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After last issue’s £2.5m, 1,479bhp Chiron excitement, this month it’s time for something a little more real-world. Sorry. We can all admire the Chiron’s capabilities and boundary-redefining engineering, but it will be the preserve of the exclusive few. In stark contrast, the stars of this month’s cover represent the diversity of the fastest-growing sector in planet car, the SUV. Last year, SUVs accounted for more than a quarter of new-car registrations in Europe, while globally they were even more prolific. Car manufacturers keen to capitalise on this booming segment have reacted and created an SUV to target every possible buyer, and there’s more to come. The SUV market has become so fundamental to an automotive brand’s future success that even those for whom creating an SUV would have been laughable just…

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1 hellcats and zl1s can go home, the dodge demon has arrived

T he new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon isn’t just a warmed-over Hellcat, it’s a completely new stand-alone model with 97 new parts, the deletion of a several key components and some serious light-weighting – and you can see the results in the box to the right… In fact, the only similarity between the Hellcat’s and the Demon’s supercharged V8s are the heads. Everything else on the Demon is new. And it needs to be, as it’s carrying a lot more load. While the Hellcat peaks at 707bhp and 650lbft of torque at 4,000rpm, the Demon – using 91-octane petrol – produces 808bhp and 717lbft. That’s a useful increase, but still doesn’t explain those performance numbers. So this is a good time to tell you about the VIN-matched, owner-named Demon race kit,…

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in the demon’s trophy cabinet

The world's fastest production vehicle 0-60mph. Despite being rear-wheel drive, it posts a 0-60mph time of 2.3 seconds - with the one-foot roll-out that drops to 2.1 sees - faster than a Chiron (2.4secs). The world's fastest-ever production car over the quarter-mile. It trips the lights at 9.65 and I40mph. The latest ultracars from McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari can manage "only" 9.8 seconds. The highest production car acceleration g-force. In the Demon, physics doesn't just tap you on your shoulder, it smashes you in the face. That's what the l.8g of acceleration feels like. The world's first production car to fully lift its front wheels while accelerating. Yep, the Demon pulls wheelies and it brought along Guinness World Records to verify it. It only lasted 0.89m, but was officially "The longest wheelie from a standing start in…

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2 our autonomous future has an angry face

S ay hello to Sedric, the Volkswagen Group’s idea of a self-driving car. The name? Not an homage to Japanese saloons with posh old Christian names: Cedric, Cressida and Gloria, but a German English joke acronym. Sedric is, simply, a condensing of self driving car. Without a steering wheel or pedals, the engineers and designers have been freed to do a ground-up rethink of the shape and packaging. The doors of this rounded box open by sliding apart from the centre, and once inside you sit face to face. The wheelbase is similar to an Up, but the cabin space is like a Passat. The vision is, at some point in the future, you’d summon Sedric with a button on an internet-of-things key fob. The car comes to where you are, its…

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driving the self-driving leaf

This is an autonomous Nissan Leaf. Driving on real roads in London. And doing such a great job of it that it actually feels rather routine. I’m chatting away with its engineer, Tetsuya Iijima, and he seems pretty relaxed, but he’s got to keep an eye on what’s happening and wrest control if something goes wrong. But he doesn’t have to. The Leaf just beetles along, following the 20-minute route on its satnav. Avoiding other cars and bicycles. Stopping at red lights and starting on green. And yes, giving way on zebras. All without human intervention of any kind. In 2020, Nissan will offer for sale a car that can do what this does on quieter roads, a few after that in city centres. The tech has well and truly arrived.…

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the mclaren f1 is back... sort of

This new sketch (above) gives us our first clues about the looks of McLaren’s homage to the F1, and its most powerful car ever. Low, sleek, slim, and lots of aerodynamic surfaces. It looks fast. In fact, McLaren boss Mike Flewitt says that the new three-seater, the BP23, will be the fastest McLaren ever. And the most powerful road McLaren ever. How powerful? Unimaginably so. Both the V8 engine and the hybrid system will be more powerful than the P1’s. And when pulling together, they were 903bhp. “The BP23 won’t be the fastest round a track. It’s not a track car. It’s a luxury hyper-GT.” The 0–62mph time won’t drop below the P1’s 2.8secs. Flewitt says that time can’t be beaten without having all-wheel drive. The car has a new carbon tub, and…