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Computer Arts January 2020

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here’s to 300 more!

A lot’s changed since the first issue of Computer Arts hit the shelves in 1995, replete with tips on burning your own CD-ROM and coverage of Toy Story – ‘the world’s first computer animated movie’ (see the cover on page 46). But as we celebrate our 300th issue this month – a cool 25 years! – our passion to discover, champion and inform the best of the creative industries remains the same. These core values were at the foundation of the new-look edition that you have in your hands. The aim was to present the work and opinions of creatives with as little fuss and ornamentation as possible. But why now? There are some interesting thoughts on when a brand should rebrand in our regular Discuss article (page 28), but for me the…

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behind the cover

As Superunion metaphorically (and literally) set fire to Computer Arts for issue 298’s Top UK Studios cover, we were already dreaming up a new identity. The question we (and management) kept asking was: why? With healthy sales and a loyal readership, why mess around with the formula? Our responses were vague and emotional, difficult to pin down or attach a sales sheet to. Much like 2013’s huge facelift, this redesign was reflective of a shift in the magazine’s tone. The practical, tutorial-based content had been filtered even further down the mix, in favour of insight, celebration and inspiration, our editorial tone more ‘why?’ than ’how’ as we identified the growing passion in creatives for the stories behind the designs. The box-out friendly, highly gridded template beneath the skin needed to become…

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paul belford ltd Paul Belford Ltd has created this smart, minimal branding and packaging for Miami-based Hair Solutions, a range of 66 different personalised shampoo enhancers. It used a graphic language, based around colours and numbers, that groups products by six different hair types and 11 different “hair goals”, with customers using an online quiz to find the right product. Agency founder Paul Belford says the brief was to create an identity that would clearly explain the “innovative concept of shampoo enhancement, the variety of products available and the extent of personalisation” using a practical packaging system to bring a sense of order while also communicating the brand’s ethical sourcing and plant-based ingredients. Paul adds: “To reflect the idea of ‘enhancement’, our logo uses typography to transform the upper case ‘T’ into an addition…

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kevin huizenga While the frustrations of insomnia brought about by over-enthusiastic coffee-drinking is something likely familiar to most of us, we’d wager no one has managed to wrangle such a beautifully drawn, thoughtful comic as Kevin Huizenga in his new graphic novel The River at Night, published by Drawn & Quarterly. In it, we see the protagonist Glenn become so engrossed in reading a library book that he loses track of how much coffee he’s drinking and finds it impossible to fall asleep. His story becomes universally relatable: it’s about the small but significant moments that make up the structure of a life, or indeed our collective lives. Mixing the normal with the surreal, the story is brought to life through Kevin’s beguiling line-work and smart use of colour. It acts as a quiet…

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plaey workshop As dream clients go, for Yorkshire-based furniture design studio Plaey Workshop the band Hot Chip was right up there. The studio created a limited edition record dolly, titled A Dolly Full of Records, marking this year’s release of the album A Bath Full of Ecstasy. Plaey founder Matt Kelly contacted the band having heard lead vocalist Alexis Taylor discussing collecting “playful furniture pieces along with records”, and worked closely on the piece with him and designer/typographer Fraser Muggeridge, who created the album artwork alongside artist Jeremy Deller. Using a form inspired by the 1930s Penguin Book Donkey, the studio printed the artwork on the dolly’s valchromat panels, leaving the plywood areas blank. “The idea is that the artwork is partially hidden when it’s full of records, so you get glimpses of…

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tomorrow bureau Tomorrow Bureau is the digitally focused spin-off from London-based design agency Studio Crême. Its TB LAB initiative provides the studio with a “space for us to have fun and play with research and development,” says studio co-founder Jack Featherstone. The first manifestation of the lab, TB LAB 001, Xtreme Scenario, is a two-part film made over 18 months between client projects, described as “both a tribute to the great outdoors and a study on the technical equipment needed to navigate it.” Using a series of digital 3D designs and animations, the film investigates various environments and outdoor gear through an “abstract, almost macabre narrative,’’ says Jack. He adds, “We did a lot of research into the aesthetics of outdoor gear and outdoor wear, and developed a visual language from that research.”…