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she’s got skills

"How Do I Choose the Right Light Fixture for a Space?" RAMONA DELROSE Shorewood, IL Ursula’s advice: Look for fixtures with enough bulbs and power to light the room, then focus on scale. To visualize a potential fixture in the space, hang a paper cutout of the shape. A little big is always better than too small. HOW TO CLEAN AN AREA RUG Click here to watch our video how-to on removing stains and deep cleaning area rugs. "How Do I Camouflage My TV so It’s Not the Main Focus of My Living Room?" DONNA PINKERTON, Sweetwater, TX Ursula chose to paint her built-ins a satin black so the TV would blend in when off. Her other suggestions: Put a gallery wall around the TV, or conceal it behind sliding doors. When you love beautiful things and all…

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the fortunate table

“Black-eyed peas, collard greens, and some type of pork. These are all Southern traditions for good luck in the upcoming year.”BELINDA SMITH-SULLIVAN “Brunch has always been my favorite form of entertaining,” Belinda Smith-Sullivan says. She follows the Southern tradition of hosting an annual New Year’s Day brunch. “And I make these dishes a lot, all during the year. If they’re good on New Year’s, then they just keep the good luck rolling.” Belinda took to the kitchen early. “I loved being around Mama when she was cooking, watching the love she put into it,” says the chef, entrepreneur, author, and pilot. After college, Belinda moved to New York City, where her friends were busy weekend nights but free for her to “fuss over” on Sunday afternoons. One of the appeals of…

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color-forward storage

"How Can I Update Our Laundry Room Cabinets? We Don’t Use Them to Their Full Potential, and the Doors Are Awful." JANICE, Bountiful, UT “Form leads, but don’t forget the fun,” says Minneapolis interior designer Lucy Penfield. Her clients wanted to turn their dark basement laundry area into a happy-looking, well-functioning space. “So we added color as a pick-me-up for this everyday chore.” 1 COLOR BLOCKS Painting cabinet shelves crisp white immediately brightened the room. Mango and watermelon on the wall above the washer and on cabinet backs further lifted the mood. 2 OPEN SHELVES Penfield popped the doors off the upper cabinets to ease getting at supplies. “Grab the detergent or spot cleaner, and off you go,“ she says. 3 HIDDEN STORAGE A vibrantly patterned curtain plays up the energetic color scheme and hides clothes hanging to…

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set the scene for video calls

"I Want a Great Background in My Video Chats. How Do I Arrange That in My Home?" GAYLA BYERLY Denton, TX Video meetings and virtual social hours aren’t going anywhere, so it’s worth investing a little time in adjusting your setup. “People can see your entire background,” says Mikel Welch, an interior designer and TV personality. “And your coworkers are probably a little nosy, so I treat my setup like selling a home: Keep it simple. You want people listening to the words coming out of your mouth.” STARTING POINT A space with good lighting is essential, and natural light is best. Arrange your desk so there’s a window (or decent artificial light) in front or to the side of your face, never behind you where the light will silhouette you in…

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you asked, we answered

Last year we introduced our first reader Q&A issue, answering some of the most common questions we get from readers about home design, cooking, gardening, health, and beauty. Since then the questions have kept flooding in. So we’re making it an annual event. In this issue, our editors and go-to experts aim to help you solve a whole new slew of problems. Don’t see your question in this issue? Send it to the editors at, and we might answer it in a future issue. "Outfitting My House on a Budget: Where to Splurge, Where to Save?" MAUREEN GREELEY Olympia, WA A Splurge on foundation items and things you touch every day, says designer Elaine Griffin, like a sofa, mattresses, and bedding. Save on items reflecting trends: lamps, pillows, area rugs. "What Are Some…

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work (from home) goals

"With My Entire Family at Home, How Can I Carve Out a Private Place to Work?" TRACY KITTS Cleveland, TN I‘ve always worked out of my home, but the last few months it has felt like I’ve been on my computer 24/7. So I needed my space to be more efficient and easy to use. I set up my office in a nook at the top of the stairs. Space is tight, so I needed a custom desk that wasn’t too deep. I bought a pair of IKEA Finnvard trestle table legs for $50 each, then asked the hardware store to cut a piece of plywood to 2½×8 feet to fill the space. I also had them cut strips of plywood to top $5 IKEA brackets. Two shelves give me ample space…