Cyclist December 2020

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Once you have a climber’s bike, an aero bike, an endurance bike, a gravel bike, a touring bike and a unicycle, where do you go next? I suspect this is a question the bike industry has been asking of late, and the answer seems to be: start all over again. The latest message is that the bikes we have are not really the bikes we need. Oh no. That aero bike should really be lighter, don’t you think? And that climber’s bike should really be more aero. And all of them should be comfier, and why not throw in wide tyre clearance for good measure? Then they can do double duty as off-road gravel grinders. You don’t want n+1. You want n-n+1, where you get rid of all your obsolescent one-trick bikes…

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let there be light

These days it’s rare for a company to produce a completely new bike. Even rarer for that company to unveil something altogether unseen before. The launch of the Specialized Aethos comes with two striking surprises: it weighs less than 6kg for a complete build and it isn’t intended for pros. The Aethos is in fact the lightest production disc road bike we’ve seen to date, yet it is not simply a lightweight love story. Specialized claims it is the most technologically advanced bike the brand has ever produced and it represents a change in focus, shifting away from the needs of pro riders and towards passionate bike consumers. Cons of pros ‘It became clear to us in creating the Tarmac SL7 as a single solution to racing that we were drifting even further…

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scicon aeroshade sunglasses

£170, Scicon may be best known for its bike bags but it has recently been expanding into other areas. One of them is eyewear, and its range includes a new set of sunglasses that is possibly the most adjustable on the market. The lenses are easy to swap in and out, and the Aeroshade comes with a clear lens for dull, rainy days as well as a lens using Scicon’s SCN-PP technology, which filters certain light shades to boost contrast. The Aeroshade also includes fenders that can clip onto the bottom of the lens to help prevent contact injuries in the event of a crash, or be left off to make the glasses lighter and expand their range of vision. Then there is the Horizon Adapt feature, which claims to improve field…

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campagnolo shamal carbon db wheels

£1,149.99, Campagnolo has taken its iconic Shamal wheel and given it the carbon treatment – and there are a host of other changes too. The rims are mixed depth (35mm front, 40mm rear) to help with control in blustery conditions, they have a sealed rim channel (no spoke holes) to make them tubeless-compatible and they use a wide 21mm internal rim dimension that Campagnolo says pairs well with anything from 25mm road tyres to 65mm gravel knobblies. It’s no coincidence that these Shamals have been released just as Campagnolo has unveiled its Ekar gravel groupset. The wheels are the first to use Campagnolo’s new N3W freehub standard. It is 4.4mm shorter than usual and is designed to accommodate the 9-tooth and 10-tooth sprockets on the new Ekar 13-speed cassette. The diameter of…

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sqlabs 612 ergowave active carbon saddle

€229.95 (approx £210), Like many other saddle brands, SQLabs says its designs are the result of extensive research into ergonomics. So it’s interesting to see that the 612 presents a very different shape to the snub-nose saddles with huge central cutouts that we’re used to seeing nowadays. The 612 is available in five widths and has a raised back section and lower nose, which SQLabs says reduces contact pressure while promoting power transmission. An elastomer insert is sandwiched between the carbon rails and the hull, allowing up to 7° of tilt. SQLabs says this simulates the natural movement of walking, which increases pedalling efficiency and relieves pressure on the spine.…

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giro regime shoes

£199.99, These new Regime shoes come with what Giro describes as a ‘onepiece Synchwire upper design with thermo-bonded exo-structure’. It sounds impressively futuristic, but the manufacturer promises its performance will back up the hype. Synchwire is a monofilament mesh similar to sail cloth, and the thermo-bonded exo-structure is a layer of TPU (a type of plastic) affixed over the top. Giro says the resultant fabric should create a slipper-like and breathable upper without any stretch, despite being exceptionally light. Given its previous deployment in Giro’s well-regarded Imperial and Empire SLX designs we’re inclined to take the brand’s claims at face value. The scales certainly confirm the Regime’s lightweight credentials. A size 42 comes in at 265g per shoe, which is a very respectable weight considering the shoes’ asking price. Giro’s other designs…