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Bike Australia

Bike Australia Issue #17

BIKE Australia is an exciting magazine for the enthusiast as it covers the depth and breadth of cycling. It provides readers with tips on technique, nutrition, fitness, feature stories and reviews on the latest cycling products.

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meet the crew

Sarah H. Imm, the founder of the lifestyle brand Vélo-à-Porter, is originally from Minneapolis, via South Korea. She is the author of “How to Bicycle to Work - A Guide for Women.” In March, she will be appointed the first Bicycle Mayor of Sydney. Sarah spent 19 years as an investment banker all across the world. Still car-less, she now owns five bicycles (E-bike, hybrid, cargo tricycle, mountain bike and road bike). She loves eating delicious food and shopping for elegant clothing. TIM BARDSLEY-SMITH Tim Bardsley-Smith is a well-known photographer in cycling. With a passion for all things bike, and capturing the beauty of the sport in an engaging and artistic way, Bardsley-Smith can be found shooting road races, backcountry adventures, idyllic cycling holiday destinations and extreme mountain bike events. BELINDA REYNOLDS Belinda Reynolds…

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summer comes alive!

Sitting back and looking over this issue of Bike Australia, it’s hard to not be amazed at what a summer of cycling it has been. We have had the world’s elite come to Australia to start their season, train, and soak up the Australian sun. People often wonder what professional cycling does for the everyday cyclist. You would be hard pressed to think that the Tour Down Under has no impact though in January. Adelaide comes alive with cyclists - from the slim, tanned professionals, through to the tourists and fans like ourselves. My local rides in Brisbane were quiet as it seemed everyone went to Adelaide, for a week of spectating, riding, and celebrating cycling. In this issue, we have a long gallery and race highlights from the Tour Down…

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you are here

A flash of colour. A split second later, another. The roar of the crowd bounces from the bare concrete that surrounds us. It’s a wave of noise that they, the racers, are surfing on - upwards towards us. Then, in an instant, away to others even further above. The clink, clink, clink of gears shifting harmonises with the clink of beer bottles. Fluorescent lights conjure memories of fleeting, hedonistic moments that came before this one. But there’s no time to linger in the past. The roar rises once more and again, another flash of gritted teeth and lycra. People are telling stories about the two Katusha pro riders who slipped out of their team hotel during the Tour Down Under to ride their hot lap. A beer is raised alongside a nod of…

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bike shorts

Power meters come in a bunch of forms: pedal, crank, BB, and hubbased, and are undeniably the most powerful training tool available to cyclists (apart from a bike). In recent years the price of these units has dropped dramatically, while interest in their capacity to gather accurate data on performance has skyrocketed. That’s been boosted by by software such as Training Peaks and Today’s Plan, and books and blogs of scientist Andy Coggan and coach Hunter Allen, plus a host of others. Together these factors have made FTP and CTL pretty much household terms – if everyone in your household is a bike rider – and power meters have become the latest gadget to trickle down from the pro peloton to the unwashed bunches. 2. IF THERE ARE SO MANY, WHY…

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what’s on

APRIL 9 Paris, France Can Australia once again be celebrating a Classic win after Mathew Hayman’s sensational victory last year? The Camperdown rider himself admitted it was a surreal experience to be standing on top of the podium kissing the distinctive cobblestone trophy as he matched the achievement of Adelaide’s Stuart O’Grady in 2007. This race isn’t called the Hell of the North for nothing - even legendary Bernard Hinault called the Paris-Roubaix “bulls**t” - and the 115th edition will be just as tough as it takes in famous pave sections such as Trouée d’Arenberg, Mons-en-Pévèle and the Carrefour de l’Arbre. It will be even more hellish if it rains! letour.fr/paris-roubaix/2017/us/ APRIL 28-MAY 1 Murwillumbah, NSW The men’s National Road Series begins its 2017 campaign in the Tweed Valley around Murwillumbah with two road races, a…

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fuelling for the bike

When aiming to achieve an extra edge in your performance, what you are (and aren’t) putting into your body can make a significant impact. When looking to maximise endurance and muscle recovery, there are a number of important things to consider. Good hydration and maintenance of electrolyte levels are essential. Not only is water important for almost every chemical reaction (including energy synthesis) in the body, the electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) are vital also. These help to maintain whole body and cellular fluid balance, plus we call on these electrically charged minerals during training for many reactions including muscle function, nerve impulses and cardiovascular function. Training/race day hydration: The consumption of water is vital before, during, immediately after and for up to 24 hours following an intense training session or…