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i did it!

as much as Jenna LeBlanc would have loved to retile the patio behind her Tampa home, she didn’t want to buy 650-plus square feet of tiles. More in line with her budget was paint and a $70 stencil she had been eyeing online. So she and her husband pried up the old tiles then prepped and painted the concrete underneath. Jenna stenciled a design to mimic Moroccan tile. “There was a point a few hours in where I thought, Wow, what was I thinking?” she says. But after getting the hang of it, she cut her time from 25 minutes per medallion to 5 minutes, completing the stenciling in 27 hours over two weeks. WHAT SHE DID Proper surface prep was key, Jenna says, but in the end she had to let…

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shaved salads

For summertime salads that are tender and layered, use your sharpest tools to slice, shave, and shred the veggies from your farmers market haul. Just the way you cut a vegetable can change the way you experience its texture. The lemon in this pleasantly acidic vinaigrette practically “cooks” ribbons of zucchini and summer squash so they’re nearly as crisp-tender as if sautéed. Fresh corn and tomatoes shout, summer has arrived. Recipes by Tara Bench, author of Live Life Deliciously ($33; ZUCCHINI, SUMMER SQUASH & CHICKEN SALAD Cousa squash is a tender summer squash that looks like a short, fat zucchini with pale green skin. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than zucchini. HANDS-ON TIME 20 min. TOTAL TIME 40 MIN. 1 lemon12 oz. skinless, boneless chicken breast halves1 medium zucchini1 small yellow squash½ of a…

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editor’s letter

BEST-LAID PLANS If you’re like me, after the past year all you want to do this summer is be outside as much as humanly possible. I mean, I will sleep indoors, but otherwise I might just transfer most of my cooking, eating, and working out to the yard. I love relaxing outdoors in a hammock, but the main thing that gets me outside has always been gardening. As a kid, I hated most of my assigned chores, but I would gladly help my dad plant vegetables and feed the roses. I’m never happier than with my hands in the dirt and my bare feet drenched by a watering hose. Gardening is like a meditation to me. It gets me out of my head and out of the house. As of March, when…

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our picks for easy summer living

HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE “I’ve become a hammock person. Suspended between two oak trees with a good book and slight breeze is my new favorite summer thing. My hammock of choice: Brisa ($90; It’s super roomy, weather-resistant, and has a multicord design (read: distributes weight so it doesn’t sag or bunch up in the middle).” —DIANA DICKINSON, features editor, and FRANK, Jack Russell terrier A drink dispenser is a must for small gatherings. It takes the work off the host and helps everyone stay distant and fill their own glasses.-JESSICA THOMAS, style director SOAKING UP SUMMER HYDRATION STATION Until you’re ready to bust it out for a party, use a handy glass dispenser to meet your daily water intake goals. Drop in slices of citrus, fruit, and some herbs like mint or basil for a little…

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erica explores summer glow

After months of living in leggings, the switch to bare legs can feel abrupt, but my advice is to jump right in. Get naked and treat your body to the works! Slough away dry layers with an exfoliant that works best for your skin. Remove whatever hair you want gone. And slather on a lotion that leaves you silky soft and bronzed if you like a little color. Erica Metzger beauty & fashion director Instagram @embeautycoach 1. Dry Brush This tool feels like an invigorating spa treatment. Sweep over your body (toward your torso) before a shower or bath to rev up cell turnover and circulation. Esker Dry Brush, $18; 2. Lotion Maybe it’s just me, but I think my legs look longer when I moisturize with this gradual self-tanner. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, $9;…

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$1,548 is the average annual cost of car insurance. To get the best price, always comparison shop; websites like Insurify or The Zebra can help. Also consider a higher deductible, which can lower monthly costs. If you’ve been driving less during the pandemic, ask about a low-mileage discount. June 2 is National Running Day. You don’t have to run long or fast to benefit: Even jogging slowly 5 to 10 minutes daily reduces your risk of heart disease. Want to start running? During the middle of a walk, run 5–10 seconds of every minute. Get coaching from free training apps like Couch to 5K. VISION STRAIN OR EYE ISSUES AS A RESULT OF LOOKING AT A COMPUTER AFFECT 58 PERCENT OF AMERICANS. The average worker spends seven hours on a computer, which can cause dry, itchy…