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Bike Australia Issue #15

BIKE Australia is an exciting magazine for the enthusiast as it covers the depth and breadth of cycling. It provides readers with tips on technique, nutrition, fitness, feature stories and reviews on the latest cycling products.

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see the light

IT HAD NEVER OCCURRED to me that it was possible to be too good at cycling. It’s certainly not a problem I’ve ever encountered. I’d wager you’d say the same. Indeed, after spending an obscene amount of time over the past few months watching incredibly strong, fit cyclists gliding up climbs, powering around velodromes and bulleting down descents, it didn’t seem credible that being too strong or too fit could be a thing. “Too often we get caught up in stats and specs and forget why we started riding bikes in the first place Then I read Ian Dille’s lyrical profile of local pro Lachlan Morton (p44). Here was a young man who’d gotten into cycling for the freedom, the adventure, the wind-in-thehair joy of it all. Sound familiar? But as he started to…

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three great tips from this issue

DIG DEEP Not a tip, exactly, but a shout-out for the 2016 Below The Belt Pedalthon (September 20), which will take place at Sydney’s Eastern Creek Raceway. Every dollar raised will go towards improving treatments for testicular, prostate, bladder and kidney cancers. STICK IT (P18) My first ever attempt at a track stand ended in a slow-motion fall that provided plenty of wholesome entertainment for a busload of early morning commuters in Sydney’s inner west. My mistake? Looking down, not forward. Avoid humiliation with these pro tips. OFF THE GRID (P62) “Ethiopia” and “cycling” are two words that don’t often appear in the same sentence. (Less than a million Google results, if you’re wondering.) But it turns out the rugged Simien Mountains in Ethiopia’s north are a mountain biker’s heaven – or hell, depending on…

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the dandenong ranges

If the Dandenongs weren’t so close to Melbourne, perhaps they’d be more renowned. But their proximity to the city – just 40 minutes’ drive east of the CBD – means that although they’re a popular local destination, the majority of cyclists elsewhere in Australia tend to look past the ’Nongs when they think of Victoria’s great cycling destinations. But that is a mistake – especially if you’re a cyclist who likes challenging hills or swooping descents or being surrounded by some of the country’s most beautiful forests. Or all of the above. Mountain ash grows tall and straight here, and lush fern-studded groves abound. Most roads are deliciously sinuous and wonderfully smooth, but there are gravel grinders to keep you honest, and plenty of climbs that are brutally direct and steep.…

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ask bike

IS IT BAD TO RIDE A MUDDY TRAIL? After a wet winter, it’s tempting to get out on knobby tyres as soon as the sun peeks through. Patience, grasshopper! Riding wet trails can cause harm over time, says Mark Eller, communications director at the International Mountain Bicycling Association. It can create ruts, which ruin the rhythm of a trail and provide channels for water to flow through on future rainy days, causing even more damage. How can you tell if the trails are too soggy? If you see the complete imprint of your tyre’s tread in the mud, stay off the singletrack. As for mostly dry trails with the occasional puddle, feel free to ride – responsibly. Pedal straight through standing water; going around can widen and erode singletrack. Avoid locking…

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don’t diet, just pedal!

1 COFFEE-FUELLED WHY IT WORKS Before breakfast, your energy stores are only about a quarter to a third full, so your body is forced to burn primarily fat for fuel if you don’t eat. HOW TO DO IT Once or twice a week, down a black coffee (it releases stored fats into your bloodstream and makes your effort feel easier) then ride, says coach Gale Bernhardt. Save breakfast for after the ride. Out for longer than 90 minutes? Start fuelling after 75 minutes to avoid bonking. 2 MIRACLE INTERVALS WHY THEY WORK Bernhardt calls max-intensity efforts “miracle intervals” because of how effectively they burn fat and boost musclebuilding human growth hormone. HOW TO DO IT Once or twice a week, warm up, then do 30 seconds flat out followed by 4 minutes and 30 seconds…

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the once-a-week core workout

Fantastic news for crunch haters: a study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that doing a short core workout just once a week gives you the same strength benefits as doing it two or three times weekly. This 10-minute routine will work the key muscles that can improve your power and endurance in the saddle. Do 12 reps of each move, completing the moves as a continuous circuit (no break between each move). Take a two-minute break, then repeat for another set. You just got more time to ride. You’re welcome. ROTATING SIDE PLANK Start in a push-up position. Balance on your right hand and extend your left arm toward the ceiling. Place your left foot on top of your right, resting on the edges of…