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FOR THE BETTER part of a decade, I’ve been taking part in the annual PWI “500” meetings. But last year was my very first “Women’s 100” meeting. Since its inception in 2008, our women’s ranking was mostly the handiwork of a very dedicated Dan Murphy. Since Dan left PWI in 2019, women’s wrestling has been growing even more in popularity. Last year’s “Women’s 100” may have left off more (arguably) deserving names than any edition before it. And that’s really saying something! Guided by results from our annual “PWI Poll,” we decided this year to up the ante. Fifty additional slots allowed us to publish a list that was slightly more representative, not only of the major U.S. promotions, but of independent and international outfits. As with the “500,” we focused heavily…

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before the bell

MEDIA REVIEWS FALLS, BRAWLS, AND TOWN HALLS For much of its institutional existence, professional wrestling’s brightest spotlights have remained focused upon its largest markets, from the dynamic and diverse territories of the United States to the tradition-steeped promotions of Canada, Mexico, and Japan. But most every enclave and locality enjoys its own distinct history. And, as such, it’s worth writing those stories down for posterity. Nick Campbell’s new book, Falls, Brawls, and Town Halls: The History of Professional Wrestling In Northern Ireland, offers a timely example of such regional recordkeeping. Hailing from “The Emerald Isle”—and a local wrestler and promoter himself—Campbell presents the evolution of wrestling in Northern Ireland as a vivid tapestry that, beginning in the early-1930s, developed along a course comparable to pro wrestling in North America and Britain. Carefully researched,…

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TRIPLE H IS remaining tight-lipped about suffering what was described as a “cardiac event” in early-September. While his exact heart condition hasn’t been revealed, we do know that he underwent a successful procedure at Yale New Haven Hospital. We also know Triple H’s situation was very serious, because he still hasn’t resumed normal workdays at NXT or his office at WWE headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Though the initial event was harrowing for Triple H, wife Stephanie McMahon, and the entire McMahon family, physicians discovered it was caused by a genetic heart issue, which was surgically corrected. “The Game” is expected to make a full recovery. According to The Wrestling Observer, the McMahons were concerned only with lifting Triple H’s spirits, welcoming talent and other WWE employees to offer their well-wishes, but to…

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quick count

JUST AS THE names populating this year’s PWI “Women’s 150” broke gender barriers in wrestling, rock ’n’ roll history is also filled with female pioneers—names like Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Janis Joplin. I was lucky to be able to see one of those rock icons, Joan Jett, perform live a few years ago. (Granted, she was singing Ronda Rousey to the ring at WrestleMania 35, but it still counts.) Put another dime in the jukebox for this Quick Count tribute to some of the legendary women of rock. THE EDGE OF 17 For two decades, “WrestleMania X-7” has been held up as the gold standard for everything a wrestling pay-per-view should be. Now, it’s got some competition. Fans are still buzzing about AEW’s All Out—an event that could only be described…

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the lockup

AS A NATIVE New Yorker and lifelong resident of the Northeast, as well as a lover of pro wrestling history, November 19, 2015, was a dark day for me personally. That was the day that the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum, which had been a fixture of upstate New York for 16 years, announced that it would be moving to Wichita Falls, Texas. I loved visiting the place and exploring its incredible collection, and was saddened that it was moving out of reach of myself and so many other fans in the most populous region of the country. But that sadness was finally wiped away last year, when I learned of the establishment of a brand-new institution coming to fill the void: The International Professional Wrestling Hall of…

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win lose or draw

CM PUNK’S APPEARANCE on AEW Rampage after a seven-year absence from the industry will be remembered as one of the top stories of 2021 because of the level of anticipation, the sincerity of his promo, and the emotional reaction of the fans. The grown man crying uncontrollably in the crowd at Chicago’s United Center was an iconic moment. It reminds me of the Winter 1978 issue of Wrestling Yearbook. Dusty Rhodes’ life story was featured in that magazine, and the cover depicted an unshaven man wearing a plaid shirt and clutching a denim jacket, hugging the “American Dream,” who was holding the WWWF belt aloft, moments after he had defeated Superstar Graham at New York’s Madison Square Garden. Alas, the decision was by countout, and the belt would be returned to…