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CBS Soaps In Depth

CBS Soaps In Depth

December 23, 2019

Get CBS Soaps In Depth digital magazine subscription today. Included in every biweekly issue are: In depth previews of the CBS shows; hottest plots; up-to-the-minute rundowns of the Ins & Outs that will shake up your shows; exclusive interviews and gorgeous photos you won't see anywhere else!

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1 minutos
abby gets a new “chance” at love!

The In Depth Story: Abby’s heart is definitely aflutter when she and Chance reconnect this week over a romantic dinner. As portrayer Melissa Ordway explains it, “Chance is different than any guy Abby’s dated before. He has an adventurous life. He’s always out saving the world.” “Chance is different than any guy Abby’s dated before!” But if there’s one thing that we know about Abby, it’s that she tends to jump quickly from one relationship to the next. After all, just a few weeks ago, she was with Nate! “He and Abby never saw their dating as that serious,” defends Ordway, adding that in hindsight, Abby realizes that Nate was a rebound. “She was right off a heartbreak from Arturo, just putting herself back together when Nate pursued her.” Despite her serial-dater past,…

1 minutos
ghosts of lovers past

Daniel. He tried to resist the Naked Heiress (then Emme Rylan), but what man can resist a “naked heiress” for long? Carmine. Abby’s kidnapping by the sexy bartender was fake; their chemistry, however, was 100 percent real. Alex. Before Abby could collar the handsome detective with her arresting presence, he left town… and her. Tyler. Even after they got engaged, Abby felt that she would always take second place to his former fiancée, Mariah. Austin. Abby had a steamy affair with the cameraman, which didn’t sit too well with his wife — her niece, Summer! Stitch. While Abby forgave the doc for sleeping with her mom, she couldn’t forget losing their baby thanks to his son. Zack. The app designer turned out to be the mastermind of a sex-trafficking ring — oh yeah, and he held…

1 minutos
thomas teams up with hope!

The In Depth Story: Still desperate to somehow convince Hope he’s more soul-mate material than stalker, Thomas uses as leverage something he knows the beauty has a soft spot for: her Hope For The Future line. Thomas urges his dad to reboot the brand in an attempt to work more closely with Hope as her lead designer. Unaware of his son’s hidden agenda, Ridge agrees, and the two men hatch an idea to stage a fashion showdown between Hope For The Future and Steffy’s own line. While Hope is skeptical about joining forces with Thomas, the lure of making a splash with her newly relaunched line proves irresistible. “She wants the line to be successful,” explains her portrayer, Annika Noelle. “She has this opportunity, and she doesn’t want it to go…

1 minutos
office romance is risky business!

Collaborating to create wrinkle-free fabric BeLieF, Ridge and stepmom Brooke celebrated their eventual success by making love on the floor of the lab! After up-and-coming designer Caroline assisted him in getting his sketching mojo back following an injury, Ridge fell in love with her — despite the fact that she was married to his stepbrother, Rick, at the time! While studying to become a doctor, Bridget began dating her med-school mentor, Dr. Mark Maclaine. The fact that he turned out to be the half brother of her other casual boyfriend, C.J., made things extra complicated!…

1 minutos
too young to marry?

The In Depth Story: Molly and T.J. have only had eyes for each other since they started dating as high-schoolers. Now, the aspiring doctor wants to pop the question… but should these young adults sew some wild oats before settling down? “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with marrying your first love and spending the rest of your life with the person that you have already spent a lot of your life with,” insists Molly’s portrayer, Haley Pullos. “It just takes a lot of commitment — which they clearly seem to have to each other.” When T.J. first asked for his mom’s engagement ring, Jordan balked because she felt the kids needed to experience life beyond Port Charles. While Jordan has since joined Alexis in support of the young couple tying the…

1 minutos
tracy’s coming home!

As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Jane Elliot’s Tracy will be spreading some holiday cheer on GH this month! According to the online mag, Ned’s mother pops back into Port Charles just in time for Christmas and will find herself caught up in the latest drama to hit ELQ, the family business. After playing the role of Tracy on and off for 38 years, the Emmy winner announced her retirement in March 2017. Elliot made her final GH appearance that May, when Tracy left town to escape the Q family chaos. In her final scene, Tracy reunited with ex-husband Luke in Amsterdam. At press time, there was no word on Elliot’s return date or for how long she’d be airing.…