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CBS Soaps In Depth

September 2, 2019

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will billy tank jack and ashley’s deal?

The In Depth Story: As the week begins, Jack, Ashley, Abby and Summer meet at Society to discuss a media plan to announce what they believe will be a new Jabot powerhouse. While they’re excited by the possibilities that lie in merging the two companies, Billy’s arrival quickly bursts their bubble as he bitterly reminds everyone that Ashley is the very last person they should trust! That may be his story — and he’s sticking to it — but co-executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith says that Billy is using his big sis as a convenient scapegoat to release the pressure that’s been building inside him. “While Billy tells Ashley that he has trouble trusting her after their power struggle at Jabot, his anger is actually the result of the inner struggle he…

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an arrest is made!

The In Depth Story: Law enforcement — specifically, Detective Alex Sanchez — is on the case this week. But before he can even begin to wrap his head around the facts surrounding this surreal baby swap, Hope will take matters into her own hands during a confrontation with Flo that you won’t want to miss! Flo couldn’t possibly be more contrite about her crime, but no amount of tears, explanations or pleas for forgiveness could sway Hope when she confronts her cousin about her unconscionable deception. Flo had months during which she might have spared Hope her misery by coming clean about everything, but in choosing not to, she has alienated the entire Logan family. The newfound Logan’s mea culpas, needless to say, fall on some seriously deaf — and ticked…

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acclaimed production designer has died

B&B’s cast and crew is mourning the loss of production designer Sy Tomashoff, who passed away on July 28 at the age of 96. A seven-time Emmy winner, Tomashoff created the brooding, gothic atmosphere of DARK SHADOWS, where he also served as an associate producer. In 1987, he partnered with the late William J. Bell at the onset of B&B, spending 13 years there before retiring in 2000. The talented architect had also worked at THE EDGE OF NIGHT, SANTA BARBARA, CAPITOL, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and RYAN’S HOPE. Prior to his career in television, Tomashoff served in the Army under General George S. Patton during World War II and was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and a Bronze Star for valor. He is survived by his wife, Naomi, two daughters…

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billy miller’s emotional good-bye!

The In Depth Story: “With a slight air of sadness, it is time to ponder what ‘goodbye’ means,” Miller wrote. “However, instead of dwelling on what is gone and sure to be missed, there is another way. Maybe our good-bye is really a remembrance of love felt, an appreciation for lives shared, and the lifelong reminiscences that come from embraces given and received. Maybe our good-bye is an earnest hope for the brightest path forward for us all. “Here, instead of sadness, I am filled with gratitude for all your support,” he continued. “Thank you for allowing me into your homes and lives. I would be remiss in this crazy, unpredictable world we all love so much if I did not hold out the possibility that our ‘good-bye’ is really ‘until…

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it’s a girl!

Soap alum Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie, GH; ex-Theresa, DAYS OF OUR LIVES) is a mom of three! On July 30, she and husband Jason Wayne welcomed daughter Julie Evangeline, who weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz., and was 19 inches long. While the little girl is the couple’s first biological child, they are the proud parents of 3-year-old Kayden, whom they adopted in June, and via foster care, his 16-month-old brother. “They love her,” Lilley Instagrammed. “Kayden calls her ‘my baby Julie.’”…

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kristen is exposed!

The In Depth Story: Every bit as crafty as Kristen, Gabi figures out why “Nicole” would be making a bid for DiMera Enterprises this week. Meanwhile, a clueless Brady confesses to Eric that he’s reunited with the woman who once came between them. And while that revelation is sure to set Eric’s head spinning, Brady, too, is likely to be sent reeling when Will senses that something’s fishy about another woman from his past! Meanwhile, as John and Marlena prepare for their anniversary bash, they’re joined by someone unexpected. “Nicole” gets a shock, too, when Tony asks her for a divorce, then races into Anna’s arms! And to top it all off, an unmasking takes place! As Commissioner Grant gets word about Kristen, the vixen realizes that she must get rid of…