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AT SOME POINT in the future, when The Young Bucks are flippin’ and flyin’ in WWE rings, Vince McMahon, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson will probably have a good laugh over what happened in the fall of 2017. To think, one person hired another person to send a threatening letter to two more people alleging that they were violating intellectual property rights by rubbing their index and middle fingers together. Good heavens! Didn’t the world have enough problems already?WWE has a staff of attorneys assigned to protect the interests of the McMahons and their investors. One of them was charged with producing a cease and desist letter that implied that it would cost the Bucks a boatload of bucks to continue to sell merchandise with the words “Too Sweet,” a…

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before the bell

SLOBBERKNOCKER: MY LIFE IN WRESTLINGMost wrestling fans would gladly hand over an eyetooth or two in exchange for a few precious hours learning intimate secrets of the sport directly from one of pro wrestling’s greatest minds and orators, Jim Ross. Since the WWE Hall of Famer doesn’t have a surplus of time to spin yarns at the kitchen tables of every interested aficionado, Good Ol’ J.R. has compiled a healthy offering of candid recollections into a new autobiographical endeavor appropriately entitled, Slobberknocker: My Life In Wrestling.From his childhood in Oklahoma to the heady days of the Attitude Era, Ross traces his journey through the ranks of pro wrestling, introducing readers to a roster of the most colorful characters in the history of the business, including “Cowboy” Bill Watts, Dusty Rhodes,…

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WHAT’S GOING ON with the blue brand? That’s what many fans were asking in the weeks following the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view in October. Amid a ratings slump, Smackdown offered up a PPV that didn’t advance any storylines or have any real end game.Three issues plagued the event: The only wrestler who got a discernable boost was Baron Corbin, who captured the WWE U.S. championship in a three-way match also involving Tye Dillinger and champion AJ Styles. Corbin tossed defending champ Styles out of the ring before gaining a cheap pinfall over Dillinger. With fans holding “Borin’ Corbin” signs at many live events, the Money in the Bank winner needs more than a token secondary title win to improve his standing.The second issue was WWE champion Jinder Mahal’s tainted…

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quick count

THIS YEAR’S SummerSlam reminded me a lot of Leo Tolstoy’s legendary novel War And Peace. It captivated its audience with tales of conflict between good and evil. But I wouldn’t have minded if it was about a third shorter.This unabridged edition of “Quick Count” pays tribute to other great books about war. Don’t even think about reading the CliffsNotes version.A FAREWELL TO ARMSFormer one-legged Impact Wrestling star Chris Melendez continues to ply his trade on the independent scene, wearing the heavyweight title for the Orlando, Florida-based Conquer Pro Wrestling. While some cynical fans may roll their eyes at the notion of an amputee being able to dominate a combat sport, they’d be well advised not to say it in front of Nick Newell.Newell, who was born without most of his…

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the straight shooter

Braun Strowman had some good moments against Brock Lesnar at No Mercy, but his limited repertoire spoiled his opportunity to take the Universal title. A few suplexes and an F-5 confirmed Dan Murphy’s suspicions about the neophyte. (PHOTO BY JOHN SMOLEK)NOT WITH A bang, but with a whimper. Thus ends the delusional excitement surrounding WWE’s latest flavor of the month, Braun Strowman.Hope you enjoyed your nine minutes on the PPV main-event stage, Braun. Now it’s time for you to go back to the mid-card alongside Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, and Samoa Joe. Thanks for playing.In the weeks leading up to No Mercy, there was a genuine fan excitement building around Strowman, the lumbering former Wyatt Family stooge. It made sense, to a degree. The WWE Universe finally had a fresh…

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win, lose, or draw

Heenan’s claim of being “the smartest guy in the room” was not an idle boast. He had a brilliant mind for the wrestling business and was able to express himself with an unequaled sense of humor. Harry Burkett will never forget the two hours he spent on the phone with “The Brain.”TAP HERE FOR VIDEOALL OF US were saddened to learn of Bobby Heenan’s passing on September 17, 2017, at age 72. Making the occasion even sadder was that the final 15 years of his life had been a struggle, with throat cancer prompting several surgeries— including procedures to remove parts of his tongue and jaw—and eventually robbing the quick-witted Heenan of his ability to speak. Related injuries and infections plagued him until his death.Yet Heenan refused to let cancer…