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Computer Arts October 2019

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making the cover

We fell in love with Zach Lieberman’s beautiful, genre-defying animations when we first saw his work (and said hello) at last year’s Us By Night festival. We knew straight away that we wanted to work with him if possible, and when we decided to refresh this year’s Brand Impact Awards creative, the temptation to get Zach involved was irresistible. With the vast majority of promotion for the BIAs existing online, an animated motif seemed much more interesting than static, print-derived assets, so Zach built us some custom software (titled ‘blobApp’, trivia fans) that enabled us to pinch, pull, distort, recolour and reposition his fascinating organism (yes, organism). Apart from being enormous fun to play with, this seriously powered app let us create endless thematically cohesive yet unique pieces of art, to…

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editor’s letter

During the heady days of youth, when you’re a student, intern or in your first job as a designer, it can feel like your head is exploding with all the new creative ideas and concepts you’re encountering daily. Once you’re more established in your career, though, these kinds of neurological fireworks start to fall away, and it’s easy to become complacent and settled in your thinking. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One way to maintain a fresh outlook and stay inspired is to keep an eye on what other creatives are doing, and the new techniques they’re using to make cool and exciting work. To take one example, image generation software is super-hot right now, and our cover this issue has been designed by one of its finest…

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ARBER RACAJ Here’s a brand creative who likes to keep himself busy… by working on two projects at the same time! Find out more about Racaj’s achievements on page 14. MATT DEMARTINO Handsome’s head of marketing and brand talks about the need to take a holistic, human-centred design approach on page 20. We heartily agree. ZACH LIEBERMAN Interactivity is the name of the game for this motion-graphics creative. See page 62 to learn more about the artist behind this year’s Brand Impact Awards visuals. EMILY GOSLING A slew of creatives tell Emily Gosling how best to use photography in their branding endeavours. Discover their invaluable industry insights by turning to page 70. CHRISTOPHER SCOTT Turn to page 98 and explore the mindset of this professor of graphic design, whose love of trees led him to create an iconic poster…

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meet the team

BEREN NEALE EDITOR Beren took some well-deserved time off this month, holidaying in hot and sunny San Francisco, while back home the team were left to battle the UK’s typically variable August weather on their way to the office. MARK WYNNE ART EDITOR The Brand Impact Awards workload might turn a sweet art editor sour, but Zach Lieberman’s creative made months of asset building less of an ordeal for Mark. Just don’t ask if we’re rebranding the awards again in 2020. CLIFF HOPE OPERATIONS EDITOR With the Brand Impact Awards event just around the corner, Cliff has been hunting around in his wardrobe for something that matches the event’s dress code: “cocktail attire”. This could get interesting……

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key contributors

NICK CARSON FREELANCE WRITER Time has flown, and Nick’s little 10-month-old has already started nursery. He misses the pup, but has been keeping busy prepping for the BIAs, and finalising the Top 30 for this year’s UK Studio Rankings. TOM MAY FREELANCE WRITER Back from two months in Guatemala, Tom was looking forward to the annual post-rock festival ArcTangent. Sadly, fierce storms battered his tent and he had to retire, bedraggled, two-thirds of the way through. Production notes PRINTERS TEXT AND COVER CMYK William Gibbons PAPER COVER Precision Special Gloss FSC 250gsm P3–98: Ultra Mag Plus Gloss 90gsm TYPEFACES Trump Gothic West, Akkurat, S-L, Simplo, Kondola and Calluna SATIN SILVER FOIL AND SOFT TOUCH FINISH BY…

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bringing the past to book

Digital design may be where much of the most exciting and boundary-pushing work is being done these days. But what of legacy? When your creations exist purely as pixels on a screen, how can they be preserved for future generations… or even a decade from now? With all this in mind, Sheffield-based art and design studio Universal Everything has been working on its first book. What is Universal Everything?, published by Unit Editions, has been produced in a limited run of 2,000, each with its own unique cover. “The idea was discussed around the 15th anniversary of Universal Everything,” explains creative director Matt Pyke. “We’d accumulated a large body of screen-based work that I felt was ready for a permanent physical documentation, as opposed to our life’s work being precariously archived online.” To…