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from   the   shadows   the dark horse   rises

MOTIVATION IS A FICKLE BEAST. When it’s present, anything’s possible. Dawn patrols, mid-day jaunts, night rides, all-day weekend missions—time on the bike seems to somehow fit perfectly into our complicated, over-committed schedules and the days fly by in a blissful blur of dirt. But when inspiration fades, even suiting up for the simplest of rides can seem like an insurmountable task, leading to a spiral of inactivity that can take weeks, or months, of mental anguish to break. In fact, many of the letters we get from you, our readers, recount gratitude in finally riding again after years of being off the bike due to lapses that started inadvertently with an injury, family commitments or work demands. Maybe that’s why we’re all so drawn to stories of people who succeed when everything…

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Hylton Turvey is a devoted, passionate trailbuilder from Howick, South Africa. He is responsible for the magical network of trails in the Karkloof, a nature preserve teeming with exotic wildlife and a massive 322-foot waterfall. Turvey’s spent more than 10 years sculpting the otherworldly network that weaves through mountains in a way that only a true trail visionary could conjure. Matt Hunter, always insatiable for singletrack, heard tales of the trails and sought out Karkloof for the “Trail Hunter” video series. He wasn’t let down. This image is particularly meaningful because it captures the dark power of an unknown landscape with Hunter’s intuitive familiarity of bike and trail.Regardless of how exotic or foreign, Hunter’s commanding ease over both is unmistakable. Shooting Fest is rewarding and tedious at the same time. You…

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waif wanderings & burdens lifted

If you’ve ever ridden with me, you’ll immediately discover two things: I dread climbing and I wear a pack that weighs a metric shit ton on every ride. You can learn a lot about a person by what they carry in their pack. A peek inside mine will reveal a collection of moderately organized tools half covered in exploded energy gel. But somewhere in that sticky pile of tools, parts of parts and a hodgepodge of whatnot are snapshots of all my best rides gone wrong—and if you look deeper still, you’ll see both the best and worst of me. So, I excavated my pack’s innards onto my dining room table in an attempt to pare down the calamity of over preparation I carry on my back. To a stranger, the layer…

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long road to clarity

Officer Don Lockwood was an imposing slab of a man. His ruddy complexion shone a malevolent reddish pink, offsetting the jet black of his uniform and snug-fitting cap. His appearance and demeanor telegraphed a tortured soul perpetually on the brink of violence, and whether or not that was true, there was enough gossip and innuendo among my teenage cadre of friends that we all made sure to keep as much distance between ourselves and the sole upholder of vehicular justice in our hometown. Distance, at this particular moment, was not a luxury I was afforded. He sat in the passenger seat of my family’s Austin Maxi, face expressionless, filling the vehicle with a weighty silence. I had just reversed into a parallel parking spot on a steep hill, the final hurdle…

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paired down ferocity

MARCH 20, 2018 | 7:33 A.M. | ROBERTSON, SOUTH AFRICA For eight days and more than 400 miles, racers must keep their teammate in sight—follow his or her rhythm—through ups, downs, elation and misery. If separated by 2 minutes, it’s a one-hour penalty. If three offenses, the two-person team is out of the running. It’s an endless act of reassessment and recalibration while clawing for an edge over opponents in South Africa. Photographer Gary Perkin has covered the Cape Epic since its inception in 2004. What started out as a wild idea in 2002 by South African Kevin Vermaak racing Costa Rica’s ‘La Ruta’ turned into what is now the benchmark in elite-distance stage racing. Perkin had documented World Cup races since 1997, looking for ways to creatively cover action occurring in…

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rj the ripper

The alleyways are filled with throngs of people bustling around in the cool morning air. In the distance, beyond the broken ceiling of chipped concrete and spaghetti electrical wires, snow-capped peaks painted with amber brush strokes of the rising sun reach for the sky. Bikes and people jostle for space in the scurry of traffic. Dirt and dust hang thickly in air mixed with heavy exhaust fumes; it’s little surprise that Kathmandu ranks among the world’s most polluted cities. This chaotic city is not somewhere you’d expect to find a mountain bike champion. Then again, Rajesh ‘RJ’ Magar’s story is anything but typical. Magar was born and raised in the poor outer suburbs of Kathmandu, a typical setting for a Nepali boy to grow up, but a far cry from the…