the floor. It was obvious Cage was in severe pain after hitting the ground. Despite that, Cage insists, there was nothing that was going to keep him from getting through the match, defeating Impact, and taking his rightful place in Impact Wrestling history. Cage did just that about 10 minutes later when he connected with the Drill Claw on Impact to claim the…

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what’s the future of all elite wrestling?

AL CASTLE: AEW WILL BE A SUCCESS Dan, when we recorded our PWI Podcast days after Double or Nothing, I was surprised that you still weren’t optimistic about AEW’s chances of success. The show may not have answered all the questions I had about the upstart company, but it did answer one very important one: Is AEW for real? After Double or Nothing, I think the answer to that question is an emphatic “yes.” For years now, wrestling fans have craved an alternative to WWE. And while there’s never been a shortage of American promotions with quality wrestling and charismatic talent, until now, none of them have been able to replicate the “big league” atmosphere of WWE. It’s the difference between watching a big-budget Marvel superhero blockbuster and an independent film; or…

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want to know more about nxt’s hottest superstar? don’t ask velveteen dream!

THE VELVETEEN DREAM is the most talked-about superstar in NXT, and conventional wisdom says he will follow former arch-rivals Ricochet and Aleister Black to WWE’s main rosters of Raw and Smackdown. His recent capture of the North American championship from Johnny Gargano makes it a near-certainty. But nothing else about Velveteen Dream is conventional or certain. An enigmatic mystique surrounds him like a velvet fog. And he makes for an unusual interview. Some wrestlers portray characters, and, even if these wrestlers attempt to stay in character, they’ll often lapse into real human beings by commenting on the weather, cracking a joke, or offering a phone number or address. Other wrestlers have strong personalities and seem to be the same person in the ring or on the phone. Steve Austin is in that category. We…