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Drum English 5/7/2020

In the 1950's, DRUM was a pioneer of black journalism bringing together courageous investigative journalism and cutting-edge photojournalism for Africa. But DRUM isn't just about history. South Africa has changed a lot in the last 50 years, and DRUM has kept pace with these changes. Today it is a thoroughly modern magazine in touch with its readers. Our recipe for success is simple but effective: we give our readers what they want.

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it’s not about you

SELFISHNESS has always held South Africans back when we try to implement important plans. Some people have a tendency to only think about their personal interests. The lockdown and ban on alcohol sales are for the nation to fight the coronavirus. For the Gauteng Liquor Forum to insist that the president permit the sale of alcohol during lockdown shows selfishness. Perhaps they don’t know how their customers behave when they are drunk. The forum seems more interested in making a profit than helping to fight Covid-19. Many people are losing their incomes, learners are losing out on school lessons, everyone is losing something. We must put our personal wants aside and play our part in fighting Covid-19. PERCY MOFFAT, EMAIL THE WINNING LETTER RECEIVES R300. Letters should be about 100 words. Write to us at PO…

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stand together

HE WAS just doing as he was told, following the government’s guidelines. Yet no amount of following the rules could protect him from the stigmatisation and damaging rumours when he arrived in Limpopo. Bongani Ngoveni was accused of being a monster, of spreading the coronavirus in his family’s village and putting everyone in danger. Yet the most dangerous people were those spreading untruths, including that he was arrested. On page 8, Bongani tells us of his ordeal and it’s clear lies and stigma can be deadlier than Covid-19 itself. Let us not jump to conclusions when neighbours are tested, and let’s all stand together to fight this terrible disease. Until next week, THE DRUM TEAM We would love to hear your thoughts on matters close to your heart. Email us at letters@drum.co.za to share…

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facebook your opinions

DRUM readers weighed in after reality TV star Kim Kardashian West revealed she skips showers during quarantine. I can’t sleep without bathing. I’ve tried to but I wake up in the middle of the night because my body itches so much. NANGAMSO GOSO I cannot sleep without bathing. Drunk or sober, trust me, I just can’t! NTOMBIKAYISE SAMBO I can arrive home after midnight, but I will always bath before bed. DENCE NGEMA I won’t lie to impress anyone, but I am just like Kim. Sometimes I wake up and brush my teeth and wash my face, then, yoh, when it’s time to take a bath I become too lazy. MBALI ZITHA I always tell my girlfriend she’s better than Kim. She baths six times a day. Six! THABO THABANG I love her honesty. She proves that she is human after…

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new from drum!

DRUM BEST RECIPES: BUDGET COOKING Who says you can’t have steak on a budget? The recipes in this collection are easy on the purse and big on flavour. Some meals can also be made in 30 minutes or less. There’s also cooking advice as well as budget tips such as how to best use affordable meat cuts and freezing leftovers. DRUM WORD SEARCH The third issue of DRUM Word Search offers fun for the entire family. There’s a great mix of themes to enjoy such as celebrities, desserts, islands and more! There’s also a section for kids with topics ranging from birthday fun to opposites. Get your copy of these magazines in stores now or order from Johan Terblanche on 021-406-4962 or johan.terblanche@media24.com SWITCH TO PUZZLE POWER! Here it is, the answer to your lockdown woes…

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me and my boys

HER list of titles is about as long as her arm: Princess of Africa, multi-award-winning musician, talented actress and dedicated humanitarian. But before anything else, singer and songwriter Yvonne Chaka Chaka (55) is a wife and proud mom. Being a mother to her four sons, Ningi (39), Themba (36), Mfumu (30) and Mandla (27), is her most important role, even though they’re no longer her “little boys”. “They live on their own and it’s just me and Tiny,” Yvonne says. She is, of course, referring to Dr Mandlalele Mhinga, her 66-year-old husband. The couple have been happily married for over three decades. “Family is a blessing and we want to add many more years and see our children grow old,” she says. Her kids are grown men with their own lives but to Yvonne they’ll…

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their actions almost ruined us

A HEARTLESS monster, infected with the deadly Covid-19 virus was stalking Tzaneen and knowingly spreading the virus to everyone he encountered. Villagers, already panicking about the disease that had rapidly crossed oceans and claimed tens of thousands of lives around the world, were terrified. So when a picture of the handsome, smartly dressed man popped onto their cellphone screens, they shared it, and his name with everyone they knew – with terrible consequences for him. Bongani Ngoveni was the man in the photos, but it was a few days before he found out his community thought he was a monster. When he tested positive for the Covid-19 virus, Bongani did what he was supposed to do – he called his family to break the bad news, and asked them to prepare a separate room…