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Computer Arts May 2020

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get inspired!

Whenever I go to design events, I’m constantly asking myself, “Who is this aimed at, what will they be getting out of it, and should they be expecting more?” Then comes the hardest question to answer: “Is the promise of inspiration really worth the (sometimes eye-watering) price of admission?” Our readers include freelancers, students and creatives forging their path in design studios. In all cases, taking time out of busy schedules and spending hard-earned money on tickets and travel for the intangible benefit of recharging your passion is a big ask. And yet, when design events hit the spot, you can leave them not only with a head full of ideas, but also an iPhone full of contacts – not to mention new work. In this issue, we look at some…

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behind the cover

At first we wanted the cover to reflect the eclectic mix of talent selected: 16 artists who each had a unique signature style. The cover’s design was drafted on the first day of the issue, with each of the artists having their own small panel on a collage that wrapped around the front and back cover. But when Sarah Maxwell’s wonderful self-portrait – Baby Blue, Just For You – arrived, everything changed. Her subdued, wistful yet utterly engaging artwork demanded to be used as an individual cover. Although Sarah’s inspiration for this work was personal (“My feelings of love and longing for someone who wasn’t in my life anymore”), for us it captured the melancholic nobility of the archetypal illustrator. As Emily Gosling explains in her article, “At its heart, illustration…

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caserne Uniting graphic design, beer and a sense of fun, Canadian studio Caserne created its own Brasserie Caserne Brewing Co. for one night only, and launched a beer brand with typography by foundry Coppers and Brasses. The team’s branding was used across all aspects of the beer, including videos, posters, clothing, bags, coasters and beer cans. The studio worked with Parade, Content Content and Arthur Cloche on the video and motion design, as well as François Ollivier and Marianne Isabelle on photography for the project. The idea behind the type style was “to develop a simple graphic asset that would allow us to communicate in a bold and fun way,” says Léo Breton-Allaire, Caserne’s creative director. Caserne has worked with Coppers and Brasses on numerous previous projects, and type designer at the foundry…

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pavel fuksa Czech graphic designer Pavel Fuksa is behind the art direction of an eye-catching new video for the Prague-based band U-Prag. The video is based on a series of anagrams, shuffling around the letters in the song’s lyrics to create a bunch of “eerie and bizarre” phrases, as Pavel puts it. The anagrams were illustrated by Barbora Idesová and animated by Matouš Vyhnánek. The idea was to give the song a “random, gif-like presence,” says Pavel. He adds, “It’s most probably the only music video in the world featuring Yuri Gagarin on a rhino, a woollen pot on fire, satanic loam, a yogi with legumes and an olive on the run chased by a police helicopter.” The chunky, quirky lettering used for the titles stands proud and strange in bright pink and…

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gretel New York design studio Gretel’s rebrand for the Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup in NYC aims to capture the “unique movement style of the group”. It uses a new design language centred on abstracted graphic forms, based on the group’s archival performance photography. The hard and soft lines echo the movements of the dancers in the images, and these shapes look to both enhance photographs and act as standalone graphic glyphs. Elaan Bourn, Gretel’s design lead on the project, says that the “graphic library of forms represent and abstract the edgy, contemporary and energetic nature of Stefanie’s brand.” The new classic but flexible branding aims to create a blueprint for how a cultural oranisation’s artistic output can translate into an adaptable visual system. “We were drawn to the tension between elegance and awkwardness…