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Pro Wrestling Illustrated October 2017

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from the desk of...

FOR NEARLY 40 years I’ve kept a secret that practically everyone already knows. So I guess it’s not really a secret, just something I wouldn’t allow myself to talk about. It’s very similar to when Vince McMahon finally weighed the pluses and minuses and decided it was time to admit that what his company presented was not actually sport, but rather sports entertainment. The men and women in the ring were extremely athletic, but what they were doing was not competition in the most literal sense. That admission angered a lot of fans, most of whom already knew the secret but resented the notion that it was being spoken by the most important man in the industry. McMahon had a financial reason to go public with the truth. The only way he…

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before the bell

TAP HERE FOR VIDEO GLOW As a pubescent heterosexual pro wrestling fan, the original Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling was one of my guilty pleasures. It was a mixture of 1980s pro wrestling camp combined with Benny Hillstyle comedic burlesque. It was pretty much everything a 13-year-old boy could want in a television show. When word came out that Netflix was producing a comedy series based on GLOW, I had my reservations. GLOW was a fad of the mid-to-late 1980s. When it debuted, Married With Children and The Simpsons were pushing TV boundaries. Today, in this era of The Bachelor, Game Of Thrones, and the Internet in general, the risqué charm of GLOW seems quaint and dated. I had my doubts that Netflix could revisit GLOW without mucking everything up. I’m happy to say I…

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TAP HERE FOR VIDEO SAMOA JOE DOMINATES wherever he goes, and that has proven correct even in WWE, where he hasn’t been sucked into the corporate machine but rather has forced the powersthat- be to accept his physique, his ring style, and his uncompromising attitude. Samoa Joe debuted on Raw back in January, seemingly as Triple-H’s mercenary, but he has used that as a springboard to become a genuine main-event talent in WWE. With Joe scoring big wins over Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn, it was almost considered an upset when Seth Rollins handed Joe his first main-roster loss at Backlash. Subsequent rematches between Joe and Rollins have been hard-hitting affairs with no clear winner in the feud. Instead of getting bogged down, Joe hit the accelerator by winning a crucial five-way…

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quick count

ONE OF MY wrestling magazine writer mentors, Matt Brock, taught me long ago the value of a quality adult beverage in getting through this business. And clearly, some members of WWE’s creative team feel the same way. If the Fashion Files, the “Drama King” Aiden English, and babyface Charlotte don’t reek of alcohol-impaired judgment, I don’t know what does. Let’s raise a glass to this booze-inspired edition of “Quick Count.” And forgive me if it makes less sense than usual. MANHATTAN It’s known as the “World’s Most Famous Arena.” But, when it comes to hosting big-time WWE events in recent years, Madison Square Garden has been one of the world’s most neglected arenas. It’s been six years since the Garden has hosted a WWE payper- view event, and even longer since a Monday Night…

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the straight shooter

IF YOU HAD to put a dollar amount on it, what would you value the “NWA” brand in 2017? I’m not talking Straight Outta Compton, Easy E, Ice Cube, and Dr. Dre. I’m talking “Straight Outta The Territorial Days,” The Empire, Americos, and Tim Storm, the National Wrestling Alliance. Billy Corgan seems to think the NWA still has plenty of value. And, I may be in the minority, but I’m inclined to agree with him. Once the premier name in the world of pro wrestling, the NWA is now a series of affiliated independent promotions operating beneath the NWA umbrella. To gether, these promotions have been able to share talent, copromote, and pool their marketing. Under the guidance of attorney Bruce Tharpe for the past five years, the NWA was able to remain…

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win, lose, or draw

MAURO RANALLO’S departure from Smackdown symbolized a larger trend in pro wrestling, and that is the deteriorating state of announcing. I’m talking about play-by-play, color commentary, the whole deal. Announcers should represent the values of the viewers, and convey the excitement, drama, and, yes, even the shortcomings of what is happening in the ring. Many of today’s announcers are well trained and smooth … but maybe too smooth. Ranallo was a throwback to when pro wrestling was portrayed as a sport, not a spectacle. He did actual play-by-play, describing every maneuver with the enthusi asm it deserved, sometimes matter- of-factly, sometimes punctuating the action with a “mamma mia!” That’s what made Ranallo special. That’s why he was a deserving Wrestling Observer Announcer of the Year. That’s why I miss him. As a result of…