101 World's Greatest Castles

101 World's Greatest Castles

101 World's Greatest Castles

Everyone loves a castle – how could you not? Centuries of history are packed into one complex, and each is wonderfully unique. Some were owned by counts, others the highest echelons of royalty. Some served as prisons with infamous inmates, while others were stately homes with beautiful banqueting halls and bedrooms. All are fascinating. In All About History 101 Greatest Castles, it’s time to uncover the best of the best from around the world. From South Africa and Japan to France and Romania, go behind the fortifications to find out the true stories behind Dracula’s home and the namesake of the House of Windsor. Meet the ghosts of haunted castles, and walk the halls of some of history’s most iconic buildings.

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number 01 neuschwanstein castle

BAVARIA GERMANY Surrounded by luscious green forests, idyllic lakes and the snowy mountainous peaks of the Bavarian Alps, you’ll find Neuschwanstein Castle. Once the fantasy retreat of a king deemed too insane to rule, it has since become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, the castle was more than just a show of royal wealth: it was to serve as a sanctuary from courtly life, providing the king with welcome respite. This haven from his capital was a labour of love for Ludwig, who embraced the legends and lore of the Medieval period in its design and decoration. Yet despite the determination and devotion that Ludwig poured into Neuschwanstein, the castle brought nothing but misfortune to its creator. Ludwig’s pet project turned on…

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more heritage and history

NUMBER 76 KSIAZ CASTLE Located in Walbrzych, this castle is surrounded by the beautiful Walbrzyski Foothills. Built in 1292, it has seen bloodshed throughout the Hussite Wars, Matthias Corvinus’ campaigns and World War II. Today it’s a peaceful complex, just waiting to be explored. 77 CZOCHA CASTLE After a devastating fire in the 18th century, the 500-year-old castle was all but destroyed. What stands today is a faithful restoration, and it now houses a hotel and museum. You can even attend mead-tasting events in the cellar. 78 KWIDZYN CASTLE The perfect destination for those who have an interest in the Teutonic Knights, Kwidzyn Castle is a well-preserved 14th-century marvel of the Order’s architecture. Unapologetically Medieval, it’s well worth a visit. 79 GOLUCHÓW CASTLE While it has undergone restoration many times, Goluchów Castle is still a sight to…

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the lion of gripsholm castle

Don’t worry: there is a lion at Gripsholm Castle, but the only roar you are likely to hear is that of hearty laughter. After all, what other reaction could there possibly be when you see the work of the taxidermist tasked with stuffing this big cat for King Frederick I of Sweden following its death in the early 18th century? The king had been presented with the lion by the Bey of Algiers in 1731 and it was kept in a cage in a Royal Game Park on the island of Djurgården in the centre of Stockholm. Unfortunately, the taxidermist had never seen a live lion and he only had the pelt and some bones to play around with. Cue a laughable interpretation of what he assumed the animal looked like –…

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number 94 hohenwerfen castle

WERFEN AUSTRIA ENTRY FEE ADULTS €16.50; CHILDREN €9.50 OPENING HOURS 9.45AM–5.45PM WEBSITE WWW.SALZBURG-BURGEN.AT/EN/HOHENWERFEN-CASTLE Influenced by the great 16th-century Italian castles, some of Hohenwerfen’s buildings date back to the 11th century. It was then purchased in 1898 by an archduke who turned it into a stately home. In World War II it was used as a military training centre by the Nazis, and from 1945 to 1987 it was taken over by Salzburg’s police school. Today, it is visited by tourists from all around the world, and it promises an interesting day out in the Alps, under an hour’s drive from Salzburg.…

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events in edinburgh

MILITARY TATTOO It’s one of Edinburgh’s most famous events, and it’s easy to see why. Taking place at Edinburgh Castle in August every year, the Military Tattoo is a spectacle of light and sound. See the lone piper against the stunning backdrop of the castle and watch military marching bands parade before your very eyes. To find out more, head to www.edintattoo.co.uk. EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE The world’s largest arts festival takes place in Edinburgh every August. With comedy, plays, music and much more at countless venues all around the city, there’s something for everyone, from children to grandparents. There’s a mix of free and paid events every year, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time. EDINBURGH INTERNATIONAL BOOK FESTIVAL In the last three weeks of August each year, you can catch the International Book…

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must-see highland castles

NUMBER 18 EILEAN DONAN CASTLE A BEAUTIFUL CASTLE IN A STUNNING PART OF SCOTLAND DORNIE, SCOTLAND This 13th-century fortification cuts an iconic Scottish image. Destroyed during the Jacobite rebellions, restoration work was carried out at the turn of the 20th century, and it has been featured in many films such as Highlander and The Wicker Man. ENTRY FEE ADULTS £10; CHILDREN £6 OPENING HOURS TIMES CHANGE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR – CHECK WEBSITE WEBSITE WWW.EILEANDONANCASTLE.COM NUMBER 19 CAWDOR CASTLE A STUNNING CASTLE AND GARDENS CAWDOR, SCOTLAND The historic home of the Thane of Cawdor and famed for its literary connections (including Shakespeare’s Macbeth), this romantic 14th-century castle is sure to delight. Importantly, the castle does not get overshadowed by its connection to the Bard, and actually possesses an intriguing history of its own. ENTRY FEE ADULTS £13.50; CHILDREN £7.50 OPENING HOURS 11 APRIL – 4 OCTOBER 10AM–5.30PM WEBSITE WWW.CAWDORCASTLE.COM NUMBER 20…