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What is it about a certain car that makes it stick in our collective psyche and take on a mythical status? Something that transforms it from a mode of transport to a thing we collectively covet? For some, it’s a status hard won on the track through miles and miles in the heat of competition. For others, it’s a design language that spans generations, a successful formula developed over decades, with each new iteration coming with a weight of expectation. Some are so fundamentally linked to the nation of their origin that they become shorthand for it, rolling global ambassadors that multiply across the world as people buy into the narrative. The stars of this month’s cover all represent an aspect of the automotive icon dynamic" Up first, the Porsche 935…

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director’s cut

Lee Brimble “I wanted to photograph the 935 with a retro feel. I also wanted to reflect Tom’s emotions – mostly nerves, then exhilaration” Jack Rix “First-ever bike launch, felt like my first day at school. Rumours of a wheelie-based initiation ceremony fortunately failed to materialise” Rowan Horncastle “The heatwave led to two malfunctions on this shoot. First, I melted. Then the camera exploded and became toast. Luckily, I had a spare” Big thanks to Goodwood, the team at the Motor Circuit and the brilliant group of marshals who made our covershoot possible…

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the valkyrie’s big day out

Aston’s long-awaited Valkyrie hypercar is a moving object. Just before qualifying for the 2019 British GP, Aston’s ‘High Performance Test Driver’ Chris Goodwin took the first verification prototype for a lap of Silverstone – the start of an “extensive physical testing regime” before customers get their cars in a few months’ time. “On the spectrum of road cars I’ve driven, it’s not even on that. It’s totally off that scale,” he told us afterwards. It’s more along the lines of Formula One cars I’ve got experience of. I’m racing GT cars all the time – and it’s not like that. It’s just like sitting in an F1 car, right down to the seating position. When you fire the engine up, there’s a lot of structure-born feel from the powertrain coming through. You…

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coffee break

Top Gun: Maverick trailer This is a classic sequel to rival Aliens, The Godfather Part II right…? Even without a hint of Kenny Loggins in the trailer. WE. ARE. IN Return of the footie New kits, new players, new teams. Same shaped balls The best cover song ever? Nirvana’s cover of Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ or Johnny Cash’s version of ‘Hurt’?…..FIIGGGHHTT! Croquet 101 When Wimbledon is over and you need a new fix… ‘Teach yourself Croquet’ videos have been a must Office playlist – KISS These are crazy, crazy, crazy crazy nights…(key change), These are Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy nights…(key change) THESE ARE CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY NIGHTS…

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diary of a test driver

Howdy partners! As you have doubtless guessed from my greeting, it’s all change in the Cheery Bong II development programme, as we move onto the hot weather testing phase. Yes, after a challenging and varied 10 months in the Arctic Circle, followed by a surprisingly comfortable 14-hour flight in the hold of a North Korean military charter, I’m now soaking up the sun in Green Lakes, California. I assume this name is an example of the Americans’ legendary sense of humour, because I cannot help noticing that Green Lakes is not green, and has no lakes. Green Lakes is slap-bang in the middle of Death Valley. By day the temperature on the desert floor touches 50ºC. By night, the temperature in my motel room touches 50ºC. Though I have suffered heatstroke…

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audi’s on a niche hunt

There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and Audi finding a way to fill every existing niche, then dreaming up a few more. This month’s SUV-inspired fodder? The Q3 Sportback and A1 Citycarver – yep, all lowercase. Q3 Sportback first. Well, Audi couldn’t sit by and watch Mercedes and BMW take all of the compact SUV coupe sales, could it? Target customer, then: everyone who likes the BMW X4 and the Mercedes GLC Coupe but isn’t quite sold on either. The Sportback obviously has plenty of normal Q3 in its genes. The interior, with its 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster as standard and optional 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit, is straight from its sibling. And if you need some ammo to fire at the cynics, bootspace (measured up to the parcel shelf) is…