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Creative Steps

Creative Steps

Summer 2021

Each issue of Creative Steps includes dozens of fun ideas, with step-by-step instructions, for you to get crafty with your kids during the coming months. The projects are all designed to encourage learning through creative play and many make use of recycled household materials. Perfect for anyone caring for young children; such as childminders & nannies, pre-schools, playgroups & nursery settings, primary schools, homeschoolers, guiding leaders... and parents & grandparents! Also includes prize competitions, book reviews, fun facts and printable templates.

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United Kingdom
Bubbles Publisher Ltd
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healthy eating week

Food Group Sorting STORE CUPBOARD: A selection of coloured card – in five different colours Images of suitable food items for each category (or you could draw your own pictures) Black & white card Black pen Scissors Glue 1 Take the sheets of card in five different colours. Cut out a circle (approx. 19cm in diameter) in each colour. Each circle will represent a different food group. 2 Next, take a sheet of white card and a black pen. Make a label for each food group category: Dairy, Protein, Grains, Fruit, Vegetables. Neatly cut them out then glue onto the pre-cut circles. 3 To make the food cards, cut out at least 15 squares (each measuring 5cm x 5cm) of white card. Mount each one onto a slightly larger square of black card. 4…

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milky the whale! learning zones:expressive arts & design ★ understanding the world ★ recycling

STORE CUPBOARD: A plastic milk carton Blue tissue paper (or use another colour) PVA glue A glue brush Scissors White paper Blue card Beads or googly eyes String or wool Sticky tape 1 Rinse out a plastic milk carton and remove the lid. Push a piece of scrunched up tissue paper into the hole by the handle. 2 Tear up some blue tissue paper strips. Brush glue over the carton then paste the tissue paper over the top. Keep adding strips until the whole carton is covered, smoothing the tissue paper over the curved corners, leaving the opening at the top uncovered. 3 Before the glue dries, stick a 30cm piece of wool or string around the sides and across the front of the whale for the mouth. Glue eyes made from card…

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anglo-saxon orhahheht

LEARNING ZONES: Art & Design ★ History ★ Mathematics STORE CUPBOARD Cardboard plate Pencil PVA glue A glue brush Pipe cleaners Tissue paper Gold paint Coloured paints 1 Mark out a simple pencil design on the reverse side of a cardboard plate. Start with a 4-5cm diameter circle in the middle then add more shapes around it. Keep the design very simple with triangles, circles and semi-circles. 2 Cover the plate with glue then stick down pieces of pipe cleaners on top of the pencil design to make a raised pattern. To makea circle, twist the pipe cleaner ends together then shape into an ‘O’ before sticking it into the plate. For triangles, bend the pipe cleaners into a ‘V’ before sticking them down. Leave to dry. 3 Paste glue over the plate…

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moving lobsters

STORE CUPBOARD Red card 4 eye stickers 2 red pipe cleaners Sticky tape Red marker felt tip pen Strong glue Red glitter glue 5 split pins Pencil Scissors Craft knife 1 Using the templates provided, draw all the shapes onto red card and cut out. 2 Ask an adult to make holes in the pieces so that the split pins will go through. 3 Assemble the parts and push through the split pins. Open out the arms on the back and push them flat. 4 Stick on the eyes and stick the spare eyes on the back. 5 Colour in the eye lids with red marker pen. 6 Put dots on the side of the lobster with red marker pen. 7 Put dots of red glitter in between the other red dots and leave to try. 8 Cut…

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recycled window box

HINTS & TIPS Paint wooden lolly sticks after they’ve been glued onto the box, or use ready coloured lolly sticks. If you prefer, cover the box with a strip of coloured paper decorated with felt pen patterns. LEARNING ZONES: Recycling ★ Art & Design ★ Mathematics 1 Cut off 5-6cm from the bottom from a cereal box to make a shallow container. 2 Cut some lolly sticks in half with strong scissors then smooth the ends with sandpaper. Depending on the size of the box you’ll need 15-20 sticks. Brush glue around the front and sides of the box then press the wooden sticks on top. Leave the glue to dry. 3 Cut several 4-5cm sections from a cardboard tube, glue them inside the box so they fit snugly together then push crinkled tissue…

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win 1of 3 orchard toys bundles worth over £40!

Dinosaur Opposites Practise opposites with these prehistoric puzzles! With twenty different puzzles to complete there’s lots to talk about and the friendly, prehistoric characters are sure to have children laughing – from a compsognathus weightlifting to a spinosaurus on skates, a woolly mammoth with curly hair and a diplodocus in welly boots! Dino-Snore-Us Who will collect the most uncracked eggs from the sleeping T-Rex in Dino-Snore-Us? If the T-rex wakes up everyone lets out a big ‘ROAR’ and that player has to return to the start. If he is asleep, that player can steal an egg back! This pre-historic themed game is fun for all the family and is a great way to practise number and counting skills. Pirate Ship Ahoy there me hearties! Have fun completing this 100-piece puzzle which shows pirates up to…