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Pro Wrestling Illustrated June 2018

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A LITTLE PIECE of me felt sorry for Vince McMahon as he conducted his online video press conference in January announcing the return of the “reimagined” XFL for 2020. Vince seemed very much out of his element taking questions from the mainstream media, most of whom seemed very respectful but were understandably cynical. Sadly, for all his incredible success over the past 35 years, Vince still finds the need to be accepted as more than an ultra successful rasslin’ promoter. It hurts him to the core that the “sports entertainment” business will never be regarded as being on the same level of sports or entertainment. McMahon doesn’t have many insecurities, but his futile attempts to prove himself to people who are polite to his face but scoff at him behind his…

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before the bell

TRUMPMANIA In many respects, Donald Trump’s 2016 triumph at the polls was a marketing victory in which big business and brand recognition proved to be of equal or greater importance than political acumen. It is therefore not surprising that other enterprising entities now seek to chip off a little of the glory for themselves, forging ahead in the same entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Trump himself. Such is the case with respect to TrumpMania: Vince McMahon, WWE, And The Making Of America’s 45th President by Lavie Margolin. Turning back the clock three decades, Margolin traces the Trump and McMahon bromance all the way back to WrestleMania 4, which was held at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. It was a lifetime ago to wrestling fans and political aficionados alike, as Trump’s tumultuous love…

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BOOKER T’S REMOVAL from Raw’s three-hour broadcast and relegation to its kickoff show did not come as a surprise to his many critics, who claimed the ex-world champion was out of sync with today’s fans and failed to promote in-ring talent. That, with the constant scuttlebutt that he and broadcast colleague Corey Graves were at odds, made it almost a non-story. That is, until Booker T made some incendiary comments on his “Heated Conversations” podcast. Booker blamed Graves for his ouster from the Raw announce desk, saying he would “beat him like he stole somethin’” if he caught him on the street. Added Booker, “You see that little bouffant hairdo he got? I’m gonna rearrange it for him, alright? I’m just sayin’ … Let me catch him at Starbucks.” Graves seemed to…

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quick count

IT’S FITTING THAT Oscar season coincides with WrestleMania season, as both events mark the biggest stage for performers in their respective crafts. Let’s just make sure that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway aren’t invited to be guest ring announcers at the Super-Dome for this year’s show. For your consideration: this year’s Academy Awards-inspired edition of “Quick Count.” THE PHANTOM THREAD There was a ghost inside Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center on the night of January 28. It appeared in the form of a beat-up, old motorcycle jacket. The iconic jacket was once worn by the late Roddy Piper, but on this night it came to the ring on the body of another “rowdy” fighter—former UFC star Ronda Rousey. The leather jacket was gifted to Rousey by Piper’s son Colton Toombs minutes before the women’s combat…

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the straight shooter

NEARLY 20 YEARS AGO, I was working as the city editor of a little daily newspaper in Western New York. As with any smalltown newspaper, the most popular feature was the daily police blotter listing various arrests from the previous day. My phone rang one day and an irate man was on the other end of the line. “You put my name in the paper when I get stopped for DWI,” the man yelled. “How come you don’t put my name in the paper when the charge gets plea-bargained down, huh?” I explained that we, as a newspaper, had an obligation to report on arrests and that they were a matter of public record, as were sentencings in court. Other court decisions, such as plea bargains and adjournments in contemplation of dismissal, constituted…

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win, lose, or draw

THE MYSTIQUE OF the Orient. It has existed through the centuries, from the explorations of Marco Polo to the Japanese technological revolution of the 1980s and the emergence of China in the 2000s. It’s half a world away, and, even with communications advances, we’re still trying to understand Asia from a distance. The same is true as it relates to professional wrestling. New Japan Pro Wrestling, even though it has existed since 1972, has become a phenomenon in the West. Jay White’s recent IWGP U.S. title win over Kenny Omega—as well as Omega’s ouster from The Bullet Club—were just as newsworthy over here as over there. The Internet, the popularity of New Japan’s mega-shows (including its outstanding events in Long Beach, California, last year), and a weekly television show on AXSTV…