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affordable: cheaper iphone could boost sales

With Google, Xiaomi, and Huawei all releasing powerful smartphones with mid-spec features for less than $400, we ask whether it’s time for Apple to introduce its own low-cost iPhone. In today’s competitive times where Apple’s smartphone market share is shrinking, appealing to price-conscious consumers yet to jump to iOS could be just what the Cupertino firm needs… APPLE’S SMARTPHONE BATTLE iPhone and Affordable are not two words you’d often string together in the same sentence, but as the smartphone battle heats up and global smartphone shipments are down, Apple needs to do more to appease investors and ensure consumers stay locked-in to the iOS and Apple ecosystems. According to Canalys, smartphone shipments fell 18% year-over-year during the quarter, hitting a five-year low of 36.4 million units, with Apple shipping 14.6 million iPhones…

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postal service tests mail shipments on self-driving trucks

A self-driving truck company has partnered with the U.S. Postal Service to test autonomous technology on the long-haul route between Phoenix and Dallas. San Diego-based TuSimple is planning for two autonomous trucks to carry mail and parcels on five round trips between the Postal Service distribution centers in the two cities starting this week. TuSimple says a safety engineer and a driver will be on board to monitor the trucks during the two-week pilot program. The trucks use a camera system allowing the vehicles to view about 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) ahead. The company says the Postal Service has contracted TuSimple to examine if the technology could reduce fuel costs, increase safety and improve fleet operation.…

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amazon takes top stake in uk food delivery firm deliveroo

Amazon is investing in British meal delivery company Deliveroo, giving the online shopping behemoth a larger stake in the fast-growing restaurant delivery business. Amazon failed to get its own restaurant delivery business going in the United Kingdom, shutting it down for good late last year. It faced tough competition from Deliveroo, as well as its other rivals in the country such as Just Eat and UberEats. Amazon’s service, called Amazon Restaurants, still operates in several U.S. cities. Deliveroo, whose Kangaroo logo is a common sight on scooters and bicycles around Britain, said that it raised $575 million from a number of investors led by Amazon. The Seattle company will be Deliveroo’s largest investor, but did not disclose how much of a stake Amazon acquired.Amazon.com Inc. declined to comment. With Amazon now on its…

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recreating ‘aladdin’s’ magic with will smith and fresh faces

In 1992, Disney transported audiences to the mythical land of Agrabah, where they met a street rat with a heart of gold, a flying carpet, a headstrong princess and a magical genie with some oddly current pop culture references. With the music and lyrics of Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice, “Aladdin” would go on to win the hearts of millions and become the highest-grossing picture of the year. It was an ambitious animation project that paid off and generated decades of fan goodwill, not to mention the two Oscars and a future Broadway musical. Now, following in the lucrative footsteps of “Beauty and the Beast” and others, the studio is taking another shot at “Aladdin,” this time in live-action. The film, from director Guy Ritchie, opens nationwide Friday. But how…

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smith’s fine in ‘aladdin.’ another guy’s the problem

It’s pretty clear after watching the new live-action “Aladdin” that doubts about Will Smith’s casting as the Genie are overblown. It’s the guy behind the camera who should be doubted. And stuffed into a small lamp forever. Guy Ritchie — that lover of gritty gangsters and violent action — was always an odd choice to helm a big Disney romantic musical and proves utterly the wrong guy here. ”Aladdin ,” in his hands, is more like “The Mummy” than “Frozen.” This is an “Aladdin” with a torture scene and pointlessly artful fast-slow-motion action scenes. Going into it, Smith was the question mark. How can you possibly have a real actor play the shape-shifting, manic spirit that Robin Williams so wonderfully voiced in the animated film? Smith struggles at first before perhaps listening…

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photos: a privacy-conscious social media from cupertino

It would be tempting to think that Apple just doesn’t ‘get’ social media. Two previous attempts by the company to build a social networking component around its famed music services – with iTunes Ping and then Apple Music Connect – failed to take off and were ultimately shuttered . In 2016, Apple was rumored to be working on a video-based social network app, but this was apparently re-engineered into the video creation app Clips, which was intended to fuel creativity on existing social networks. It all might initially look like a case of ‘three strikes and you’re out’ when it comes to Apple’s hopes in the social media space. However, in an age where privacy scandals have increasingly wrecked social media, Apple might have inadvertently created the perfect remedy: a more…