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editor’s letter

Are top 10 (or 30) lists of any real use to the jobbing creative, or just the preferred format for click-bait websites? It’s a question that comes up a bit, but in the case of Computer Arts’ annual UK Studio Listings, it’s a question that’s very easy to answer. Many lists judge studios based on factors such as how many awards they’ve won, sidelining brilliant agencies that don’t enter them, and ignoring the subtler factors that make a studio truly respected in the industry. Our UK Studio Rankings is judged by industry professionals, so it’s a snapshot in time of who’s doing the best work each year, as voted by the people who count. Hitting the top spot in 2019’s list is Superunion, the multiple trophy winner at this year’s Brand Impact…

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PERNICLAS BEDOW Turn to page 16 to discover the range of collectable (and occasionally unreliable) furnishings that Perniclas Bedow has assembled in his Stockholm studio. www.bedow.se BEKKI STOVEL The creative director of Steele & Stovell explains on page 22 how it’s not good enough for studios to produce authentic work – they need to do it with soul, too. www.steeleandstovell.co.uk ERIK JONES Hyper-realistic female forms meet a kaleidoscope of geometric possibilities on the canvas, in the hands of New York artist Erik Jones. More on page 64. www.erikjonesart.com HELEN HARTLEY Our food branding feature on page 70 brings you insights from industry experts, including Helen Hartley from global design consultancy Elmwood. www.elmwood.com GABOR SCHREIER The chief creative officer at multi-national consultancy Saffron reveals on page 80 how teams collaborate on projects across borders and timezones. www.saffron-consultants.com…

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making the cover

When we approached Superunion to design our UK Studio Rankings cover, we knew there would be no half measures, no compromises, and no lack of ambition. We knew we’d get something witty, smart and eye-catching. A cover that would stand out. But we weren’t expecting them to set fire to it… “We started the process by opening up the brief to the whole creative studio,” explained executive creative director Stuart Radford. “We had a couple of brainstorms, sketched out a bunch of ideas, then settled on the one we thought was the strongest – a simple idea that could provide really arresting visuals. Then we had to figure out how we’d do it!” The ‘bright sparks’ of the creative industry flickering in an effigy of the number 30 was beautiful in its conceptual…

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meet the team

BEREN NEALE EDITOR Attending the Brand Impact Awards a day after returning from San Fran, Beren felt like a pickled little sausage. What better tonic than chatting to the 30 studios in this month’s UKSR?! Mood: upside down-yet-inspired. MARK WYNNE ART EDITOR The double whammy of the BIA issue followed by the UK Top 30 often leaves our art ed glassy-eyed with designer envy. So many amazing projects and designers to cover, and never enough pages೐ CLIFF HOPE OPERATIONS EDITOR Cliff has been enjoying pointing out the masterful branding examples he’s seen over the past two issues to his children, as he’s spotted them in real life. Call it an updated version of “I spy with my little eye…”.…

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key contributors

GARRICK WEBSTER FREELANCE WRITER As well as writing about creative identity design and excellent VFX promo animations in Computer Arts, Garrick has been helping develop brand identities for a digital agency and a major UK hat manufacturer. TOM MAY FREELANCE WRITER Tom has been finishing his first book (which he can’t officially talk about yet) and has been glued to the TV for updates on British and American politics. In the process, he may have forgotten to have a life. Production Notes PRINTERS TEXT AND COVER CMYK William Gibbons PAPER COVER Precision Special Gloss FSC 250gsm P3–98: Ultra Mag Plus Gloss 90gsm TYPEFACES Trump Gothic West, Akkurat, S-L, Simplo, Kondola and Calluna PRINT FINISHING PARTNER…

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brands thrive in pop-up shoup

There comes a time in every studio’s life when you need to think about promoting yourself: to creatives, clients and the world at large. There are many tried-and-tested ways of going about this, but Made Thought has hit upon something a little different. Since 19 September, it’s been running an experimental concept store in the Seven Dials area of central London: a “creative playground” that gives brands the opportunity to “push the boundaries of the consumer experience” through a series of topical events, talks, collaboration launches and experimental installations. The packed 12-week programme includes an all-female dance performance celebrating the rebrand of underwear label True&Co; a recreation of artist Farao’s studio as an installation by music production software and hardware brand Ableton; a soundscape and immersive environment curated by Naim Audio; the…