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maximising advantages

The 737 MAX 8 (pictured) joins the Virgin feet in late 2019, the larger MAX 10 will follow in 2022. ‘That “technology curve” will move once the 737 MAX 10 enters Virgin Australia service.’ I flew with Virgin Australia to Adelaide the other day. For me this otherwise unremarkable flight was interesting because it came just days after the airline had announced it was buying the Boeing 737 MAX 10. That provided some food for thought as I boarded my 737-800 flight, making my way to row 29. “Does the 29 stand for 29in seat pitch?” I quipped in a text message to a mate? (It doesn’t, but when you’re 189cm tall every economy class seat feels like it is pitched at 29in!)In Virgin’s 737-800s row…

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OEM NEWS Boeing has unveiled the first 777X static test airframe at its Everett facility just outside Seattle. The first completed aircraft, a 777-9X, rolled out of the final assembly line over the weekend of September 8/9, images released by Boeing on social media showed. The aircraft will never fly. Instead, it will be used to test the structural limits of the airframe. Test flights were expected to begin in early 2019, with entry into service scheduled for later in the year. All Nippon Airways (ANA) has moved a step closer to becoming the first new airline to receive a factory-fresh Airbus A380 since Etihad Airways took its first of the type close to four years ago in December 2014. The Japanese carrier’s first of three A380s it…

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good kit

BRIETLING NAVITIMER 8 breitling.com Something’s changed and aviators don’t like change.Breitling has changed and seeks to steer the business into new non-aviation territory with an expanded portfolio including adventurers and surfers. The major casualty with this shift in focus is the clipping of the famous Breitling wings from the company’s logo. Will its newest offering, the Navitimer 8, continue to pull at the aviator’s heart strings? THE NAVITIMER 8 BACKSTORY Willy Breitling was only 19 years old when he assumed leadership of the company that bore his family name.In 1932, chronographs were very much at the heart of Breitling’s business, but chronograph wristwatches were still operated by a single pusher. Willy Breitling saw this as a deficiency, and, in 1934, he filed a patent…

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don’t fly solo

Pilots are constantly under scrutiny. ‘I sense there is ‘suspicion’ in utilising those services.’ Pilots and cabin crew are trained to manage a vast range of incidents and emergencies – engine failures, inflight fires, hydraulics emergencies, passenger and crew medical emergencies, unforecast horrendous weather, TCAS warnings with the need for evasive action to name a few.While the crew’s actions on the day will be the result of intensive training and the outcome predominantly a positive one, is there enough support for the emotional toll such events can have? My discussions with pilots suggest that there is a gap in the way crew as a whole are supported post-event.Symptoms post a traumatic event can include flashbacks, anxiety, sleep deprivation and headaches. If even minor indications of these are…

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treading carefully

Who will be in command on the freighters of the future? ‘Perhaps, there are plans for an ‘override’ function by the ground controller.’ News has emerged out of the United States this year about a $US128.5 million package to fund an FAA study into single-pilot operations of jet category freighter aircraft. This is not ‘singlepilot’ in the conventional sense as the human in the cockpit will be effectively supervising a highly automated flightdeck that is in direct interface with a ground station which is uplinking commands to the aircraft.The news sent pilot unions into a frenzy and the comments sections across various websites into a heated debate. Neither the concept, nor the debate, are recent developments, but the report of a formal study has seemingly edged it…

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controlling the controllable

As I write this article, I am putting together my plans for the Red Bull Air Race in Austria, specifically in a city just outside Vienna named Wiener Neustadt. It’s pronounced ‘veen-er noy-schtadt’, I believe.Looking back at the fifth race of our season in Kazan, Russia we came away with some valuable lessons learned, as always. Therefore, I think this is as good a time as any to write about how our team works to improve at each race, even if the end result may not signify improvement (we were seventh in Kazan).The first thing we do prior to going to a race as a team is summarise what we are trying to achieve at the race, and what our individual goals are. This may seem a simple…